The Legend Of Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya Rock

Lion's Rock Sri Lanka

Talk about placing oneself on a pedestal. According to ancient Sri Lankan chronicles, the 200-meter tall Sigiriya Rock stood high enough over the masses to prove fit for the then-king Kasyasa’s residence. There, Kasyasa marked his regal territory with impressive frescoes and, of course, an opulent lion gateway. Today, the site has been abandoned by royalty but maintains its renown by comprising part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As it happens, Sigiriya Rock is one of the best-preserved examples of ancient urban planning in the world.

The Ten Most Incredible Lightning Photographs

Lightning Engulfs The Chaitén Volcano Of Chile

This extraordinary image shows the sheer force of nature as the kinetic energy and friction of exploding ash turns into a crackling and beautiful lightning storm.

An Incredible Lightning Storm Over The Grand Canyon

Crackling over the ancient waterways in Arizona, this lightning storm adds further drama to the already magnificent Grand Canyon.

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A Miraculous Meteor Over Wallaman Falls

Meteor Over Wallaman Falls

Source: NASA,

Never have so many beautiful natural elements been competing for attention in one photograph. Taken in Queensland, Australia, this shot provides an excellent example of worldly and cosmic splendor, with the Milky Way and waterfalls serving as luscious backdrops.

A Different Kind Of Camping

Portaledge Camping Photograph

If you have a flair for wide open spaces but a disdain for dirt, try portaledge camping. Better yet, take these guys’ advice and give it a try at Yosemite National Park.

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