Scientists Will Attempt To Bring An Extinct Cave Lion Species Back To Life

Cave Lion Cub

Scientists hope to clone an extinct species of cave lions from the DNA of a 12,000-year-old cub. Image Source: Siberian Times

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction or not, the genre has a way of predicting the future. The Jetsons may have gotten flying cars wrong, but they did predict video phones. Back to the Future guessed at hoverboards that we definitely don’t have, but the film did predict today’s ubiquitous flatscreen TVs. As for the Jurassic Park series, we haven’t brought previously extinct animals back to life yet, but that may be changing.

Last week, scientists from South Korea and Russia announced that they intend to clone an extinct cave lion using the DNA from two frozen 12,000-year-old cubs found in Russia last year. They will conduct their work at the Joint Foundation of Molecular Paleontology at North-Eastern Federal University, and so far the only thing getting in their way is finding usable DNA.

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Photo Of The Day: The Russian Doctor Who Performed Emergency Surgery On Himself

Leonid Rogozov

Russian doctor Leonid Rogozov performs surgery on his own appendix. Image Source: History Daily

Humans seem to have an innate ability to stay alive against incredible odds. History is filled with unbelievably true survival stories involving shipwrecks, cannibals, bear attacks and more (see below) — yet few survival stories match that of Leonid Rogozov, the Russian doctor who performed surgery on himself.

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Russian Scientists Plan To Use Missiles To Shoot Down Approaching Asteroids

Russia Missiles Asteroids Hitting Earth

Russian missiles, similar to the Topol-M missile pictured above, may soon be used to fight against meteorites and asteroids. Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left), Wikimedia Commons (right)

Russian news agency TASS recently announced that the country’s scientists are developing long-range missiles that will be used to destroy asteroids and meteorites that threaten Earth.

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