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The Horrifying Effects Of Lead On The Human Body

Flint Water

Tap water in Flint, Mich., has a distinct discoloration. It also has toxic levels of lead. Image Source: Twitter

The children of Flint, Mich., are in danger. In 2014, Flint city government officials decided to change their water source, and thus started to use improperly filtered water from the local Flint River. The dirty water was then transported through a piping system desperately in need of an upgrade. The result: Thousands of people exposed to toxic levels of lead and a federally declared state of emergency.
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The Surprising History Of Death In America

Where did our current funeral rituals come from, and as they fall out of fashion, what will we replace them with?


L.A.-based mortician and author Caitlin Doughty thinks we’ve got a lot wrong about death. Image Source: Wikipedia

Humankind has always been fascinated with death. Where faith helps answer the question of where our spirits go when we die, the funeral helps solve the problem of where our bodies go upon death. In the United States, we have a fairly strict and chaste relationship with death — specifically with regard to the funeral — though there are a few key voices calling for reform. One of those voices, both online and off, is Los Angeles mortician and author Caitlin Doughty, who weighed in with ATI on the history of burial practices in America and the problems it faces today.

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Einstein, Chopin, The Dalai Lama And More: Seven Refugees Who Changed The World

Recent events have many parts of the world clamping down on admitting refugees. These historically important refugees show why that’s a mistake.

Famous Refugees Lede

All of the above, at one point in their lives, were refugees.

Recent world events have seen millions fleeing terrible circumstances in search of safe places to live. The ongoing influx of Syrian and Iraqi refugees abandoning conflict-stricken zones is just one recent example: Humanity, sadly, has a long history of creating refugees.

Some people have tried to keep these individuals out of their countries, or suggested that such an arrival is unprecedented, but again, history would suggest that such stances are both misguided and empirically false. Indeed, many refugees past have gone on to make history themselves, radically improving the world in which we all live. The following are seven historical, hugely important refugees whose contributions continue to impact our world even today:

Police Officer Informs Drivers How To Run Over Black Lives Matter Marchers And Get Away With It

Police Comment

A screenshot by community activist Andrew Henderson of a post allegedly written by a St. Paul police officer.

Those critics of the Black Lives Matter movement who claim minorities receive fair and equal treatment from the police might want to rethink their stance. A St. Paul, Minn., police officer is on administrative leave after laying out how to legally run over BLM marchers on Martin Luther King Day in a Facebook post.

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