A Snow Storm Blankets Nebraska

February 24, 2014
Snowstorm Over Nebraska

Source: Flickr

Fully capturing the dismally somber tones of a rural winter, this photo is an apt reminder of why we cannot wait until March 20th.

The Great Lakes’ Eerily Frozen Lighthouses

February 24, 2014

There are few sights in nature more surreal than the frozen lighthouses sprinkled about Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Splashing waves and frigid wintry storms transform lighthouses into accidental ice sculptures on the shores of these Great Lakes.

Photographers encounter treacherous conditions in their artistic pursuits. They navigate through thick, icy terrains to capture glacial monuments, frost-covered surfaces and massive, cascading icicles from just the right angles.

Frozen Lighthouses Majestic Beauty

Source: Flickr

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What We Love This Week, Volume LIII

February 21, 2014
Wind Faces Braces

Source: Design Faves

Hilarious Portraits Brought To You By Wind

Wind Faces Beard

Source: Design Faves

Who says that all photography has to be “about” something? Utilizing high-speed wind, his good sense of humor and his subjects’ open-mindedness, photographer Jonathan Robert Willis has crafted a series of photos that are flat-out hilarious. Willis aptly dubbed the series “Wind”, and in each shot, models posed in front of a blower for 15 minutes while Willis captured their rather contorted mugs. Suffice it to say that the pictorial spread is much-welcomed by us not so photogenic folk. Design Faves has even more of Willis’ work for your perusal.

Wind Faces Teeth

Source: Design Faves

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15 Shocking Photos from the Ukraine Protests

February 21, 2014
Ukraine on the Brink of Civil War

Ukraine inches closer to civil war. Source: Newsweek

This past week, images of the bruised, broken bodies of thousands of Ukrainian protesters shocked the world. After a standoff that had lasted for months, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych authorized security forces to fight Ukrainian protesters with force, a decision that claimed the lives of many. Using stun grenades, water canons and firearms to quell dissent, Kiev’s once-pristine Independence Square has quickly fallen into a bloody, peace-forsaken war zone.

Protesters at the Ukraine Protests

Source: Cleveland

Anti-Government Protester Holds Crucifix

Source: Cleveland

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Lucinda Grange’s Stomach-Churning Daredevil Photography

February 20, 2014

Ascending to the extreme heights and locales that most of us can only fathom seeing from a silver screen, 25-year-old photographer Lucinda Grange proves that you don’t need a big budget for big shots; you only need some imagination–and skill at evading security guards. From Scotland to Brazil, Grange has seen it all, and thankfully she’s willing to share her experiences with us more terrestrial types. Here are some of Grange’s most impressive shots to date.

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Lucinda Grange Times Square

An aerial view of New York's Times Square. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Wales

Looking outward at Wales. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Manhattan

Grange, standing parallel to New York's Empire State Building while perched atop the Chrysler Building. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange

Lucinda Grange herself. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Scotland Bridge

What Scottish waters look like from the peak of the Firth of Forth Bridge. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Paris Business District

Lucinda Grange before Paris' business district. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Notre Dame

Taken from the edges of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower can be seen glowing in the distance. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Manhattan Bridge

The New York skyline as seen from the Manhattan Bridge. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange London

A view of London at night. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange London Underground

Exploring London's underground. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Herccilio Luz Bridge

Atop Brazil's Herccilio Luz Bridge. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Giza

Granger and her friend pose on top of the pyramids at Giza. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Disused Subway New York

An abandoned subway station in New York City. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Chrysler Building

Lucinda Grange on top of the Chrysler Building. Source: The Daily Mail

Lucinda Grange Bulgarian Communist Headquarters

At the abandoned Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters. Source: The Daily Mail

Martin Schoeller’s Mad Celebrity Portraits

February 20, 2014

What do you get when you cross a bunch of famous faces with an ever so slightly unhinged photographer? A series of tongue in cheek crazy celebrity shots that bring out the best (and worst) of some of our favorite film stars and sporting heroes. The mad scientist of the photography world, Martin Schoeller has overseen shoots for the likes of Vogue, Time and GQ Magazine. Originally the protégée of the great Annie Leibovitz, his creativity has led him to place countless awards on his mantel. Here are some of Schoeller’s shots at their most zany.

Celebrity Portraits Jesse Eisenberg

Gracing the silver screen as both the survivor of a zombie apocalypse and the founder of Facebook (although not at the same time), actor Jesse Eisenberg is well known for his comedic, neurosis-laden quirkiness. In true Schoeller style, Eisenberg puts the scream in ice-cream.

Celebrity Portraits Jay Z

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