Brooklyn’s Finest

May 16, 2013

This 91-year-old shoemaker has lived in Brooklyn since 1923. In that time period, he’s met all sorts of “soles” and has many wonderful stories to regale. Here’s a snippet.

Tom Hussey’s Remarkable “Reflections”

May 1, 2013
Tom Hussey Reflections

Source: Joon Bug

Retirement affords us many opportunities, one of which is the chance to reflect on the set of experiences that has led us to where we sit today. What, if you looked into the mirror, would you see? Using a handful of seniors as models, photographer Tom Hussey does just that.

The Presence Of The French Kiss In France

April 21, 2013

Map Of French Kisses Customs

Looks like the folks in Finistere (far left) and Deux-Sèvres aren’t exactly fond of giving beaucoup bisous when they say hello to a friend.

Letters Of Note’s Most Fascinating Letters

April 18, 2013

There was once a time when our most revered cultural and intellectual figures utilized more than 140 characters to express themselves and communicate with others. While those days have largely come to a halt, Letters Of Note grants us the opportunity to reflect on an ostensibly foreign world where people transmitted their thoughts to paper. And so we present the most fascinating letters from Letters of Note:

Gene Wilder On Willy Wonka

Since its cinematic release, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has been a feel-good favorite for generations, not least of all because of Gene Wilder’s performance as the eccentric and creepy Willy Wonka. The role is hailed as one of the actor’s crowning moments, and made Wonka one of Hollywood’s most compelling characters. In this letter to director Mel Start, Wilder ruminates on Wonka’s costume designs, adding touches of style and taste that would become the Wonka that cemented himself in popular culture:

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Samuel Reshevsky, Grand Chessmaster Of The 20th Century

April 16, 2013

Samuel Reshevsky Chessmaster 1920 Photograph

When you were learning to read, Russian-born Samuel Reshevsky was learning how to play chess. And while you pulled out your hair at long division problems, Reshevsky made 40 year-old men do so in national chess tournaments. Considered a child prodigy, during his life Samuel Reshevsky boasted the incredible title of eight-time winner of the US Chess Championships as well as that of accountant and father of three.

The Puck Stops Here

April 14, 2013

Montreal Canadiens Vs New York Rangers 1957

Judging by its rather homogenous audience, this 1957 match between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers in Madison Square Gardens just goes to show how specifically hockey caters itself to a certain demographic.