What Would Happen If You Stopped Going Outside

September 1, 2013

Nature has a tendency to provide more than just psychologically therapeutic effects; being exposed to it every day can actually save your life. Watch this, learn, and then go outside and save your soul.

Life, As Defined By Over 150 Film Classics

August 16, 2013

We turn to the silver screen for escape, meaning and diversion. In the process, the films we choose to see–and those that are made and draw critical success–explain much in the way of the human condition. Narrated by Orson Welles, here’s Cinema’s take on the human life cycle.

Five Absolutely Amazing Human Endurance Feats

August 5, 2013
Human Endurance Feats Felix Jump

Source: Wired

Amazing Human Endurance Feats: Felix Baumgartner Breaks The Sound Barrier

The first in the series of incredible human endurance feats is Felix Baumgartner, a daredevil from Austria, was billed as Fearless Felix after he became the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on October 14th, 2012. His incredible 24.2-mile skydive in a space suit saw him plummet to earth at a bone shattering estimated speed of 843 miles per hour (faster than the typical cruise speed of a Boeing 747); demonstrating the human form’s sheer capacity for endurance.

Human Endurance Feats Felix Baumgartner

Source: Wired

Amazing Human Endurance Feats: Dashrath Manjhi’s Hand Carved Road

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXIV

August 1, 2013
Actors Laughing 3

Source: Imgur

Laughter Between Takes

Actors Laughing 1

Source: Imgur

The mark of a truly exceptional actor or actress is his or her ability to completely shed their own identity and assume–not merely portray–that of another. That’s why when actors break character in between takes, the effect is somewhat jarring. Taking momentary breathers from despising, duping, betraying and maiming their coworkers, Imgur’s gallery of actors off-guard while on-set serves as a reminder that while their work can be bloody and their characters treacherous and deceitful, we all need to take a moment here and there to laugh.

Actors Laughing 2

Source: Imgur

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Six Reminders Why You Need To Ground Your Idols

July 26, 2013

John Lennon: Public Advocate For Peace, Private Wife-Beater

Although this public idol is most famous for his songs about love and his anti-war demonstrations, John Lennon’s entire life stands in stark contrast to the peaceful guru who moved millions with his idyllic vision in “Imagine.” The content of the Beatles’ early albums reveals an overt misogyny that was much more violent and terrifying behind closed doors, having cheated on his first wife Cynthia constantly and physically and emotionally abused she and their son Julian. His political life was similarly two-faced, taking out ads saying “War is over if you want it” while supporting violent radicals like the Black Panthers. And while he may have cemented his place in history with “All You Need Is Love,” Lennon lived a life of luxury and maintained deep grudges until his untimely demise.

To his credit, he did make quite a turnaround toward the end of his life, going on a work hiatus to start a new family with Yoko after she forgave him for beating her. In his last interview before his murder, John remarked “I will have to be a lot older before I can face in public how I treated women as a youngster,” as well as acknowledging the hypocrisy behind his political action and extravagant wealth. Still, even if John Lennon was a total phony, a talentless, violent lunatic with no remorse or empathy, the biggest cultural force of the 20th century doesn’t happen unless John Lennon starts a skiffle band with his schoolmates.

James Watson: Scientific Genius, Equality Dunce

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A Woman, Mutilated

July 24, 2013
Afghan Woman Mutilated By Taliban

Source: CNN

When most think of the possible punishments for running away, the worst many of us can imagine is receiving the silent treatment from the person or people abandoned. But for one unfortunate Afghani woman, that punishment entailed nothing short of having her ears and nose lopped off by the Taliban. Thanks to an American humanitarian group, Aesha (the woman featured) can mask her wounds with a prosthetic nose, but the oppressive mark the Taliban has left on many women will be hard for many others to overcome.