5 Awful Jobs We’re Glad We’ve Gotten Rid Of

Al Bundy of “Married with Children” fame often reminded us that the worst job in the world is selling women’s shoes. But after taking a gander at the historical record, we beg to differ. Luckily for him (and us), these jobs do not exist anymore.

Groom of the Stool

Awful Jobs Groom

Henry VIII had four grooms and he knighted them all Source: Gallery Hip

In medieval England, servants assisted monarchs in virtually everything—including providing royalty with “assistance” when it came time for the king in question to spend some time on the porcelain throne. These servants were known as the “grooms of the stool”, and it was they who would aid the king when nature called.

Although the job might sound demeaning to us, it was actually a very coveted position that often went to sons of noblemen. The groom of the stool spent a lot of time with the king, which meant that he was privy to the confessions of monarchs at their most vulnerable. As you might imagine, grooms of the stool would often be rewarded with land and titles.

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Breathe In, Bro Out: Broga Is The Next Big Thing

Linebacker II Broga

Linebacker II, a pose that’s familiar to most sports bros. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Only artist Hannah Rothstein (previously) could capture the hilarity of the manly mindfulness movement she calls Broga. Playfully combining two groups of people—bros and yogis—who frequently take themselves a bit too seriously, she’s captured what’s sure to be next big workout craze. From Intensive Boar-ior III to Manchild’s pose, watch these brogis as they find their inner zen with six packs in hand. (We dare you to keep a straight face.)

Insensitive Boar-ior III Hannah Rothstein

Insensitive Boar-ior III. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Shotgunasana Brogis

Shotgunasana. Find your zen as you balance a six pack of Coors in one hand. Source: Hannah Rothstein

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Inside The Life Of A Twenty-Something Hillary Clinton

There was a time when all Hillary Rodham Clinton wanted to do was finish her freakin’ dissertation.

The year was 1969. The place, Wellesley College. Hillary Rodham was not just trying to finish her senior thesis, but also prepare to speak at her graduation: the first student to be asked to do so in the university’s history. Even at twenty-two, there was something about her that made people pay attention.

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Martin Beck’s Superheroes Aren’t Who You’d Expect

Martin Beck Superheroes Photography

Source: Daily Mail

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a superhero. If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t imagine a mechanic working on a car or a pregnant woman chowing down on a dozen doughnuts. Instead, you likely envisioned a strong, fit individual—most likely a white male—in a Marvel-inspired costume that lacked a single stain or wrinkle.

It was this exact, immaculately-composed superhero ideal that photographer Martin Beck wanted to dismantle when he came up with the idea for “We Can Be Heroes”. In the gallery below, each photo portrays someone ordinary–it could be your local grocer or an elderly couple slumped into the couch–in superhero garb that’s worn and dirty:

In addition to capturing the Hulk in a speedo, Martin Beck is a Scottish and South African photographer who has a hand in many different industries: fashion, music, art, and rock ‘n’ roll, to name a few. While he’s worked with companies like Bloomingdales and Harpers India, it’s the amusing and motivational photo series like “We Can Be Heroes” that has really catapulted him into Internet stardom.

Whether they’re ironing clothes or having tea on the couch, Beck’s superheros often find themselves in mundane routines that catch viewers off guard. These juxtapositions give the entire series a light, playful feel, while also underscoring the truth that all of us, in our own way, can and do save lives. According to Beck, “Everyone is a superhero.”

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