Three Friends Take A “Joy Ride” In 1920s Ohio

Ohio Joy Ride 1924

Norman Rockwell would have a field day with this photo. Practically bleeding Americana, we see three friends taking a ride in a “new” car–realistically the vehicle is around 15 years old at this point–in rural Ohio.

21 Beautiful Images From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Pray Sony World Photography Awards

“Pray” by Muhammad Berkati. Source: WPO

Though the Oscars are over, the awards season in the photography world is just beginning. The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards received 173,444 image entries—over 30,000 more than the last year’s contest. Representing photographers from 171 countries, these images capture everything from macro photography to architecture to adorable orangutans.

While the official winners won’t be announced until April 23, we’ve picked some of our personal favorites from the recently released shortlist.

Bernhard Lang 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

“Aerial Views Adria” by Bernhard Lang. Source: International Business Times

Hamer Man by Diego Arroyo Mendez

“Hamer Man” by Diego Arroyo Mendez. Source: Bored Panda

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What We Love This Week, Volume CXI

World Photography Ukraine

Anti-government protestors in Kiev, Ukraine. Source: World Photo

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

World Photography Bug

A fly on water. Source: World Photo

Hopefully the judges of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards didn’t have any major plans for the month of February (or the foreseeable future); they have over 173,000 photos to review. People from 171 countries submitted their shots to the World Photography Organisation, with subjects ranging from political protest to mountain peaks to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. WPO has been kind enough to release its short list of potential winners, which you can view here.

World Photography Chicken

A man bathes his fighting bird. Source: World Photo

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In Victorian Times, The Quickest Way To Look Like An Idiot Was By Smiling

Victorian Family Photos

This is what a happy family looked like way back when. Source: Etsy

Victorian life must have been so much fun: if you weren’t dead or about to die due to infectious diseases, you were always trying to act or at least look that way. That helps explain why, at least in the early days of portrait photography, it was somewhat more socially acceptable to take posed–albeit solemn–pictures with dead bodies than it is today (see: #funeralselfie). Post-mortem portraits were meant to be commemorative, especially in the case of infants and children.

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