Braden Summers’ Stunning “All Love Is Equal” Photo Series

Braden Summers London Stroll

Braden Summers Wedding

Any time you open a magazine, you’re inundated with photos of models gazing into each other’s eyes, ostensibly depicting an extra glossy, extra edited version of the romantic “ideal”. The problem? It’s almost always one composed in the eyes of a heterosexual. Addressing that, one photographer has created a breathtaking photo series that depicts love from an underrepresented vantage point. Braden Summers, a photographer based in New York, made it his mission to travel the world and show that all love, regardless of its face or gender, is beautiful and a worthy photographical subject.

Braden Summers Intimacy

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What We Love This Week, Volume LIV

Breathtaking Landscapes As Seen By A Retired Travel Photographer

Swapping the stethoscope and examination room for a camera and the rugged outdoors, Weerapong Chaipuck has embraced photography as a means to occupy his newly acquired free time. Since retiring from the medicine field, the Thai physician has traveled the world over, offering those of us crammed into grey cubicles a pleasant reminder that life has more to offer us than death and taxes.

Chaipuck wants you to experience that truth, too. Says Chaipuck, “As a new task of travel photographer, I experienced a lot of memorable moments from kind-hearted people during my trip. So, pay it forward, if you want to make a trip as a travel photographer too, welcome to my country. Contact me and be my guest!”. Alternatively, if you’d rather just ogle over Chaipuck’s artistic eye from the comforts of your own home, you can do so at My Modern Met.

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Our 40 Favorite Entries In The Saatchi Art Motion Photography Contest

Motion Photography Arrow

Pending your artistic persuasion, the smart phone is the best–or worst–thing that has happened to photography since, well, maybe the daguerrotype. Whatever your thoughts on its implications for the art form’s future, one thing is irrefutable: the smart phone has democratized photography, allowing all sorts of people from varied backgrounds to capture bits and pieces of their lives and share it with the world.

In light of this new wave of snapping, storing and sharing, Saatchi Art, the Saatchi Gallery and Google+ have teamed up to create their first annual Motion Photography Contest. Budding and professional photographers alike can submit their entries to Saatchi Gallery’s Google+ page in GIF format, where they will be judged by artists like Tracey Emin, Shezad Dawood, Cindy Sherman and even Baz Luhrmann. Contest winners will be whisked away to London to view their work in a private gallery, and their pieces will be featured on Saatchi’s website, the world’s leading online art gallery.

Cloud Hill Movement

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Mauritius’ Astounding Diversity

Mauritius Island

Once home to Portuguese, Dutch, French, British and Asian people alike, Mauritius’ rich history is matched only by its staggering biodiversity. The Indian Ocean island is home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna. As it becomes a more popular tourist destination, that biodiversity–much like the livelihood of the now extinct dodo bird, another Mauritius denizen–is threatened.