Spiraling Snow Drawings Captivate Colorado

For over five years, snow drawings have popped up all over Colorado, transforming the pristine white landscape into a swirling series of crop circle-like patterns. No, these drawings aren’t the work of aliens, they are the product of Sonja Hinrichsen, an artist whose interest in nature has resulted in an array of incredible snow art. See one of her stunning creations from every imaginable angle in this video:

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50 Incredible Examples Of Macro Photography In Action

Much ado is made about portraiture of the world’s most glamorous, but some of the best photography out there captures the lives of those whose existence we can barely perceive. Macro photography captures ordinary objects—often insects and plants—with extraordinary detail. The resulting photographs reveal aspects that aren’t obvious upon first glance, transforming something as simple as a drop of water into a colorful kaleidoscope of color and depth.

Macro photography can convert benign insects into big-eyed monsters, or highlight the true beauty of some natural elements (such as snowflakes) in great detail. Here are some of the world’s most incredible macro photography images:

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Snowflake in Detail

Source: Bored Panda

Spider Macro Photography

Source: pictureline

Platinum Macro Photography

Platinum by R. Tanaka. Source: Demilked

Coral Macro Photography

Coral. Source: Felix Salazar

Sea Urchin in Detail

Sea urchin. Source: Norway Street

Coral Up Close Photos

Coral. Source: Felix Salazar

Salt and Pepper Under Microscope

Salt and pepper. Source: Wikimedia

Incredible Lizard Eye

Source: CC Cam

Bubbles Macro Photography

Source: Batailley

Cactus Spikes Macro Photography

Cactus spikes. Source: Neely Wang Photography

Marijuana Macro Photography

Marijuana. Source: Flickr

Dragonfly in Detail

Source: Spotimg

Soap and Water Incredible Up Close

Soap and water. Source: rebloggy

Beautiful Physalis Fruits

Physalis fruits. Source: HQ Wallpapers

Dew on Spiderweb

Dew on a spiderweb. Source: Miks Media

Ice Macro Photography

Ice sheet by Brian Valentine. Source: Telegraph

Colorful Insects on Branch

Source: webneel

Cherry Leaf Macro Photography

Cherry leaf. Source: Photograph: to draw in light

Bismuth Up Close

Bismuth, an element. Source: demilked

Rusty Chain Up Close

Rusty chain. Source: Justin's Blog

Butterfly Egg Magnified

Butterfly egg on a Passiflora plant. Source: Fun is for Assholes

Colorful Macro Photography

Source: deviantART

Pine Needles Up Close

Source: Wikimedia

Ladybug Macro Photography

Source: Walls Evolve

Snowflake Macro Photography

Snowflake by Alexey Kljatov. Source: Bored Panda

Tropical Flowers Up Close

Source: Macro Nature

Winter Screw Up Close

Source: Gizmodo

Leaf Photography Shihya Kowatari

Source: Photoity

Fire Macro Photography

Source: All Photoz

Flying Dragonfly

Source: Wall Finest

Dandelion Spores

Source: deviantART

Peacock Feather Macro Photography

Peacock feather. Source: Darryl Smith

Insects Up Close

Source: crafthubs

15 Endangered Animals You Should Know About

Endangered Animals Markhor

The markhor goat, with its impressive coiled horns, is the national animal of Pakistan and the inspiration for a marionette in Afghan puppet shows called buz-baz. There are fewer than 2,500 adult members of the species across Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Source: Flickr

At the first congress of UNESCO in 1948, multiple governments, international organizations and national nature conservation groups agreed to form the International Union for the Protection of Nature or IUCN, which would later shed light on the dangers of sprawl, over-fishing and deforestation. Though subsequent changes in human habits were not immediate, their work would prompt individuals and nations to take a long, hard look at environmental issues and their place in it. In recent years, increased lobbying and strategic PR campaigns have drawn even more attention to the conservationist cause.

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21 Fascinating Photographs Of Cordyceps And The Killer Fungus’ Insect Hosts

Codryceps, or “Zombie Fungus” are a parasitic fungus that thrive in hot, humid climates like tropical forests. There are thousands of different types of cordyceps, and each targets a specific species of insect. Spores from this killer fungus infect the insect’s brain, and, later, the fruiting body of the cordyceps will erupt from that insect’s head and body. When it’s finished growing, cordycep spores burst from the fungus and infect any insect of the same species unlucky enough to be nearby.

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Killer Fungus Cordyceps Ant

Source: Mushroaming


Source: Jenn Sinasac

Killer Fungus Cordyceps

Source: FOS


Source: Jenn Sinasac

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Moth Pupa

Source: Mushroaming


Source: Wildeep

Scale Insect

Source: Cordyceps


Source: Kotaku

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Moth

Source: Bent Media

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Spider

Source: Miltonious

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Ant

Source: Youtube

Killer Fungus Cordyceps

Source: ZOL

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Tarantula

Source: Miltonious

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Worm

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Larva

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Cockroach

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Noctuida Pupa

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Stink Bug

Source: Mushroaming

Killer Fungus Cordyceps Moth

Source: Sino Bug

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While these killer fungi sound like they’re straight out of a horror movie, they do have an overall positive impact on their environment because they keep insect populations from growing out of control. Plus, they have no effect on humans, so don’t worry.

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