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Fabulous Photos Of A Young Betty White

In 2013, 93-year-old Betty White became the female entertainer with the world’s longest television career. White sings, writes, acts and produces, having appeared most famously in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. Over the past several years White has become a favorite among up-and-coming comedic acts, but White is so much more than funny: she helped pave the way for today’s female producers, and was one of the first women in American television who had creative control before the camera and behind it. The folks at Vintage Everyday have looked back to White’s early days, and it would be an understatement to say that we’re obsessed.

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What Modern-Day Genocide Looks Like

Footprints Rwandan Genocide

The Holocaust tends to come to mind first–and sometimes exclusively–when one thinks of genocide. But in terms of time, lives lost and capacity to rebuild, the earliest modern and most devastating genocides have occurred in Africa–namely Congo, modern-day Namibia, and Rwanda.

Following decades of Belgian colonial rule that used the law to exacerbate, ossify and entrench tensions between Rwandan tribes, an independent Rwanda erupted in a genocide that would claim the lives of 500,000 to 1,000,000 people in a matter of one hundred days.

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“Monsters In Paris” Highlights Human Fascination With The Macabre

Halloween may well have passed us by, but monsters have never been deterred by the dictates of mere Gregorian calendars. After all, the human fascination with the morbid can be seen across borders and time. To highlight this, the French website Golem13 took Parisian cityscapes and inserted into them many famous horror movie characters we all know and love. Like visions of some Hollywood-inspired nightmare, our most chilling horror icons have invaded France.

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Monsters In Paris It

Be wary when walking next to the sewers of Paris; you might find yourself being taunted by this red haired menace. If you get pulled down under, don’t fret, Pennywise is sure to remind you that “they all float down here.” Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Alien

Not even Earth is safe from the alien Ripley had to face back in 1979. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any chest-bursting symptoms or unusual parasites clinging to your face. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Shining

Wandering the streets of Paris with all these monsters about, he’s going to need a faster tricycle. It’s a good thing that Danny always knows what’s coming! Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Jason

Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Ring

If Samara from The Ring can travel through a TV screen, then a glass store display window will be no obstacle for her. Who thought it was a good idea to bring that video tape into circulation, anyway? Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Myers

Even if Halloween is over, Michael Myers is always out there creeping about during the night and slaughtering anyone who gets in the way of finding his family. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Chucky

Dolls in general are just plain creepy, but if you see this doll lurking around a playground at night, it would be a good idea to high-tail it out of there; especially if it holds the soul of a serial killer. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Loch Ness

Everybody always tries to disprove the Loch Ness Monster’s existence, but look, he’s right here in Paris. Everyone can put their theories to rest; Nessie is alive and well, and dining on fancy French cuisine. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Evil Dead

A trap door in the sidewalk is weird. What’s even weirder? Seeing a possessed woman frantically trying to escape from it. Hopefully a copy of the Necronomicon can be found in France; otherwise she is probably going to swallow your soul. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris BWP

A bravery award goes to anyone who figures out the secret of the Paris Blair Witch. There is sure to be hysteric crying and nose-dripping as you try to document the fantastical horrors you have witnessed. Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Spider

Giant spiders have terrorized us in films and nightmares for longer than anyone can remember. You are going to need an awfully big newspaper to take care of this guy. Maybe coming to Paris wasn’t the best idea… Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Exorcist

Hope you have a priest on speed-dial! Regan has levitated very far from home - and brought her peculiar “disease” with her. Modern medicine doesn’t possess any cure for this particular illness. Source: Golem 13Source: Golem 13

Monsters In Paris Aliens

We thought one alien was enough to keep our hands full, but now there are multiple aliens? A horror sequel’s motto is always ‘Go big or go home!’ Looks like it’s time to go home. Source: Golem 13

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