The Badlands’ Commanding Views

Badlands National Park

While the South Dakotan national park provides mile after mile of jagged buttes, pinnacles and spires sure to astonish any visitor, it grants even more to its flora and fauna. Presently, Badlands National Park preserves the largest protected mixed grass prairie in the United States and the wellbeing of the black-footed ferret, the most endangered land animal in North America.

The Earth’s Natural Punch Bowl

Punch Ball Falls Oregon

Tucked away within the Columbia River Gorge are Oregon’s Punch Bowl Falls, which gets its name from the bowl shape the falling water makes when impacting the pool.

The Timeless Beauty Of The Everglades

Timeless Beauty Everglades

Deemed by UNESCO as one of the three wetlands of global importance, Florida’s massive watershed has diminished markedly due to increased pollution and decreased quality of living for nearby southern Floridians. Home to a myriad of interdependent ecosystems, several pieces of legislation have been introduced to protect the Everglades, but divisive partisanship has prevented many of them from coming to fruition.