Portland’s Breathtaking Japanese Gardens

Amid rainy evenings and vast expanses of trees in Portland, Oregon, lies a beautiful 5.5-acre space known as Portland’s Japanese gardens. Considered the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan, these gardens attract thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. The park, which has existed for nearly 50 years, contains five different Japanese gardens: the Flat Garden, Strolling Pond Garden, the Natural Garden, the Tea Garden and the Sand and Stone Garden.

Colorful Japanese Gardens

Source: Deviant Art

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The 10 Most Surreal Places In The World

Salar de Uyuni Surreal Places

Source: im9.eu

Surreal, fantastical, unbelievable—all of these words are the perfect descriptors for the following ten destinations. From captivating forests to dramatic cliffs to ice caves, prepare to be amazed by the world’s most surreal places:

Surreal Places: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Nestled next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland is easily one of the most incredible, bizarre natural wonders in the world. The Causeway is home to more than 40,000 columns, most of which have six sides and form a honeycomb-like pattern.

Giant’s Causeway wasn’t always the spectacular tourist hotspot it is today, though. Created from cooled magma, it took nearly 60 million years of erosion for the columns to be visible. Scientists believe that they were finally revealed after the last Ice Age, around 15,000 years ago.

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Spectacular Waterfalls Around The World

The power, drama and majesty of waterfalls make them a natural subject choice for photographers. And with technological innovations seen in GoPro cameras, the lens is able to capture new angles and views like never before. This video of Niagara Falls was posted on the Internet during the summer of 2013 after a photographer used what appears to be a remote-controlled helicopter to capture some spectacular images. Even still photography, like the mystical, black and white photography of Ansel Adams, has rendered some amazing images of the world’s most dramatic waterfalls.

Spectacular Waterfalls Niagara

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Suspended In Beauty: The Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres Floating Eye

Source: Travelettes

In the pristine Canadian coastal rain forest of Vancouver Island sits—or, more aptly, floats—a resort unlike any other. The suspended spherical tree houses of Free Spirit Spheres offer a unique lodging accommodation that has to be seen to be believed.

Free Spirit Spheres Look Inside

Source: GasTV

Each sphere is suspended high within the trees to give an uncommon shift to your senses. All pods are equipped with four attachments above and below, which are suspended to three trees by three vertical ropes. This setup allows the perfectly spherical structures to hang stably. The trees produce a triangle, with the sphere hovering directly in the center. This allows for ample sway of motion in the treetops, yet very little movement of the enclosure itself. The engineering is simple yet remarkable.

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