What We Love This Week, Volume XCV

French Farmer Protests Gourds

Source: The Atlantic

French Farmers Up In Arms Over Falling Prices

French Farmer Protests Manure

Source: The Atlantic

Note to self: don’t piss off a French farmer lest you wish to have your front porch filled with steaming manure. This–along with a slew of other questionable pièces de résistance–was the result of Wednesday’s nationwide protests regarding falling prices and demand coupled with increased regulations and production costs. Continue Reading

Winner Of The UK Mountain Photo Of The Year Announced

The rules for Trail’s UK Mountain Photo of the Year contest were simple: photographers were asked to capture what they loved most about the United Kingdom’s mountains. After browsing through the list of finalists, it is clear that there are many reasons to love mountains, whether for their startling beauty or snow-covered peaks. Featuring mountains from all over the United Kingdom, here are the top ten finalists from the simple (yet spectacular) photo contest:

Rock Climbing Sunset

Source: BBC

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A Couple Peers Into East Germany In 1962

Couple Peers Over Berlin Wall

Erected in 1961, the Berlin Wall is just one of many examples of the physical lengths to which people will go to promote or expel an idea. Here, a young woman accompanied by her boyfriend leans over the wall to talk to her mother on the East Berlin side. The wall remained in place for nearly 30 more years, separating many families all the while.

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