Jay Z Visits London, 1988

The downy cheeked rapper visits foggy London town at the ripe age of 19. Eight years later, Jay would release his first album, “Reasonable Doubt”. The album is regarded by critics as…

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Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Lucy McRae Evolution Image

Source: Lucy McRae

Few artistic subjects are more fascinating than the human body, and few artists are more talented than Lucy McRae, who works in the space where fashion, technology and the human form overlap. Ditching the restrictive titles that she could easily claim—artist, architect, thinker—Lucy McRae prefers to call herself a Body Architect. Much of McRae’s work takes the natural human silhouette, distorts it, and then recreates that image for an entirely different effect.

Gold Sequins Covering Human Body

Source: Grey Aviary

Man Covered in Grass

Source: Lucy McRae

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12 Stunning Oscars Behind the Scenes Images

Viewing Oscars Behind the Scenes

Source: LA Times

Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the 86th annual Academy Awards were filled with well-dressed celebrities, acceptance speeches, pizza and awesome selfies. Here are 12 incredible behind the scenes images from the top Academy Award-winning films.

In the photo above, Matthew McConaughey, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor, shoots a scene on the set of Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey stole headlines when he dropped 47 pounds for the role. Dallas Buyers Club also snagged Oscars for Best Makeup and Best Supporting Actor (Jared Leto, seen below).

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What We Love This Week, Volume LV

Carnival Brazil

Source: The Atlantic

Carnival Around The World

Carnival Mud

Source: The Atlantic

We may still be in the throes of a global economic slowdown, but the decadence-drenched carnivals seen around the world this week beg a different story. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, nearly one million tourists–along with its six million residents–took to the streets in a glorious testament to hedonism…err, the Lord. The Atlantic has a fantastic spread to catch you up to speed.

Carnival Reveler

Source: The Atlantic

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Braden Summers’ Stunning “All Love Is Equal” Photo Series

Braden Summers London Stroll

Braden Summers Wedding

Any time you open a magazine, you’re inundated with photos of models gazing into each other’s eyes, ostensibly depicting an extra glossy, extra edited version of the romantic “ideal”. The problem? It’s almost always one composed in the eyes of a heterosexual. Addressing that, one photographer has created a breathtaking photo series that depicts love from an underrepresented vantage point. Braden Summers, a photographer based in New York, made it his mission to travel the world and show that all love, regardless of its face or gender, is beautiful and a worthy photographical subject.

Braden Summers Intimacy

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