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Hilarious vintage men’s underwear ads, Florida swamp racing, satellite photos that are modern art masterpieces, the forgotten beauty of Patagonia, haunting Cambodian genocide portraits.

Vintage Underwear

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Vintage Men’s Underwear Ads That Would Never Be Made Today

Mens Underwear Ad

Vintage Everyday

Some are silly, some are funny (whether intentionally or not), and some make very little sense at all. Yet all of these vintage men’s underwear ads share a charmingly stilted, antiquated sensibility that makes them a fascinating relic of an era long gone by.

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Vintage Mens Underwear Ad

Vintage Everyday

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22 Stunning Photos Of Spring Flowers Around The World

There are few times of the year more beautiful than spring. As the weather warms up, green fields and budding trees transform into bright, colorful expanses of daisies, wildflowers, and roses. From the blushing cherry blossoms that dot Japan’s fields to the vibrant tulip fields that bring vivid color to Holland’s lush landscapes, spring flowers are one of the world’s greatest marvels:

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Colorful Spring Flowers

Flowers are seen in Carlsbad, California. The nearly 50 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers that make up the view above are in full bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year, from early March through early May. - Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Taking Photo Flowers

A woman takes pictures of colorful tulips in full bloom at Showa Kinen Park in Tokyo. - Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images

Yellow Against Dark Blue

Daffodils that have been left to flower at Fentongollan Farm near Truro, England. - Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Man Tulips

A man looks out over a tulip display in the Sultanahmet district on in Istanbul, Turkey. Every April Istanbul celebrates the coming of spring with the annual Tulip Festival, now in its tenth year. - Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Purple Tulips

A young girl is seen among a bed of tulips in bloom in the Sultanahmet district in Istanbul, Turkey. - Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Dog Yellow Flower

This seven-year-old sheep dog named Twig performs tricks for photographers among daffodils in Birmingham, England. - Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Germany Cherry Blossom

Blooming cherry blossom trees are seen in the streets of the historic district on April 18, 2016 in Bonn, Germany. - Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Walking People Tulips

People view the tulips at the Descano Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, California. - Frederic J. BrownAFP/Getty Images

Blue Stroller

A child stands in Lazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland. - JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Hat Bike Flowers

Dutch tulips at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show in Harrogate, England. - Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

White Cherry Blossom

People look at cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo. - TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images

Little Girl Sniffing

A little girl plays in the daffodils in St. James Park in London, England. - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Van Gogh Flower Art

People look at a tulip portrait of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in Lisse, Netherlands. - Remko de Waal/AFP/Getty Images

Stripes Of Flowers Color

Farmer Christiane Degenhardt (C) and friend Barbara Ulferts gather tulips at Degenhardt's tulip field near Schwaneberg, Germany. - Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Tulip Mountain

An Indian police officer walks in the Tulip Garden in Srinagar. - Tauseef Mustafat/AFP/Getty Images

Girl Running Cherry

A girl runs under blossoming apple trees in Moscow's Kolomenskoye Park. - Alexander Utkin/AFP/Getty Images


Wind turbines spin behind rows of tulips at the Degenhardt-Sellmann Spezialkulturen tulip fields as a couple walks by near Magdeburg in Schwaneberg, Germany. - Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Little Boy Tulips

Betie, from London, plays among the daffodils in St James Park in London, England. - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Overview China

Aerial image shows cherry blossoms, magnolia flowers and rape flowers in Hongfeng Lake, Guizhou Province of China. - ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Yellow Pink Sky Flowers

Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers in Carlsbad, California. - Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Cherry Blossom Festival

Visitors gather beneath cherry trees for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Annual Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival in New York City. The festival celebrates the flowering of the garden's "Sekiyama" cherry trees. - Mario Tama/Getty Images

Bird Cherry Blossom

A parakeet sits on a blossom branch in St James's Park in London, England. - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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Photos Of The Day: Malcolm X’s Iconic Friendship With Muhammad Ali

Malcolm X Ali

A crowd gathers around Muhammad Ali at diner where he’s celebrating his victory over Sonny Liston earlier than evening. The onlookers are eager to just catch a glimpse of the boxer eating, while Malcolm X looks playfully over his shoulder. Bob Gomel/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

History remembers Malcolm X as a militant revolutionary who fought relentlessly for the rights of African-Americans. Though he was often at odds with Martin Luther King’s nonviolent approach to change, and hounded by controversy most of his life, in these photos Malcolm X shares lighthearted moments with Muhammad Ali, with whom he shared a tumultuous friendship.

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Photo Of The Day: The 30-Year War That Tore Northern Ireland Apart

The Troubles

A Belfast man on patrol for the Irish Republican Army, 1987. Pacemaker Press International/Belfast Telegraph Archive

From 1968 to 1998, Northern Ireland was the battleground of a guerrilla war known as The Troubles. On one side was the Protestant majority called the Unionists, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom. On the other side were the Nationalists, a Catholic minority who sought to become part of the Republic of Ireland.

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