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What We Love This Week, Volume CIX


Adrenaline crystals Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Your Liver, Blood And The Flu Look Surprisingly Pretty Under A Microscope

Liver Cell

Liver cells Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Through culture and the classroom, more often than not we’re trained to think of arts and sciences as two separate fields of interest and specialization. It’s people like Colin Salter who remind us that these barriers don’t have to exist, and that within the machine that is our body, beauty can be found. In his book, “Science is Beautiful: The Human Body Under the Microscope”, Salter explores the intricacies of the human form with the eye of an artist and the precision of a scientist. Using micrographs and MRI scans, Salter captures what he calls “images of elements within the body whose existence you may never have pondered but whose functions are vital and fascinating”. See more shots at Smithsonian Magazine.

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Lost Hollywood: Contact Sheets Reveal Candid Stars

Contact sheets have long been a tool of the professional photographer, but they have seldom been seen by the public. Hollywood contact sheets are highly sought by collectors – and with a new book by Karina Longworth, interest in these rare photo sheets from famous films are receiving a whole new level of interest.

Hollywood Frame by Frame: The Unseen Silver Screen in Contact Sheets, 1951-1997 is a collected history of pre-digital age photography. These direct prints show each shot taken during a specific photo session to find that ‘right’ shot for the promotion of a film or celebrity.

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Capturing America’s Disappearing Rivers

Some people are just born for their jobs. Ansley West Rivers makes use of her aptly-given surname by creating portraits of various rivers across the nation. However, it’s not just strictly portfolio work; with her photos, Rivers hopes to bring awareness to America’s disappearing bodies of water, so she captures lakes and rivers through various stages of evaporation. Employing a splicing technique, she is able to show these bodies of water in their past, present and future stages. Rivers lives us with this thought: what we see now is not what we will always have.

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Famous Historical Moments That Were Photoshopped

Famous Photoshopped Photos Churchill

Source: Kings Of War

When anyone is in a position of power, public perception becomes either your foundation, or a tidal wave that will swallow you and your legacy whole. Which means, of course, that PR becomes an incredibly important tool to have in your arsenal. This is why all public figures have countless advisors and managers whose only job is to look after the images of their superior. They do not only reflect the powerful’s persona to the masses, after all; they create it.

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