Cologne, Germany After The War


262 air raids and over 34,000 long tons of bombs later, Cologne, Germany emerged from World War Two in tatters. The bombings reduced Cologne’s population by 95 percent, and it was rightly deemed by urban planner Rudolf Schwarz as the world’s greatest heap of rubble. Schwarz was behind the city’s reconstruction, and by 1959 Cologne’s population matched its pre-war numbers. Today, the city is quite prosperous, which just goes to show the transformative power of good design and urban planning.

The Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit’s Tarnished Gem

Luxury Box Silverdome

It used to house rock royalty. Today, one of Detroit’s crown jewels, the Pontiac Silverdome, has fallen into disrepair and represents the ache that accompanies a city in decline. Featured above is one of the Silverdome’s luxury suites, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Bladerunner scene. Check here for more photos of abandoned Detroit.

These Ancient Trees Will Transport You To Another World

Baobab Trees

“Avenue of the Baobabs”

Not too long ago, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson created a challenge for the world: Branson would offer millions to the individual who could create a device capable of capturing carbon dioxide emissions in the most efficient way possible. Too bad for Branson that those devices already exist in nature, and they’re known as trees.

Desert Rose Tree

“Desert Rose”

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Revolution Hits Romania In 1989

Romanian Revolution 1989

Nicolae Ceausescu was either asleep during history class or had an ego so large he thought he could escape it: no dictator whose actions completely suppress and starve his or her own people is going to last for too long. Such was the case in Romania, where after years of authoritarian Communist rule and stringent austerity measures, the people revolted. Not even the Communist leader’s cult of personality or promises of worker raises could save him: Ceausescu was put on trial and subsequently executed, and 42 years of Communist rule in Romania died with him.

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