Scientists Have Discovered What The Very First Animal On Earth Was

First Animal On Earth

New research shows that the simple sea sponge was the very first animal on Earth. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s been confirmed: the first animal to ever evolve on Earth is…the sea sponge. We realize this might be a little disappointing, but wait, there’s more! Real life sea sponges will never be as popular as Sponge Bob, but they are much more interesting than you might first assume.

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Five Hauntingly Beautiful Places Reclaimed By Nature — All A Stone’s Throw From New York City

With moss carpeting the floors and vines slithering up the walls, these abandoned structures are some of the most hauntingly beautiful places reclaimed by nature.

Light Dark Abandoned Places

Image Sources: Flickr

Once we give up on a structure, or even a whole city, it soon begins to embody the chilling beauty of the abandoned. Then, with a little more time, a new — even more eerie, and even more beautiful — mood starts to set in. This is when nature begins to take over.

From the enormous abandoned castle sitting on an island in the Hudson River to the former beachfront military installation in Queens, here are five of the most unique places reclaimed by nature — all surprisingly close to New York City, America’s most vibrant and bustling metropolis.

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