Asperatus Clouds Swirling Over New Zealand

Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand

Source: NASA

Loosely translating as “roughened or agitated waves”, while the Undulatus asperatus clouds above appear somewhat menacing, storms seldom follow their dissipation. Not much is known about these clouds, as they’ve just begun to be studied in 2006.

New Zealand’s Iridescent Caves

Thousands of local and international guests visit New Zealand’s Waitomo Glowworm Caves each year. The iridescent caves, which have been around for centuries, are particularly striking due to the glowworm species that…

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New Zealand’s Enchanting Glow Worm Caves

Glow Worm Cave New Zealand

As they say, the best lighting is natural. Found exclusively in New Zealand, the Waitomo Caves get their twinkling charm from Arachnocampa luminosa, whose luminescence guides tourists from around the world on a daily basis.

The Spumoni-Colored Skies Of Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka New Zealand

Source: Flickr

Nestled at the foot of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, Wanaka is the perfect resort destination if nearby Queenstown proves too populated. Come whenever you’d like, winter or spring: from ski fields to paragliding, Wanaka’s got it all.

Gazing Into New Zealand’s Emerald Lakes

Emerald Lakes Mount Tongariro New Zealand

Don’t let the Oz-esque colors deceive you. The emerald lakes you see above are nestled within New Zealand’s imposing Mount Tongariro, a compound volcano and one of the three active volcanoes that dominate the North Island’s landscape.

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