10 Underrated Iconic Photos From The Twentieth Century

October 14, 2013

Ingrid Bergman In Exile

(Gordon Parks, 1949) This shot of an isolated Ingrid Bergman was taken during the filming of “Stromboli” while in exile in Italy. Bergman’s flee abroad was a response to the public scorn to which she was subject (even the U.S. Senate denounced her as “a powerful influence for evil) for having an affair–and ultimately a child–with Italian director Roberto Rossellini while still married to her Swedish husband. Bergman would later marry Rossellini, have three more children (including famed actress Isabella Rossellini), and then divorce him in 1957. While Bergman did return to the United States, her private decisions as a woman tended to divide her professional life into “Before” and “After” the affair. No matter, though; Bergman’s work in “Anastasia” won her an Oscar for Best Actress in 1956.

German Hyperinflation

(Photographer unknown, 1921-1923) An image accurately representing Germany’s the pervasive hyperinflation, this photo depicts children playing with worthless German currency. At the height of Germany’s hyperinflation, it took 4.2 trillion Deutsche Marks to equal $1 USD. War reparations after World War I saddled the country with huge debt to other countries (namely the United States) and stoked emotional vulnerabilities that helped enable Adolf Hitler’s words resonate with many struggling Germans.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXXIV

October 11, 2013

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

The present-day haven for lighthearted excesses and leisure, Amsterdam in the 20th century was home to one of the most harrowing–and inspiring–tales of recent memory. In June 1942 the Frank family moved into a shop annex so as to avoid arrest and transfer to a concentration camp. It was there that 13 year old Anne Frank took to her journal, offering future readers a rare glimpse into the extraordinary heart and mind of a young girl trapped in the most tragic of circumstances. Blending the two together, the world-renown Anne Frank House has merged images of World War II-era photos (and the Frank family before they entrenched themselves in the attic) and present-day Amsterdam. The result is as chilling as it is reassuring. For more, head over to My Modern Met.

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Go West: The Wondrous Photographs Of Tim Navis

October 9, 2013

The mythical West coast. From the endless sun to the bountiful beauty (both human and natural), the West occupies a wonderful space of eternal allure and opportunity. Photographer Tim Navis does a remarkable job of capturing its essence in the pictures below:

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Hey Cowboy

Big Sur

Big Sur, California

In The Desert

Go West

Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon in Escalante, Utah.


Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest,

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.



Ready To Explore

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Kelso Sand Dunes

Kelso Sand Dunes


Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

Lone Pine Peak

Lone Pine Peak, Sequoia National Park



Malibu, California

The Milky Way Over Zion National Park

The Milky Way Over Zion National Park


Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Utah

Mount San Antonio

Mount San Antonio

Mount San Jacinto

Oregon Beach

San Fernando City

San Fernando City

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

San Francisco

San Francisco

Santa Monica



Wind Farm

Welcome Summer

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park


Photographs above via Navis Photography.

The Eruption Of Ecuador’s Reventador Volcano

October 6, 2013

Eruption Of Reventador Ecuador

Nestled in the east Andes of Ecuador, records hold that the Reventador volcano has erupted a mere 25 times since 1541. With that said, however, the largest eruption (featured above) took place in 2002, where the stratovolcanic plume extended an astounding 10 miles high into the air.

Bryan Whitney’s Incredible X-Ray Art

October 6, 2013
X Ray Rose

Source: 1st Dibs

Though most people think of X-ray machines as cold, impersonal medical devices, others see them as a way to make compelling works of art. New York City-based Bryan Whitney does just that, producing experimental, architectural and fine art work. His X-ray images of nature and ordinary, even iconic, items have caught the attention of art and science lovers around the world.

X Ray Purple Flower

Source: Yahoo

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15 Incredibly Odd Photos From The Archives

October 4, 2013

It’s said that a single photo speaks a thousand words, but for some of the more eccentric of the bunch, a few more words of explanation will always be needed. For the last century, photographers have been snapping both beautiful and bizarre shots of everyday life. At Black and WTF, one person made it their mission to delve into the dusty, black and white photographic archives to find some of the most incredibly odd photos known to man.

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Odd Photos Egg

Taken in 1926, Dorothy Gulliver poses for a publicity shot for The Collegians, a four-year series about college life by some of Hollywood’s early masterminds.

Centipede Dancers

A troupe of dancers from Brussels perform “The Centipede” in 1929.

Odd Photos Dog Head

This photo really takes the biscuit when it comes to the bizarre. In explaining the ensemble, the dog’s owner said “I hooked a coat hanger over his shoulders to form shoulders, and newspaper stuffed into his trousers”. If you look carefully, you can also see a cat seated in his lap.

Boxing Couple

In this oddly-posed photo from the 1950’s, actress Mamie Van Doren punches her husband Ray Anthony in the nose.

Coats Hanging

One winter, a clothier from Denmark came up with an odd but effective sales scheme. He hung more than a thousand overcoats from a scaffold around his shop. So many customers turned up to see the spectacle that the police were called. He sold every single coat.

Odd Photos Crow Boy

Here, a crow tucks a boy into bed. Little else can be understood from this photo, but at least the boy doesn’t seem to mind the company of his avian caretaker.

Dog Shaving

At the peak of his career, Fritz the celebrity bulldog gets a professional shave for his TV appearance in 1961.

Horse Head

While the internet today is inexplicably filled with people wearing horse masks, have you ever wondered where the idea originally came from? Here, the horseman takes a break in between shooting the Jean Cocteau film Testament of Orpheus.

Kangaroo Bowling

The 1950’s beauty model Monique Van Vooren goes bowling with a kangaroo. How the kangaroo is able to hold the bowling ball is unknown to this day.

Odd Photos Koskimo

Taken in 1910, a person from the Native American Koskimo tribe stands in a full-body fur garment with oversized gloves and a Hami mask (aka a ‘dangerous thing’ mask) during a traditional ceremony.

Post Office Goods

While the English Post Office has been known for long delays and missing mail, it deserves credit for the incredible array of things able to be sent. In the 1930s, you could mail anything from rabbits to pheasants so long as it had a neck label with a mailing address and another which stated that ‘no liquid was likely to exude’.

Skeleton Man

We all know how important adhering to the highway code is, but “Mr. Statistic” took it to a new level in 1952. He was arrested after trying to warn drivers about traffic fatalities during Labour Day weekend in Los Angeles.

Beauty Machine Max Factor

While this machine may look a bit macabre a first glance, it is in fact an early Max Factor invention from 1934. The Beauty Micrometer was meant to detect beauty defects in women that are invisible to the naked eye.

Book Pile

Taken in the early 1910’s, a woman calls for more books to be donated to the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue...while standing on an enormous pile of them.

Odd Photos Harley Cage

Although it never made it as a permanent part of the police force, this Harley Davidson mobile booking cage in the 1920’s certainly proved a great a talking point.