When Crack Was King: 1980s New York In Photos

1980s new york sleeping

The city that never sleeps. Well, rarely anyway. 1984. Source: Horvatland

TV shows like Girls and Sex and the City present a New York City where the “worst” that can happen on a wild night out is accidentally losing your debit card–or integrity. But until relatively recently the city was a pretty terrifying place. In the 1980s, crime was at an all-time high, and use of the new and cheap drug of choice, crack cocaine, grew incredibly quickly.

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17 Things You Didn’t Know About Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Facts

Today marks 196 years since Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, New York. While the American poet, essayist and journalist was considered radical for his opinions on many topics—labor issues, immigration, sexuality and capital punishment, among others—during his life, he’s now revered as one of the country’s most influential poets. Whitman’s life’s work, Leaves of Grass, broke away from the poetic conventions of his day, moving poetry forward in a surprising number of ways.

As an ode to the “father of free verse,” here are 17 facts about Walt Whitman that might surprise you.

Can’t get enough of Whitman? Check out this short video biography, or check out more surprising facts about Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

3 Historic “Firsts” That We’ve All Got Totally Wrong

Every schoolchild (in the United States, at least) grows up with the so-called “Great Man” theory of history etched into his or her mind. Rather than teaching trends and contingencies, which is hard, much of history education takes the form of memorizing the names of whoever went to the Moon, won some battle, or chopped down a cherry tree.

While bad enough as it is, many of the unimportant details we learn in school aren’t even accurate. While it’s true that Neil Armstrong really was the first man on the Moon, many of the other “firsts” your history book taught you were actually done by other people, often years or centuries before the guy who got famous did what he did. Thus, it falls to the Internet (again) to fix the shortcomings of the nation’s school systems.

Teddy Roosevelt And The Rough Riders Braved The Battle Of San Juan “Alone”

Historic Firsts Rough Riders

Source: WordPress

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Appreciate Your Bikini: A Brief History Of Women’s Swimwear

History of Women's Swimwear Styles

Source: On Board

As the summer heat hits full blast, people everywhere are flocking to the water. While the tendency to hit the waves when the going gets hot is not unique to a given time or people, what we wear (or don’t!) certainly is. From full-on dresses to itsy-bitsy bikinis–plus weird contraptions called bathing machines–you’ll love this history of women’s swimwear.

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Source: Wikimedia

The history of women’s swimwear begins with a simple outfit known as the birthday suit. All jokes aside, up until the 19th century people frequently bathed nude. And while women were known to cover themselves with clothing that resembles our modern day bikini, the outfits weren’t for swimming. In fact, swimsuits were invented in the mid 1800s. Their creation came out of necessity; recent improvements in railroad systems and other transportation methods had finally made swimming and going to the beach a recreational activity.

1876 Swimwear

Source: Photo Sleuth

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