The Super Cold (And Awesome) Clouds Of Saturn

Clouds Of Saturn

In the early 1980s, a Voyager mission discovered a curious hexagon on Saturn’s north pole. Incredibly enough, just one side of the hexagon is 8,600 miles long, or more than Earth’s diameter. The jury is still out as to why such a shape appears on the planet, but most astronomers believe it is due to a standing-wave pattern within Saturn’s atmosphere.

It was also Voyager that discovered Saturn’s finer clouds patterns. In the upper cloud layers, temperatures are around 100-160 Kelvin, or really, really cold.

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Meet The Damselfly, Your New Favorite Insect

damselfly macro photo pink

Source: Bored Panda

Anyone who enjoys insects will fall in love with these damselflies–captured by Romanian photographer Remus Tiplea–and their quirky “expressions”. Often mistaken for dragonflies (which along with damselflies are included in the Odonata order of carnivorous insects), damselflies can be differentiated by their wide-set eyes and slender body shape.

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In The 1920s, The French Postcard Was As Close As You Could Get To “Playboy”

cheeky postcards 1920s painter

Source: Bob Thomas/Getty Images

The early 20th century saw a series of push-pulls: technological advances came with shifting moral codes and gender roles, with others trying just as hard to stop–or at least slow–such changes. Hatchet-wielding, sex and alcohol-hating women like Carrie Nation preceded sex moguls like Polly Adler; flappers sashayed around fat cat politicians and businessmen while a constellation of actors tried to legislate morality through dress and dance.

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After A Devastating Bomb In Baghdad, A Man Plays Music

After A Bomb In Baghdad

Source: 7 Days

Music has historically provided itself as a form of resistance. By creating beauty in a world that could easily be dismissed as cruel and brutish, or employing rhythm and melody to articulate truths that resist translation to speech, music makes life bearable. It reminds us that in life there can be and is something bigger than death and taxes–or in Karim Wasfi’s case, bombs.

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