Winner Of The UK Mountain Photo Of The Year Announced

The rules for Trail’s UK Mountain Photo of the Year contest were simple: photographers were asked to capture what they loved most about the United Kingdom’s mountains. After browsing through the list of finalists, it is clear that there are many reasons to love mountains, whether for their startling beauty or snow-covered peaks. Featuring mountains from all over the United Kingdom, here are the top ten finalists from the simple (yet spectacular) photo contest:

Rock Climbing Sunset

Source: BBC

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This Photo Helped Convince A President To Cease Fire

Highway Of Death Kuwait 1991

The photo you’re witnessing above may have had a great influence on President George H.W. Bush’s decision to declare a cessation of hostilities during the Persian Gulf War. Composed of six lanes, the “Highway of Death” is a highway straddled between Kuwait and Iraq, and was the site of a number of American and Canadian-led aircraft attacks during the Gulf War. What resulted was the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and the deaths of their occupants. In spite of such a violent use of force (journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that US forces fired on disarmed, previously surrendered Iraqis), the February strikes were not that effective: upwards of 70 to 80,000 troops are estimated to have fled Kuwait and evaded capture.

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