5 of the World’s Most Awesome Dads

June 13, 2014

Fathers are a lot like watermelon: green and pink. We kid. What we mean is that dads often present themselves as hard on the outside, yet are actually sweet and soft on the inside. And with Father’s Day quickly approaching, it is time to remember some of the world’s most awesome dads. While many would argue that there’s no dad quite like one’s own, these five dads are pretty incredible.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee Awesome Dad

Source: Visual News

In 2006, Jason Lee’s mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which prevented her from seeing her granddaughters whenever they were sick. Despite having to keep the kids away, Lee wanted to make sure his mother was a still part of his daughters’ lives. So he put his skills as a wedding photographer to use and began creating fun, quirky portraits of his two daughters Kayla and Kristin.

Adorable Daughters Pose for Pictures

Source: Frame Play

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5 Of The World’s Weirdest Mental Disorders

June 3, 2014

Are you normal? It seems like an easy question, but our grip on reality can be thinner and more tenuous than you think. This shouldn’t be surprising, since everything that you are—your hopes, your memories, your conditioned responses—is contained in one small, fragile brain. The brain is just an organ, after all, and things sometimes go wrong with it. Unlike a wonky liver, however, a malfunctioning brain tends to yield some really unpredictable consequences. Sometimes, the stuff you’ve always taken for granted—such as not being a cannibal, for example—suddenly evaporates, and you’re left with a disorder so bizarre that you get written up in an article like this.

Mental Disorders: Aboulomania

Think back to when you clicked the link to this article. Those were the days, huh? Now—why did you click on this article, rather than this site’s many other fine offerings? How? While you’re at it, try to remember what you were thinking when you decided to put down the gun that you were cleaning with a Confederate flag (we’ve done audience research) and come over to the computer in the first place. Why did you choose not to wear pants to work today?

Mental Disorders Lindsay Lohan

Bad decisions take many forms. This is one of them.
Source: Fashion Rat

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Remembering Maya Angelou With Her Greatest Quotes And Speeches

May 29, 2014
Maya Angelou Dies at 86

Source: Vogue

Dr. Maya Angelou was 86 years old when she passed away this week, but even after eight long decades of life she remained a sharp, passionate woman wise beyond her years. While some devoured her books or found inspiration in her poetry (Angelou was the first female African American poet laureate), she was much more than one of world’s greatest writers. Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist, a speaker, a philosopher and a mother. She changed the lives of many people with her unique ability to describe the dark complexity and intersectionalities of discrimination, racism, sexism and economic hardship. Here are some of Dr. Maya Angelou’s most famous and inspiring thoughts and speeches.

Love is Full of Hope

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“Instafame”, A Documentary On Teens’ Obsession With Social Media

May 24, 2014

From Sylvain Labs: “Instafame is an exploration of a teenager’s relationship with fame through the lens of instagram. The documentary centers around Shawn Megira, a teenager from Long Island who had 81K instagram followers, and asks questions related to the nature of fame and why so many young people see it as the ultimate measure of success.”

For more critiques of our relationships with social media, check out this video on addiction, what Instagram would look like if it were invented in the 80s and how social media is ruining our lives.

The Most Brutal Gangs On Earth

May 16, 2014

Citizens who manage to stay on the right side of their home countries’ laws usually settle their disputes in a civilized way—by suing the pants off of each other. Sometimes their disputes rise to the level of Internet flame wars or screaming matches at housing association meetings.

The gangs on this list, however, mostly grew up in places and among social classes that don’t offer that kind of redress. The disputes that arise among pimps, cigarette smugglers, international car thieves, and drug pushers mostly get solved with violence; the more violent, the better. Here are seven of the most violent gangs operating in the world today:

The Most Brutal Gangs: Los Zetas

The shortcoming of many criminal enterprises rests in limited equipment and training. Members of street gangs might be really tough individually, but they lack heavy weapons and have never been trained to work effectively in small-unit actions. Los Zetas, however, have solved that problem by recruiting former special forces commandos from elite squadrons of the Mexican army.

The Zetas began as the armed wing of Mexico’s already-hella-violent Gulf Cartel, as cartel members hired government-trained assassins as bodyguards. At first, hiring elite commandos was a way of gaining prestige in the violent world of Mexican cocaine smuggling, but over time the bodyguards role became much more expansive. Eventually, Los Zetas emerged as the muscle of the cartel.

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7 of the World’s Most Memorable Moms

May 12, 2014

As Mother’s Day approaches, families nationwide will amass flower bouquets and pastel-colored Hallmark cards to celebrate the special mother (or mothers) in their lives. While most of us would gift a “World’s Best Mom” mug over brunch, there’s no doubt that all moms were not made equal. Love them, hate them or just can’t get enough of their antics, check out this list of the world’s most memorable moms.

Kate Middleton

Memorable Moms Kate Middleton

Source: PopSugar

Kate Middleton captured the world’s attention when she married Prince William, the future King of England. The Duchess of Cambridge garnered even more of it with the birth of her son Prince George. By exiting the hospital wearing a dotted blue dress that unabashedly embraced the remnants of her baby bump, Middleton scored praise from mothers all over the world. Given the world’s ceaseless obsession with the British crown and the growth of its wearers, we expect that Middleton will be one of the world’s most memorable moms for decades to come.

Kate Middleton After Birth

Source: The Cut

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