What It Takes To Call Winter Storm Jonas A Blizzard

Snowfall Prediction

The National Weather Service snowfall projection. Image Source: National Weather Service

The northeastern United States is hunkering down for a potentially devastating winter storm this weekend. As Winter Storm Jonas approaches, meteorologists are predicting historic amounts of snow, with anywhere from 1 to more than 2 feet from Friday to Sunday. And while Washington D.C. and Baltimore are at the center of Jonas’ path, the entire Eastern seaboard has been told to prepare for the worst.

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Video Of The Day: Why This Woman Dances Covered With 15,000 Live Bees

Oregon-based artist and energy therapist Sara Mapelli has brought an entire new meaning to the term “queen bee.”

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39 Tropical Instagram Photos To Cure Your Winter Blues

Millions of Americans experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) each year. The condition is brought about by sensitivity to light and temperature changes, so SAD’s symptoms—depression and low energy—are especially prevalent during winter. Treatments range from light therapy to vitamin supplements, but these tropical Instagram photos might help, too:

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Tropical Sunset Palm Tree

Seychelles. Image Source: @pierrestrauss

Hammock Sunset Tropical

Moorea. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Man Jumping Into Tropical Ocean

Bora Bora. Image Source: @alhashemiuae

Tropical Fish Swimming

Tahiti. Image Source: @popcherryfashion

Tropical Dock

Maldives. Image Source: @fe_dede

Swings Turquoise Water

Maldives. Image Source: @duskiiactive

Dusk Tropical Ocean

Bali. Image Source: @dan.kphotography

Sunset Ocean

Maldives. Image Source: @bob809

Turquoise Water

Bali. Image Source: @thehouseofmakeup_

Tropical Clouds

Maldives. Image Source: @paultskl

Infinity Pool Palm Tree

Maldives. Image Source: @rodeoand5th

Ocean Water Ripples

Maldives. Image Source: @sydney.curator

Dolphins Swimming

Maldives. Image Source: @lansva

Tropical Sea Turtle

Maldives. Image Source: @vaneeaful

Hammock Palm Trees

Tahiti. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Blue Fish Tropical

Maldives. Image Source: @vaneeaful

Tropical Atolls Aeiral

Maldives. Image Source: @vindemiatrixboabs

Island Turquoise Water

Rangiroa. Image Source: @vacationwolf

Stingrays People Ocean

Moorea. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Tropical Resort Bungalows

Tahiti. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Tropical Overwater Bungalow

Tahiti. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Tropical Fish

Maldives. Image Source: @aristocom_international

Sunset Pink Palm Trees

Bali. Image Source: @mytildalife

Tropical Ocean Woman Paddling

Bora Bora. Image Source: @fsborabora

Tropical Overwater Bungalows

Bora Bora. Image Source: @lycheeswimwear

Tropical Bungalows Rainbow

Bora Bora. Image Source: @fodorstravel

Tropical Flowers Ocean

Bora Bora. Image Source: @icfr_polynesia

Swing Tropical Beach

Seychelles. Image Source: @vodan77777

Sunset Boat Pink Orange

Bali. Image Source: @lucindacaroline

Turquoise Water Tropical Ocean

Seychelles. Image Source: @vodan77777

Tropical Water Tree Branches

Bali. Image Source: @fathomwaytogo

Tropical Instagram Photos

Seychelles. Image Source: @agap3008

Sunset Boat Water

Seychelles. Image Source: @lost2wanderlust

Tropical Instagram Photos Cliff

Seychelles. Image Source: @fromgreecewithlove

Tropical Instagram Photos Aerial

Seychelles. Image Source: @justart_paris

People Diving Tropical Ocean

Bora Bora. Image Source: @travelingourplanet

Island Sunset

Maldives. Image Source: @dronesetc

Night Sky Stars Tropical

Bora Bora. Image Source: @treyratcliff

Pig Swimming Ocean

Exuma, Bahamas. Image Source: @travelawesome

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Video Of The Day: Mesmerizing Northern Lights Time Lapse Will Turn You Into A Winter Lover

December 22nd marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the beginning of winter. While daylight is scant, this time lapse packs countless hours of light and beauty, courtesy of the Aurora Borealis, into under two minutes. In 2011, Flatlight Creative House took to Finland’s Laplands to film this stunning Northern Lights time lapse. Suffice it to say, we’ve never wanted to book a flight to Finland more.

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