The Soviet Union Struts Its Stuff At The 1980 Summer Olympics

1980 Moscow Olympics Opening Ceremony

The first games to be staged in Eastern Europe, the 1980 Summer Olympics were not without their own controversy. Moscow beat out Los Angeles as the host city, with 65 countries subsequently boycotting the games due to the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Four years later, the Soviet Union decided to do its boycotting part and nixed its own entry at the 1984 Summer Olympics held in…L.A..

Tokyo From Above

Tokyo Aerial Photograph

One of the 47 prefectures of Japan, the most populous metropolitan area in the world almost looks serene from this vantage point.

What We Love This Week, Volume XCVII

Buffalo Snow Homes

Source: Time

Be Thankful You Don’t Live In Buffalo This Week

Buffalo Snow Cars

Source: Time

And you thought New York would be kind enough to unleash its wintry misery in December. This week in Buffalo, nature took a massive, snowy hatchet to the upstate New York town in the form of five feet of snow. While it’s a spectacle for us outsiders, the on-ground reality is a bit less so: hundreds are trapped in their homes, and at least eight people have been killed so far.

What’s the science behind it? Warmer wet air blowing in from Lake Erie results in thunderstorms that drop snow instead of rain, receiving the weird name of “thundersnow”. Check out more sights at Time.

Buffalo Snow Stadium

Source: Time

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You’ll Love This British Underwater Photography Competition

The winning photographs from this year’s British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) DIVER competition give viewers a unique perspective on some of their favorite sea creatures. From a quirky, curious grey seal to an incredible fireworks anemone (scientific name Pachycerianthus multiplicatus), this year’s photos will wow you. Here are the underwater photography competition’s top images from all four major categories.

Fireworks Sea Anemone

Source: The Guardian

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