Why Are Girls Starting Their Period Younger And Younger?

We often take the age a girl starts her period for granted. But history shows us that, since Medieval times, that age has been getting steadily lower.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

On average, a woman will have approximately 450 periods in her lifetime. With bleeding typically lasting anywhere from 5-7 days, a woman spends around 2,700 days of her life bleeding.

Most young women today get their first period (called menarche) at around 12.5 years old, but in the scope of human history, what seems normal to us is actually a very young age. Indeed, the age of menarche has steadily trended downward since the Victorian Era. Here’s a look at the average age throughout history, what influences that age, and some reasons why the downward trend may have started…

What’s The Happiest Country On Earth?

You’ll read and share plenty of stories claiming to have uncovered the happiest country in the world (or state in the U.S., and so on). By now, there’s a veritable cottage industry of such stories. But in the last few years, during which these stories became commonplace, one study stands out in terms of authority: the World Happiness Report.

Produced annually since 2012 by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the report uses a multifaceted polling system to create an overall happiness score (on a scale of 0 to 10) for each country (see more on the methodology below).

Whatever you make of its methods and its validity, the World Happiness Report is most likely the best of its kind in determining the happiest country in the world — and much, much more. We’ve combed through the most recent report to answer all the big questions you may have about happiness around the world…

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