The 2015 EGU Photo Contest Winners Convey Earth’s Beauty

EGU Photo Contest Heiturpottur

“Heiturpottur” by Morgan Jones. Source: GeoLog

Three winners from the 2015 European Geosciences Union (EGU) Photo Contest have finally been announced after a week of voting. “Heiturpottur,” captured by Morgan Jones, and “The late Holocene fever” by Christian Massari both stood out as clear winners. This year entrants submitted more than 200 photos to the EGU Photo Contest, covering a variety of geo-scientific topics.

Iceberg Calving

“The late Holocene fever” by Christian Massari. Source: GeoLog

Badlands National Park

“A voyage through scales” by Iain Willis. Source: GeoLog

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25 Rooftop Gardens That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Rooftop Gardens Curved Roof

Urban planners are frequently including green features like rooftop gardens in their designs. Source: Homes Direct

Rooftop gardens might seem like a development of modernity, but they actually date back to antiquity. From the famed ziggurats of Mesopotamia to the wondrous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, roof gardens have not only served to delight people, but also to grow food, provide flood control and insulate homes. Many cities across the globe are promoting the installation of rooftop gardens for these very reasons.

Rooftop gardens are most commonly found in cities where free ground level space is limited, heat build-up is of concern and water overflow is an issue. Gardens can actually reduce the overall heat absorption of a building, thus reducing energy consumption and helping fight smog. But that’s not the only thing these little environmental superheroes do. They also provide space for growing affordable and sustainable crops, recreation and migratory way stations for animals.

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Inside The Acid Dream That Is Thailand’s Nong Nooch Garden

nong nooch meerkats

The stars of Meerkat Manor even have their own place among the sites of Nong Nooch Garden.
Source: Nong Nooch Garden

As winter warms and gives birth to spring, many renew their perspectives on the outdoors and, for those of us with green thumbs, gardening. If you do a bit of acid before setting your green thumbs to work, your handiwork might come close to resembling one of the world’s most grandiose, bizarre, and colorful gardens: Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Chonburi Providence, Thailand.

Khun Pisit and Khun Nongnooch Tansajja purchased the site in 1954, with the intention of developing it as a fruit plantation. Somewhere along the way the owners changed their mind and decided instead to use the space as a wildlife conservation project. After Nongnooch converted the land from an agricultural area to a flower garden, she then added hut houses, a town house, a Thai-style house, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a seminar room. The duo officially opened the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in 1980.

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It’s Hard To Believe These 24 Stunning Icebergs Really Exist

Breaching Iceberg

A beautiful breaching Iceberg off the coast of Greenland. Source: TIME

When we think of icebergs, it’s hard not to think of Leonardo DiCaprio. But these ice chunks do more than antagonize Jack and Rose’s Titanic love fest.

To earn the title of “iceberg,” the ice must measure in at more than 16 feet across. Most of them can be found floating about in the North Atlantic and the waters surrounding Antarctica. While icebergs pose a threat to ships, these impressive chunks of ice help scientists and oceanographers better understand glaciers, global warming, currents and ocean circulation. Check out these 25 stunning icebergs:

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Stunning Iceberg in Canada

A very blue iceberg off the coast of Nunavut, Canada. Source: National Post

Underside of Stunning Iceberg

The underside of an iceberg by Alex Cornell. Source: Smithsonian

Stunning Iceberg in Pleneau Bay

An up-close view of an iceberg in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica. Source: Fdolity

Blue Tabular Iceberg

A blue tabular iceberg is found in the Arctic Peninsula. Source: Wanderlust

Tip of the Iceberg

This aerial view proves that what's visible is often just the tip of the iceberg (literally). Source: Love These Pics

Strange Iceberg Arch

A strangely shaped iceberg arch pokes out from the water. Source: 500px

Awesome Striped Iceberg

An iceberg in Jokulsarlon is striped with ashen snow. Source: Love These Pics

Ship Towing Iceberg

A ship tows an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland. Source: The Amazing Pics

Stunning Iceberg against Cloudy Sky

Between 10,000 and 15,000 icebergs are calved each year. Source: MOMENTS Journal

Massive Iceberg Arch at Sunset

An iceberg arch floats through the ocean. Source: Pictify

Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

An iceberg in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica. Source: Sixpencee

Penguins on Iceberg

Icebergs can provide a convenient resting place for penguins and polar bears. Source:

Freshwater Ice Chunks

A freshwater iceberg juts out from the ocean. Source: Arctic Journal

Odd Iceberg

An oddly shaped iceberg captured by Michael Quinn. Source: Daily Mail

Massive Iceberg

This boat helps put the enormity of the iceberg in perspective. Source: Here and There

Stunning Iceberg Pool

The majority of an iceberg---about seven eighths---remains underwater, as seen in this picture. Source: Daily Mail

Split Iceberg Beautiful

A gigantic iceberg split in two. Source: Landloper

Camille Seaman Ice Photography

Camille Seaman captures this beautiful iceberg. Source: Camille Seaman

Calved Icebergs Look Beautiful

Icebergs calve from glaciers to form free-floating ice chunks like the one seen here. Source: Huffington Post

Blue Iceberg in Ocean

Icebergs often appear as a bluish-white hue. Source: imgkid

Polar Winds Shape Bizarre Icebergs

Polar winds have shaped this odd-looking iceberg. Source: Daily Mail

Aerial Glimpse of Stunning Iceberg

An aerial glimpse of this stunning iceberg. Source: How Stuff Works

Iceberg near Greenland

An iceberg juts from the ocean near Greenland. Source: 500px

Breaching Iceberg

A beautiful breaching Iceberg off the coast of Greenland. Source: TIME

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Still not quite sure how icebergs are created? Check out this clip, which shows an iceberg calving from a larger glacier:

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