Inside The Remote Alaskan Town Almost All Under One Roof

How do the residents of Whittier, Alaska live and — perhaps more intriguingly — why do they choose to live this way?

Whittier, Alaska

Wikimedia Commons Whittier, Alaska.

If you have to go to the grocery store, the post office, the laundromat, or even the hospital or the police station, chances are that any one of those trips will involve a car, train, bus or bike ride.

But if you’re a resident of Whittier, Alaska, not just one of those trips, but all of them can be done in a very short walk that doesn’t even take you outdoors.

That’s because this peculiar town on Alaska’s southern coast is so remote and so constantly battered by inclement weather that almost the entire city — its residences, business, and public services — exists under one roof.

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What We Loved This Week, May 29 – Jun. 4

Rare and intimate color photos of Adolf Hitler, breathtaking nocturnal drone photography, celebrity yearbook photos you HAVEN’T seen, what Hiroshima looks like today, and stunning Ellis Island immigrant portraits.

Hugo Jaeger WWII Photos 7

Vintage Everyday

Rare Color Photos Of Adolf Hitler Captured By His Personal Photographer

Hugo Jaeger WWII Photos 100

Vintage Everyday

As Adolf Hitler shocked the world, Hugo Jaeger documented it all on film. Before and throughout World War II, Jaeger served as Hitler’s personal photographer, taking approximately 2,000 photographs of the fuhrer in color, a rarity of the time.

When the war came to a close, Jaeger, afraid of being arrested for taking the photos of an internationally wanted man, hid the photos in a briefcase. A bottle of cognac may have saved Jaeger from troubles with the law: When American troops opened his briefcase holding the photos they were distracted by the alcohol, opening it up and splitting it with the photographer.

In 1965, after having hid the photos in several glass jars outside of Munich and a bank vault, Jaeger sold the photos to Life magazine. You can see more of them at Vintage Everyday.

Hugo Jaeger WWII Photos 64

Vintage Everyday

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