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Vintage 1970s New York City photos, China’s massive mosquito breeding project, inside the Steinway piano factory, Ramadan 2016 in photos, and the best ATI photography.

1970s New York

Vintage Everyday

English Photographer Captures Life In New York City In The 1970s

1970s New York 2

Vintage Everyday

Forty years ago, you wouldn’t find a sliver of the New York City that over 8 million people live in today. In the 1970s, today’s gentrified metropolis was nowhere to be found. Instead, there were seedy, drug-infested neighborhoods and a climbing crime rate.

One Brooklyn-based English photographer, Eugene Gannon, captured the city during this time through these color photographs. They reveal that despite the city’s decline, life went on for its inhabitants.

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1970s New York 3

Vintage Everyday

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