Capturing America’s Disappearing Rivers

Some people are just born for their jobs. Ansley West Rivers makes use of her aptly-given surname by creating portraits of various rivers across the nation. However, it’s not just strictly portfolio work; with her photos, Rivers hopes to bring awareness to America’s disappearing bodies of water, so she captures lakes and rivers through various stages of evaporation. Employing a splicing technique, she is able to show these bodies of water in their past, present and future stages. Rivers lives us with this thought: what we see now is not what we will always have.

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Jasper National Park Is The Most Beautiful Place In Canada

Patricia Lake, Canada

Source: HQ World

There are few places in the world more beautiful than Jasper National Park. Located in the southeastern part of Canada, the Alberta park remains one of the country’s oldest and largest national parks. Home to Mt. Columbia, Alberta’s highest mountain, and the last fully protected herd of caribou in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park lets visitors step into a diverse, lively landscape where nature reigns.

Jasper National Park Beautiful

Source: The Sutton

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The Coolest National Parks In The United States

While today’s Republican Party may not be known for its environmental conservation efforts, the national park system was actually established under Republican President Ulysses S. Grant. The program would later be expanded under conservationist, hunter, Bigfoot storyteller and Republican President Teddy Roosevelt. It literally takes an Act of Congress to create a national park, and criteria for selection includes natural beauty, unusual ecosystems and unique geological features. There are 59 parks in the United States, but the ten featured here provide some rare experiences. From swimming in volcanic calderas to watching 900-pound bears catch salmon, these natural locations are sure to amaze.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Coolest National Parks Tortugas

Source: Wikimedia

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