The Gorgeous Waterfalls Of Guangxi Province

December 1, 2012

Waterfalls In China's Guangxi Province

The waterfalls might fall between the Sino-Vietnamese border, but their beauty can be enjoyed by all.

The Captivating Caves Of Iceland

December 1, 2012
Iceland's Vatnajikull Cave

Source: Deviantart,

With views like this, winter almost seems bearable.

Truly Electrifying Volcano Eruptions

November 30, 2012

Electrifying Volcano Eruptions: The 2011 Shinmoedake Eruption

Over the course of several days in January 2011, the Shinmoedake volcano erupted. The eruption caused multiple lightning strikes and allowed for some truly spectacular photographs to be taken. While the eruption was a very real danger, Shinmoedake was also the site of a fictional threat in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice, as a deadly volcanic missile base that was destroyed by James Bond.

Shinmoedake Volcano Eruption

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The Azure Of Tahiti

November 30, 2012

Surfing In Tahiti

The splendid waters of Tahiti prove that Poseidon isn’t always an angry god.

China’s Incredible Colored Rice Fields

November 28, 2012

Yuan Yang Colored Rice Fields

Found in Yunnan, China, the mesmerizing terraced rice fields have drawn in admirers from around the world. And rightly so–the rice fields look like some kind of divine, abstract painting.

Stunning Stalagmites

November 27, 2012

Chrysocolla Stalagmites

Serving as Mother Nature’s finest jewelry, stalagmites grow on the floor of limestone caves as calcium carbonate and mineral deposits collide.