An Abandoned Cathedral In Ani, Turkey

August 2, 2014

Abandoned Cathedral Ani Turkey

What might seem to you as just another abandoned area was once the pinnacle of civilization. A rival of Constantinople, Baghdad and Damascus at its height, natural disaster struck in the form of a 1319 earthquake and the now-Turkish city of Ani has since been abandoned. While it stood, though, the Armenian capital city stretched throughout present day Armenia and eastern Turkey.

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12 Photos Of July: Everything You Missed (And Then Some)

August 2, 2014
National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

National Geographic Magazine chose its winners from the Travel Photo Contest 2014. Source: National Geographic

Can you believe it’s already August? We can’t either. So before you start worrying about where the summer has gone, check out these 13 photos that represent all of July’s major stories from around the web. While July was full of many joyous occasions, there was also a fair amount of negative news, as conflicts and fighting in various parts of the world escalates. We cover the top stories in these twelve photos of July.

Jellyfish Tank Installed in Liverpool

Artists installed a jellyfish tank into an unsuspecting neighborhood in Liverpool. Source: This is Colossal

July in Photos Germany Wins World Cup

Germany won the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Source: Soccer Lenz

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Mitch Dobrowner’s Photography Makes Destructive Storms Absolutely Beautiful

August 1, 2014

For millennia, people have been both fascinated and terrified by storms. Massive, awe-inspiring storm systems have the unique ability to rise out of the most pristine day, promptly destroy what’s around them, and then disappear into the day or night as quickly as they arrived. Giving them greater power, they are one of the few elements of our lives over which we can never gain any control. This is all the more problematic as it’s becoming and more common for them to come with a multi-million dollar cleanup tab.

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Flower Artist Makoto Azuma Sends Trees And Flowers Into Space

August 1, 2014
Flower Artist Makato Azuma

Source: BuzzFeed

Have you ever wondered what a white pine bonsai tree would look like if it fell from the sky? Thanks to Tokyo-based Makoto Azuma, you don’t have to anymore. As part of his most recent project, titled Exobiotanica, Azuma dropped both a bonsai tree and a beautiful flower arrangement from the sky, photographing the fall using still cameras and video recorders. The resulting images are out of this world—literally.

Astounding Bonsai in Space

Source: Alternopolis

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What We Love This Week, Volume LXXVI

August 1, 2014
Gaza Israel Rocket Strike Fist

Source: Bored Panda

Palestinians Take Smoke From Israeli Strikes And Transform It Into Powerful Art

Gaza Israel Rocket Strike Profile

Source: Bored Panda

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An Undercover Police Officer In Brooklyn, 1969

July 30, 2014

Undercover Police Brooklyn

Though present-day Brooklyn often serves as the backdrop for a number of HBO melodramas involving privileged twenty somethings navigating their rivers of trivial sorrows, it was once a place to be avoided at all costs. As explained by the back of this photograph:

“The police department in their program to crack down on muggers and sex offenders had one of their volunteers, Patrolman Wm. R. Winter of the TPF, assigned to the 78th pct, Bklyn, disguise as a tall voluptuous broad. Around 12 or 1am July 1st, while patrolman Winters was in his disguise, two men pinched the undercover man where a woman shouldn’t be pinched and the undercover man xxxxxxxxx pinched them in return. (The 2nd pinch was in the form of an arrest}. Winter is married and is the father of one child.”

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