Martin Beck’s Superheroes Aren’t Who You’d Expect

Martin Beck Superheroes Photography

Source: Daily Mail

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a superhero. If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t imagine a mechanic working on a car or a pregnant woman chowing down on a dozen doughnuts. Instead, you likely envisioned a strong, fit individual—most likely a white male—in a Marvel-inspired costume that lacked a single stain or wrinkle.

It was this exact, immaculately-composed superhero ideal that photographer Martin Beck wanted to dismantle when he came up with the idea for “We Can Be Heroes”. In the gallery below, each photo portrays someone ordinary–it could be your local grocer or an elderly couple slumped into the couch–in superhero garb that’s worn and dirty:

In addition to capturing the Hulk in a speedo, Martin Beck is a Scottish and South African photographer who has a hand in many different industries: fashion, music, art, and rock ‘n’ roll, to name a few. While he’s worked with companies like Bloomingdales and Harpers India, it’s the amusing and motivational photo series like “We Can Be Heroes” that has really catapulted him into Internet stardom.

Whether they’re ironing clothes or having tea on the couch, Beck’s superheros often find themselves in mundane routines that catch viewers off guard. These juxtapositions give the entire series a light, playful feel, while also underscoring the truth that all of us, in our own way, can and do save lives. According to Beck, “Everyone is a superhero.”

The Rise Of Pakistan’s Makeshift Amusement Parks

Pakistan amusement parks motorcycle

A motorcycle acrobat thrills the crowd at an amusement park set up outside a shrine in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. IMAGE: MUHAMMED MUHEISEN/ASSOCIATED PRESS Source: Mashable

Embroiled in conflict since at least 1947, when Great Britain partitioned British India to create the independent nations of India and Pakistan, the latter can hardly be considered the world’s happiest place. And yet, these photos by Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press photographer Muhammed Muheisen present a photographic foil to such a grim reality.

Pakistan amusement parks night

Food vendors set up shop to keep visitors fed at a park in Islamabad, Pakistan. IMAGE: MUHAMMED MUHEISEN/ASSOCIATED PRESS Source: Mashable

Over the past several years, people living in the outskirts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have come up with a way to temporarily break the fear and add some joy to the lives of Pakistani children, and their parents: makeshift amusement parks.

Pakistan amusement parks horse

A boy walking his horse while he checks out a Rawalpindi park. IMAGE: MUHAMMED MUHEISEN/ASSOCIATED PRESS Source: Mashable

Over 400 amusement parks dot the United States landscape, and another 300 are scattered across Europe. In Pakistan, however, most children do not have the luxury of visiting such parks. In the Middle East and Southeast Asia, amusement parks are scarce, and the ones that do exist are far too expensive for most families to enjoy.

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Stunning Images Of An “Urban Ice Age” Highlight Humanity’s Smallness

ice age artist spires

Architectural spires break through the surface, almost as if they are coming up for air Source: Huffington Post

Whether you believe it’s plausible or not, French artist Francois Ronsiaux wants us to imagine a world in which the ice caps have melted, drowning our urban spaces–and to internalize the ramifications. This is the goal of his solemn, haunting and humbling series, United Land.

ice age artist sharks

Sharks dance at the opera house Source: Huffington Post

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Kasper Kowalski’s Unexpected Aerial Photography

Polish Lake Aerial View

Source: CNN

Although Kasper Kowalski is a trained architect, it is his unexpected aerial photography that will thrill you most. Born in 1977, the Polish photographer captures the intersections, patterns and shapes that arise in our multifaceted world. When Kowalski photographs these instances and locations where nature and society collide, his images uncover “disorder in harmony,” and an “emergence of new forms”.

Unbelievable Aerial Photography of Poland

Source: Caixa Negra

Kasper Kowalski Aerial Photograpahy

Source: GeoLog

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