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Photo Of The Day: Thanksgiving On The International Space Station

Thanksgiving On Iss

Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov (left) and Mikhail Tyurin eating their Thanksgiving meal on board the International Space Station in 2005.
Image Source: Daily Mail

How does irradiated turkey, freeze-dried green beans, re-hydrated potatoes, thermostabilized yams, cobbler and liquid salt and pepper sound for a Thanksgiving feast? If you’re not into it, then perhaps you shouldn’t spend the November holiday on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Photo Of The Day: Diesel, The French Police Dog, Dies In Police Raid

Diesel French Police Dog

Diesel pictured with her service medals. Image Source: 9GAG

Early Wednesday morning, a police siege on an apartment that housed a suspect from the Paris attacks turned violent. Police were targeting the alleged architect of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He was among those killed in the raid, along with a suspected female terrorist who detonated a suicide vest. Five officers were also wounded and seven arrests were made. Diesel, a French police dog, was also killed.

After the police announced that Diesel had been killed, people around the world immediately took to the Internet to offer condolences. This mini-movement even inspired a hashtag, “Je Suis Chien,” inspired by the “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag used after the attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices earlier this year.

Photo Of The Day: The Leonid Meteor Shower At Its Peak

Leonid Meteor Shower

One of the most anticipated annual meteor showers, the Leonid, can be seen the night of Nov. 17. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Leonid meteor shower will peak on Nov. 17 and into the early morning hours of Nov. 18. According to the forecast, we’re in for a lighter load than usual, but there’s still definitely enough of a spectacle to warrant staying up past your usual bedtime. The Slooh Community Observatory will show the shower for free online starting at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, using live shots from four continents, but the best live view in most cases will be on a blanket, away from the lights and facing the east. Expect to see around 15 meteors per hour starting at midnight local time until dawn.

Here are three things you should know before watching the show:

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Photo Of The Day: Adel Termos, The Beirut Hero Who Sacrificed Himself To Save Hundreds

Adel Termos Memorial

A photo of Adel Termos held by his daughter, Malak, at his memorial service. Termos saved hundreds of lives after sacrificing himself to stop a suicide bomber in Beirut. Image Source: Imgur

Twin suicide bomb attacks in Beirut, Lebanon killed over 40 people and injured more than 200 last week, and the death toll would have been much higher were it not for Adel Termos. After the first bombing, crowds quickly gathered outside of the mosque where it took place. Termos was among them, and is reported to have seen a second suicide bomber heading toward the crowd when he decided to engage in the ultimate act of sacrifice. The 32-year-old car mechanic threw himself at the man, tackling him and causing the bomb to detonate before the suicide bomber could reach the crowd.

“He and others at the mosque went to check out what was happening when Adel noticed a man running down the hill, screaming ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar’,” Termos’ father, Akram, told CNN. “Adel ran toward him, pushing him and pinning him down on the ground, at that instant, the man (detonated) the bomb and the second explosion happened.”

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