This Photo Helped Convince A President To Cease Fire

Highway Of Death Kuwait 1991

The photo above was shown to President George H.W. Bush during the Persian Gulf War. Composed of six lanes, the “Highway of Death” is a highway straddled between Kuwait and Iraq, and was the site of a number of American and Canadian-led aircraft attacks during the Gulf War.

Hundreds of vehicles were destroyed during the attacks, and many died. In spite of such a violent use of force (journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that US forces fired on disarmed, previously surrendered Iraqis), the February strikes were not that effective: upwards of 70 to 80,000 troops are estimated to have fled Kuwait and evaded capture.

According to Hersh, “The devastation, which was televised around the world, became a symbol of the extent of the Iraqi defeat–and of American military superiority– and it was publicly cited as a factor in President George Bush’s decision, on February 28th, to declare a cessation of hostilities, ending the killing, and to call for peace talks.”

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“I Fought The Law”: Photographer Translates Bizarre Laws To Film

While the law is often equated with all things rational, every state has a couple laws on the books that belie just about any sort of logic. Photographer Olivia Locher has taken advantage of these odd pieces of legislation, imagining through film what criminals and illegal acts would look like if these laws were actually enforced. More of Locher’s work can be found on her website.

I Fought The Law Undressing

Source: Wired

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Miss Perfect Posture, 1956

Miss Perfect Posture 1956

Good posture has long been associated with confidence, power and physical beauty. In the mid 20th century, most interest in posture remained on the latter. The entrants in “Miss Perfect Posture” were to stand on a pair of scales, with one foot on each, which would register her weight. If both scales showed the same weight, that meant that the woman had correct standing posture. This, along with the entrants’ beauty and X-rays (we’re wondering how radiation exposure might affect posture), was considered in choosing the Miss Perfect Posture winners.

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