Cologne, Germany After The War


262 air raids and over 34,000 long tons of bombs later, Cologne, Germany emerged from World War Two in tatters. The bombings reduced Cologne’s population by 95 percent, and it was rightly deemed by urban planner Rudolf Schwarz as the world’s greatest heap of rubble. Schwarz was behind the city’s reconstruction, and by 1959 Cologne’s population matched its pre-war numbers. Today, the city is quite prosperous, which just goes to show the transformative power of good design and urban planning.

Inside The Life Of A Pirate Bay Cofounder

Shaggy Pirate Bay Cofounder

You’re viewing the site that eventually gave birth to million-dollar lawsuits and international conversations about the price we put on art, expression and its exchange. Launched in Sweden in 2003, Pirate Bay was a source of millions of music, movies, software and more–all available for free. Years later, its founders would be found guilty of copyright infringement and brought to their knees following a Swedish police raid in December 2014. The foil you’re looking at? It’s part of the TEMPEST protocol to keep EM electromagnetic signals to leave the room, which would prevent others from spying on their operation. As the historical record shows, Shaggy’s (featured above) fears were warranted.

The Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit’s Tarnished Gem

Luxury Box Silverdome

It used to house rock royalty. Today, one of Detroit’s crown jewels, the Pontiac Silverdome, has fallen into disrepair and represents the ache that accompanies a city in decline. Featured above is one of the Silverdome’s luxury suites, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Bladerunner scene. Check here for more photos of abandoned Detroit.

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