The Chelsea Flower Show: Where Heaven Meets Earth

chelsea flower show teapot

The ‘Time For Tea’ garden, located in the grand pavilion. Source: Jonathan Brady, Associated Press

For many in London, it’s not spring without the Chelsea Flower Show. Long enjoyed by Britain’s upper crust, the Royal Horticultural Society has held the five-day annual event for over a century, and it is considered to be the most important and prestigious flower show in the world.

The Royal Horticultural Society first launched their event in 1833 in Chiswick Gardens, and after a couple moves found a permanent home on the grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital. The first officially named Chelsea Flower Show debuted on May 20th, 1913.

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You’re Not On Drugs: China’s Super-Saturated And Striped Mountains Are Real

It’s hard to believe that this collection of colorfully striped mountains is real. Sure, some amount of photo manipulation may have awoken the rich hues, but even the un-retouched images paint a pretty picture. Located in China’s Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, these “rainbow mountains” are yet another wondrous example of what Mother Nature can create. The formations’ stripes are most vivid after a rainstorm or as the sun enters or leaves the sky.

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Salt Caves Might Not Be A Fountain Of Youth, But They’re Still Stunning

salt caves zara spring

Zara Spring, Jordan. Source: Mashable

For years, doctors have told us to avoid excess sodium because it’s bad for our health. But apparently that’s only the case if you eat it. These days, people around the world are flocking to salt mines to bask in their supposedly health-enhancing atmosphere. From its allegedly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to its natural ability to filter out air pollution, the salt rejuvenation craze is growing.

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