What We Love This Week, Volume CIV

Harbin Ice Festival Pinks Reds

Source: BBC

China’s Harbin Ice Festival–In Photos

Harbin Ice Festival Far

Source: BBC

Beginning on January 5, people flocked to China’s Heilongjiang province to take part in the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The annual festival, which runs through the end of February, is likely to draw nearly one million visitors from China and abroad. So for those of you complaining about how winter is always miserable, maybe it’s time to add some color to your ice and change your perspective.

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The Most Amazing Nebulae Photos Ever Taken

Carina Nebula

This is the absolutely gigantic Carina Nebula. The infrared image taken using ESO’s VLT (Very Large Telescope and yes, that is the actual name) shows details and features previously unseen. Source: European Space Organization

A nebula is basically a giant cloud of gas found in space. The gas in question is mostly hydrogen mixed with helium, dust, other ionized gases and whatever else might be floating around way out there. There was a time when we used the term “nebula” to refer to any astronomical object that was too far away to see clearly, including star clusters and even galaxies.

Nebulae Photos Butterfly

This nebula is officially called NGC 6302, but it’s more popularly referred to as the Butterfly Nebula. Despite its delicate name, the wing-like areas are actually the result of a dying star casting off its gaseous shell during its final moments. Source: Space Telescope

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10 Uncovered World War One Photos Provide A Rare, Candid Glimpse Into Trench Life

Uncovered World War One Photos George Hackney

Photograph of George Hackney taken at Poulainville, Picardy, Northern France, in October of 1915.

Belfast, Ireland native George Hackney was like many young men in the time preceding World War One, and began taking up the relatively new hobby of personal photography. When he was sent to war in 1915, he took his trusty compact camera with him out into the field and captured images of his life from deep in the trenches of ‘The war to end all wars.’

This was done at great risk by Mr. Hackney, as unofficial photography during times of war was strictly illegal at the time. Any photos released of the war were intended to be official and therefore strictly regulated, which is what makes Gorge Hackney’s candid shots all the more powerful.

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Jasper National Park Is The Most Beautiful Place In Canada

Patricia Lake, Canada

Source: HQ World

There are few places in the world more beautiful than Jasper National Park. Located in the southeastern part of Canada, the Alberta park remains one of the country’s oldest and largest national parks. Home to Mt. Columbia, Alberta’s highest mountain, and the last fully protected herd of caribou in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park lets visitors step into a diverse, lively landscape where nature reigns.

Jasper National Park Beautiful

Source: The Sutton

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