UFO-Like Clouds Hanging Above Hawaii

Lenticular Clouds Over Sandwich Islands

Often mistaken as UFOS due to their formation, the bizarre clouds featured above are known as lenticular clouds, which are defined by their lens shape and their high-altitude perpendicular alignment to wind direction.

Spain’s Cathedral Beach

Cathedral Beach Spain

Beyond their size, these arches (located on the Cantabric coast) are so sublime because they can only be seen when the tide is low.

The Heavenly Heights Of Venezuela’s Angel Falls

Dragon Falls Venezuela

Even nature can’t avoid politics. In recent years, Venezuelan leaders have sparred over changing the name of the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall from Angel Falls (named after the man who flew over them first) to what the indigenous people call it, “Kerepakupai Vená” (waterfall of the deepest place). Either way you slice it, though, the sights are simply divine.

What We Love This Week, Volume XXV

The 2013 Winners Of The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest came to a close this past week as expert judges selected the best live action or landscape shots from an incredible pool of over 15,500 entries. While winning shots greatly varied in terms of subject and location, they were all similar in that they showcased what a rich array of sights and experiences this world has to offer. To take part in a Brazilian aquathlon or explore the savanna in an African safari without leaving your home, be sure to scroll through National Geographic’s fantastic gallery.

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