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Photo Of The Day: The World’s First Selfie…Maybe


Image Source: Business Insider

Taken circa 1900, this image of an unidentified, grim-faced Edwardian woman with a Kodak Brownie box camera may possibly be the world’s oldest selfie.

What began as a niche social media term has found its way in the Oxford English Dictionary, as of August 2013. There, selfie is defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

This Edwardian woman may not have had an Instagram account, but she certainly mastered this selfie.

What We Love This Week, Volume CXLI

Google Street View Baobab

A baobab tree stands near a trail just outside the small fishing village of Andavadoaka, Madagascar. Image Source: The Atlantic

Incredible Photos Taken With Google Street View

Desert Camel Shadow Google

A Google Maps Street View camera strapped to a camel in the dunes of the Liwa Oasis in the United Arab Emirates. Image Source: The Atlantic

Sure, Google Street View is great for the proverbial well-trodden path. But did you know they’ve taken those little camera cars–or camels, or snow rovers, as the case may be–to the ends of the earth, far from pavement and people? From the deserts of Mongolia to the hills of Colombia to the lakes of Greenland, Google’s cameras have captured it all. But perhaps the most striking thing is how beautifully they’ve done so. You don’t exactly expect National Geographic quality photography from a little camera attached to a car. Tour the globe at The Atlantic.

Google Street View Snow

A Google Maps Street View camera on a snow machine atop Crystal Mountain North in Washington State’s Cascade Range. Image Source: The Atlantic

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Photo Of The Day: When A Young Pope Francis Taught Literature & Psychology

Young Pope Francis In Argentina

Pope Francis in 1966 at El Salvador School in Buenos Aires, where he taught literature and psychology.
Image Source: The Huffington Post

Before he became the first-ever Latin American pope, Pope Francis was known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francis’ pre-papal career included work as a bar bouncer, chemical technician, and a teacher at various schools in Argentina, where he taught literature and psychology.

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