Four of the World’s Most Important Rivers

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Source: NASA

The Nile

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Source: Wikipedia

Snaking through an incredible eleven countries with an estimated length of 4,130 miles, the Nile is one of the world’s largest and most important rivers in human history. Countless civilizations, the Ancient Egyptians among them, have taken advantage of the Nile’s position in some of the world’s most inhospitable climates to survive–and eventually flourish.

While crucial in ancient times in terms of subsistence, the Nile was prone to catastrophic flooding due to melting Ethiopian snows near the river’s source. It wouldn’t be until the Aswan Dam’s completion in 1970 that the Nile finally stopped flooding.

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Source: Wikipedia

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Papua New Guinea’s Magnificent Menya River

Menya River

While one of the world’s least-explored countries, Papua New Guinea contains a wealth of culture, ecological abundance and stunning visual stimuli. Within the country’s borders it is estimated that an astonishing 841 different languages exist and that even more plant and animal species await discovery. Unfortunately, though, while its mining resources have been found and exploited to the point that Papua New Guinea was the world’s sixth fastest growing economy in 2011, most people still live within extreme poverty–or less than $1.25 a day.

A Surreal Sunrise In The Amazon

Sunrise Over Amazon Rainforest

While most visit the Amazon rainforest to encounter the 2,000 birds and mammals residing within its 1.4 billion acre borders, the sights from above are just as stellar.

The Bends Of The Blue Dragon River

Blue Dragon River Photograph

Located in Portugal and known as the Odeleite River to locals, the river’s forbidding twists make it easy to understand why it’s often given another name: the Blue Dragon River.

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