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It’s Hard To Believe The California Drought Is This Bad

While tropical storms are currently slamming much of the US-Mexico border, California is still left hot and dry, in the throes of one of the worst droughts ever to hit the state. California’s history with equitable water management is dubious, and the drought of 2014 has some people drawing comparisons to the Dust Bowl, when agricultural devastation changed the lives of millions of people. Looking at these images, it’s easy to see why.

While farmers have no doubt been hit hardest by the California drought, with all of the hidden water it takes to produce common goods, no industry has remained untouched. Government officials are imposing water restrictions, though with no end in sight, it’s hard to see know how the state will handle the long-term effects of water shortages. For now, dangerously low water levels, cracking landscapes and an abundance of dried-up lakes are all that appear plainly to the eye.

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Drought Sign in California

California farmers have taken the biggest hit during the historic drought, affecting food prices in many parts of the country. Source: Seemorerocks

Low Water Levels in California

Source: EcoWatch

Aerial View of California Drought

Aerial images show a drastic change in the amount of snowfall in California from 2013 to 2014. Source: The Atlantic

California Drought Lake

Source: Daily Mail

Irrigation Dried Up in California

Irrigation systems are ill-equipped to handle the severe California drought. Source: Salon

Map of Drought in California

This map shows just how severe the California drought has become. Source: Drought Monitor

Shocking Drought in California

Source: Gallery Hip

Worst Drought in History of California

Source: Mashable

Shasta Lake Suffers in California Drought

The drought in California has transformed Shasta Lake, which was once a popular tourist attraction. Source: USGS

Napa Valley in Drought

In Napa Valley, residents struggle to grow crops and plants. Source: ALJAZEERA

Irrigation Impossible in California Drought

Source: NBC News

California Transformed in Drought

Source: NBC News

Government Mandates Water Usage Rules in California

Source: LA Times

Drought in California Killing Wildlife

The drought continues to have a negative effect on wildlife. Source: Gallery Hip

Pray for Rain in California

Source: TruNews

Horrible Drought Conditions in California

Source: KDVS

Drought in Sacramento

Source: CBS

Dams Drying Up in California

Source: NBC News

Depleted River in California

Source: NBC News

Trinity Lake in Drought

Trinity Lake, like other bodies of water in California, looks nothing like it once did. Source: USGS

Cachuma Lake in Drought

Source: KTLA

Folsom Lake in California Drought

Before and after images of Folsom Lake in California. Source: Business Insider

By-The-Wind Sailors Swarm The West Coast

Velella Velella Invade West Coast

Source: Stretto Web

Beachgoers on the West Coast were treated to a bizarre sight this summer when thousands of peculiar sea creatures commonly called “by-the-wind sailors” washed ashore. These small, jellyfish-like marine life (scientific name Velella velella) are about 2.75 inches in length and have a bluish tint to their rather translucent form. Due to their unique, sail-like shape, these aptly nicknamed creatures are at the mercy of the sea. When wind conditions change, so do their destinations, which is why so many of the Velella velella have made their way onto the beach this year.

Up Close By-The-Wind Sailors

Source: Toner Barato

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The World’s Weirdest Natural Places

As humans, we often let our imagination run wild and can come back with some pretty surreal stuff that can surprise even the most well-seasoned of acid trippers. However, we can’t really compete with nature. Every now and then, we discover a new place that comes by its “could be from a Salvador Dalí painting” vibe completely naturally.

Weirdest Natural Places: Mendenhall Ice Cave

Mendenhall Cave

This cave is really… *puts on sunglasses*…cool Source: 500PX

Few people actually get to see a glacier in person. Even fewer get to see a cave inside the glacier, which is typically formed by a stream of water or volcanic vents. That is what made the Mendenhall Ice Cave special. Well…that and the fact that it looked like the inside of the Fortress of Solitude.

Weirdest Natural Places Mendenhall Entrance

Entrance isn’t exactly tourist-friendly
Source: The SCA

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