Jumping Spiders Wearing Fantastic Water Hats

Jumping Spiders Water Drops

Source: Daily Mail

Hailing from Batam Island, Indonesia, photographer Uda Dennie recently grabbed worldwide attention when his jumping spider photos hit the web. The photographs, which were snapped in Dennie’s garden, spread like wildfire, due to the curious, colorful shots of the spiders wearing water droplets on their heads. These adventurous arachnids are known to “pose” for pictures by turning their bodies to face the photographer.

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Butterfly

Source: Demilked

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Red

Source: Imgur

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Sedona’s Rust-Colored Radiance

Sedona Arizona

This desert gem has a history as rich as its hues. The earliest-known human presence within Sedona’s sultry terrains goes all the way back to 11500 BC.

Thirty Gorgeous Landscape And Nature Cinemagraphs

Nature Cinemagraphs

Nature stills rarely do the captured subject justice; after all, it is unnatural to freeze the essence of a living, breathing scene and edit it until your heart’s content. That’s why convening them–a lovely still frame and the subject’s movement–often results in something much more powerful than a photo. So for those of us who appreciate nature more from afar, Head Like An Orange has a trove of gorgeous landscape and nature cinemagraphs:

Ocean Cinemagraph

River Cinemagraph

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The Stunning Views From El Teide, Spain’s Highest Mountain

Amid the isolated splendor of the Canary Islands sits Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. As the area is home to few, Teide provides some staggering glimpses of the Milky Way and the life just outside our reach. If this series of time-delayed shots doesn’t compel you to become the next great astrophysicist, it should prompt you to book a flight to Spain.

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