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What We Love This Week, Volume CXLIII

Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, the first of its kind, looks out over the Colorado River and the canyon floor, 720 feet below. Image Source: Smithsonian

The World’s Most Majestically Terrifying Skywalks

Chamonix Skywalk Mountain Snow

The Chamonix Skywalk in Aiguille du Midi, France sits 3,396 feet above the valley floor. Image Source: Smithsonian

In 2007, a 70-foot-long pedestrian bridge was built out over the edge of the Grand Canyon. The glass beneath tourists’ feet was all that separated them from the Colorado river and the canyon floor, 720 feet below. This would, naturally, scare some, and, just as naturally, attract perhaps even more. The Grand Canyon skywalk was a hit and, since then, similar structures have been built all over the world. The most recent high-profile project–the 984-foot-long Haohan Qiao glass bridge in China’s Hunan Province–is perhaps the most audacious yet. See more of the world’s thrilling skywalks at Smithsonian.

China Glass Bridge

Thr recently opened Haohan Qiao glass bridge in China’s Hunan Province reaches 984 feet in length. Image Source: Smithsonian

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The Sonic Struggle Of James Murphy’s Subway Symphony

Subway Symphony

Image Source: Heineken

When you enter the bowels of New York City – aka the subway – you’re smacked with a sensory overload. Hundreds of people swarm about just above the similarly scurrying rats; a sharp odor whose origins remain a mystery (and perhaps happily so) hijacks your nostrils. Most unique of all, though, are the sounds that invade your eardrums.

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Relive The Decadence Of Studio 54 With These Vintage Photos

70's studio 54 front

Outside of the infamous Studio 54 Nightclub. Source: Associated Press

Prolonged war and a stagnant economy gave way to a massive national hangover in the 1970s. But at Studio 54, the party was just getting started.

Described by some as Sodom and Gomorrah with a disco beat, New York City’s delightfully depraved nightclub opened its doors in 1977. It took owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager just six weeks to transform the former CBS Studio 52 into the destination for celebrities and others in high society looking to cut loose.

From the moment it opened to the public, Studio 54 drew stars from around the world and offered a space where the public could party along with them. Drugs abounded and booze flowed freely for Studio 54 patrons, be they underage actors or seasoned athletes.

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Your World This Week, Volume IV

Car Bomb Afghanistan

The aftermath of the bombing near Khost, Afghanistan. Source: The Independent

Bombings Rock Iraq, Afghanistan

A small, but terribly destructive, wave of bombings hit Iraq on Sunday, leaving 35 dead and 100 wounded. Deadliest among the attacks was a car bomb coupled with a suicide bomb that killed 19 in the Shaab neighborhood of Baghdad. However, smaller attacks killed several others across the city throughout the day as well. While ISIS is, naturally, the key suspect, the group has not yet made any claims of responsibility.

Also on Sunday a car bomb killed 25 and wounded 10 near Khost, Afghanistan. The area is home to a military base that holds some American soldiers, although the U.S. military has officially stated that none of its personnel were injured.

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