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Pablo Picasso “Draws” With Light

Pablo Picasso is perhaps best known for the thousands of mind-bending scenes he created with paint, but his comparatively less-known light “drawings” are as worthy of consideration. In 1949, Albanian-American photographer Gjon…

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Real Life “Fear And Loathing” In 1971

Hunter S Thompson Raoul Duke

Novelist Hunter S. Thompson and his attorney Oscar “Zeta” Acosta appear together in 1971, the year Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas would be released. Acosta and Thompson were close friends, with Thompson immortalizing Acosta’s when he created the character Dr. Gonzo, the Samoan attorney in “Fear and Loathing.”

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What We Love This Week, Volume CXXXIV

Nagasaki Bombing Vs Today

Nagasaki’s Urakami Cathedral amid the rubble just after the bombing (above). Its replacement (seen below today) was built in 1959. Source: The Guardian

On The 70th Anniversary Of The Bombings, See Hiroshima And Nagasaki Then Vs. Now

Hiroshima WW2 Vs Today

On Hiroshima’s Yorozuyo Bridge, over half a mile from the point of explosion, a person’s silhouette was etched into the asphalt by the force of the blast. The bomb scorched the asphalt everywhere except the area that was shielded by the body. Source: The Guardian

At the time, none of them knew anything. The radio, telephone, and telegraph in Hiroshima had gone dark. That was all the information the members of the Army General Staff in Tokyo had. And it was met only with confusion. Then, as strange, scattered reports surfaced, concern crept in. So, a small crew was dispatched to Hiroshima to survey the area and report back. After three hours of flying, and still about 100 miles from the city, they noticed the cloud of smoke.

The destruction heralded by that cloud of smoke can hardly be grasped with statistics or torrents of dire adjectives (the same, of course, goes for the bombing of Nagasaki three days later). Photographs probably can’t even truly do it. But these photographic comparisons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki then and now might be a start. See more at The Guardian.

Hiroshima 1945 Vs Today

Similarly, the Yorozuyo Bridge’s railings protected small sections of the asphalt from being scorched by the light of the bomb. Source: The Guardian

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Relive The Decadence Of Studio 54 With These Vintage Photos

70's studio 54 front

Outside of the infamous Studio 54 Nightclub. Source: Associated Press

Prolonged war and a stagnant economy gave way to a massive national hangover in the 1970s. But at Studio 54, the party was just getting started.

Described by some as Sodom and Gomorrah with a disco beat, New York City’s delightfully depraved nightclub opened its doors in 1977. It took owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager just six weeks to transform the former CBS Studio 52 into the destination for celebrities and others in high society looking to cut loose.

From the moment it opened to the public, Studio 54 drew stars from around the world and offered a space where the public could party along with them. Drugs abounded and booze flowed freely for Studio 54 patrons, be they underage actors or seasoned athletes.

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Cal Redback Will Blow Your Mind With These Eerie, Altered Photos


Source: Cal Redback

There’s something disturbing about Cal Redback’s latest digital renderings. In an image from his Treebeard series, a brownish-green bush grows from the shadows on a man’s face, obscuring any defining characteristics. In another image, Herbraiser, thorns pucker from a woman’s skin like acupuncture gone so totally wrong. And yet these digitally-altered bodies are undeniably beautiful in some raw, peculiar way.

Herbraiser Photo

Source: Cal Redback

Cal Redback Digital Artists Treebeard

Source: Cal Redback

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