The Fantastic Photography Of Elena Litsova

December 2, 2013

Earlier this year, we sponsored a Viewbug photography contest that received over a thousand submissions. After much deliberation, we selected Elena Litsova, a professional photographer based in London, as the contest winner for her “Little Ballerina” photograph:

Elena Litsova Photography Little Ballerina

Elena became interested in photography in 2000 after the birth of her first daughter. With a passion for perfection and an auto-didactic streak, Elena taught herself photography through online tutorials and classes at an art school. What was once a hobby soon became her profession, and by 2009 she had her own business. Below you can see some of the highlights of Elena’s foray into photography:

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The Deadly Beauty Of Colorado’s Maroon Bells

December 1, 2013

Maroon Bells

Getting its name–and deadly reputation–from metamorphic sedimentary mudstone, Colorado’s 14,000 feet tall Maroon Bell peaks are a potentially fatal stunner. While situated a mere 12 miles away from scenic Aspen, mudstone is notoriously weak and is known for fracturing easily, a major hazard for zealous mountain climbers.

30 Fantastic Photos Of Iceland’s Rugged Landscapes

November 30, 2013

While Iceland’s population of 321,000 makes it the most sparsely populated country in Europe, the island nation makes up for it in its density of absolutely stunning landscapes. Lakes and glaciers comprise around 14% of the island’s surface, and geysers–including Geysir, the geyser for which all others are named–dot the rugged terrain and add an almost mystical volatility to the otherworldly atmosphere.

Despite the pristine pictures above, Iceland is not immune from environmental degradation: years of deforestation and overgrazing courtesy of imported fauna have taken their toll, and many farms are now being abandoned. Not all is lost, though. In efforts to reunite man with his maker, Icelanders have made good use of geothermal power, which allows them to acquire heat, electricity and water at little to no cost to them…or the environment.

What We Love This Week, Volume XLI

November 29, 2013

Incredible Portrait GIFs That Blend Man And Nature

Bridging the gap between man and his environment, we give you 22-year-old Bostonian Daniel Barreto’s series, “Animated Double Exposures”. All too often, humans impose anthropocentric barriers between themselves and nature, and the consequences of these artificial fences can be quite damning. Reuniting the two, Barreto reminds us that we are but an arm of Mother Earth, not distinct from it. For more of Barreto’s series, visit My Modern Met.

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A Vending Machine In An Abandoned Fukushima Field

November 27, 2013
Vending Machine Inland Tsunami

Source: The Atlantic

Two and a half years after Japan was dragged through the fatal throes of a tsunami, earthquake and nuclear power plant meltdown, displacement and loss are still sadly common themes among Japanese survivors. Despite the evacuation of over 160,000 citizens, though, enterprise has returned in the form of a dilapidated vending machine.

The Vietnam War As Seen By Associated Press Photographers

November 27, 2013

October 2013 saw the release of a book entitled ‘Vietnam: The Real War’, which compiles 300 of the most compelling Associated Press photographs of the decades-long quagmire. Like soldiers themselves, AP photographers were entrenched in the harsh and unforgiving war. Many were injured along the way – some were even killed – but every last one of them captured unforgettable moments of a gruesome conflict that most at home would have never otherwise been able to fathom. Fifty years later, this catalog of images still cuts to the heart of war, giving viewers a deeper understanding of what our soldiers and photographers lived through, and what many of them will never be able to shake.

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Vietnam War AP Photographers Burning Monk

Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and photographer Malcolm Wilde Browne, June 11th, 1963: Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns himself to death on a Saigon street to protest persecution of Buddhists by the Catholic South Vietnamese government. This was the first of a series of self-immolations by the monks.

Vietnam War AP Photographers Village

Horst Faas, July 1963: A Vietnamese mother pulls her two children away from their burning home which was set fire to by South Vietnamese soldiers, near Tay Ninh.

Chopper Aircover

German photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas, March 1965: U.S. Army helicopters lay down cover fire over South Vietnamese troops as they attack a Viet Cong camp north of Tay Ninh, near the Cambodian border.

Chopper Down

Henri Huet, September 1966: U.S. Marines south of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) after a night of fighting North Vietnamese troops, in which the supply chopper seen in the picture was shot down.

Vietnam War AP Photographers Grieving

Photographer/Date unknown: A South Vietnamese woman sobs over the loss of her deceased husband, who was discovered in a mass grave.


Daniel Camus and Jean Péraud, March 16th, 1954: French paratroopers descend at Dien Bien Phu to provide reinforcements.

Peace Symbol

Photographer unknown, May 8th, 1971: Near Camp Eagle, headquarters of the 101st Airborne Division, an aerial view of a peace symbol probably made by U.S. troops with a bulldozer.

Vietnam War AP Photographers Rainy Day

French War photographer Henri Huet, September 25th, 1965: in the jungle area of Ben Cat, U.S. paratroopers of the 2nd Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, carry their weapons above water in the rain while they search for Viet Cong troops. Huet would later die in 1971 when the helicopter that he and three other photojournalists were in was shot down.

Vietnam Red Beach

Photo by New Zealand journalist Peter Gregg Arnett, April 10th, 1965: Soldiers arriving at Red Beach at Da Nang.

Vietnam War AP Photographers Recovery

Henri Huet, May 14th, 1966: The body of a U.S. soldier killed in battle near the Cambodian border is lifted up to an evacuation helicopter.

Wounded Warrior

Photographer/Date unknown: A wounded paratrooper at the base camp of Shau Valley awaits a medical evacuation, in agonizing pain.

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All images come from The Daily Mail.