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In Photos: The Mixed Reception Of Refugees As They Arrive In Europe

Refugees Arrive

Source: Aljazeera

When the world saw photos of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body lying flat on the Turkish surf, it mourned. Kurdi, we later learned, was with his Syrian family as they attempted to escape the Syrian civil war via a small boat, which capsized soon after it left a beach near Bodrum, Turkey on September 2nd.

Although Syria has been the site of a mass exodus for years, the image of Kurdi’s body seemed to drive home the devastating realities of war, as well as the international community’s failure to adequately respond to the needs of Syrians stuck inside of — and fleeing — the Syrian crisis.

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20 Absolutely Ridiculous Facts About Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Narcos

Pablo Escobar (left), next to an image of Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar on the show Narcos. Source: Inquisitr

If you haven’t yet viewed the latest Netflix original series Narcos, stop what you’re doing and pull out your laptop right now. The ten-episode series starring Wagner Moura, Maurice Compote and Boyd Holbrook details the rise of Pablo Escobar, the devastating Colombian man who ruled the world’s most complex and far-reaching drug trade—and killed thousands in the process.

Escobar eclipses just about every drug kingpin in history. He started from nothing, and in as little as decades became one of the most powerful men in the world. Along the way, he did some truly staggering things:

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Pablo Escobar Manuela

Escobar, pictured here with his daughter, Manuela.

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Photo Of The Day: Powerful Letter From LEGO To Parents In The 1970s

Lego Letter From The 1970s

Image Source: Reddit

The letter reads:

To Parents.
The urge to create is equally strong in all children. Boys and girls.
It’s imagination that counts. Not skill. You build whatever comes into your head, the way you want it. A bed or a truck. A dolls house or a spaceship.
A lot of boys like dolls houses. They’re more human than spaceships. A lot of girls prefer spaceships. They’re more exciting than dolls houses.
The most important thing is to put the right material in their hands and let them create whatever appeals to them.

In the 1970s, LEGO began to market gender-neutral toys that encouraged creativity and the desire to create and build among all children. This short but eloquent note was included with a series of Lego dollhouses in 1974 and addressed to parents, emphasizing the importance of this message as well as parents’ crucial role in nourishing their children’s development.

Although LEGO has recently been scrutinized for manufacturing a line of toys specifically geared towards young girls, the company once expressed a progressive outlook on gender equality and bridging the gap between girls and boys.

Photo Of The Day: Child Refugee Pleads For Help In Budapest Train Station

A Child Holds A Placard Reading "SOS Help Me" Outside The Railways Station In Budapest

A child holds a self-made placard reading “SOS help me” outside the railways station in Budapest, Hungary. Image Source: Reuters

With over 2,000 migrants gathered outside of Budapest’s Keleti train station last night, tension grew between refugees and Hungary’s riot police force.

Many migrants began angrily chanting the word “freedom” in an attempt to remind Hungarian officials of the severity of their situation. Within the past week, Hungary has lifted and then re-instated the ban on migrants taking the train to Austria and Germany, leaving many migrants stranded in the station.

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