Russian Scientists Plan To Use Missiles To Shoot Down Approaching Asteroids

Russia Missiles Asteroids Hitting Earth

Russian missiles, similar to the Topol-M missile pictured above, may soon be used to fight against meteorites and asteroids. Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left), Wikimedia Commons (right)

Russian news agency TASS recently announced that the country’s scientists are developing long-range missiles that will be used to destroy asteroids and meteorites that threaten Earth.

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Photo Of The Day: Thanksgiving On The International Space Station

Thanksgiving On Iss

Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov (left) and Mikhail Tyurin eating their Thanksgiving meal on board the International Space Station in 2005.
Image Source: Daily Mail

How does irradiated turkey, freeze-dried green beans, re-hydrated potatoes, thermostabilized yams, cobbler and liquid salt and pepper sound for a Thanksgiving feast? If you’re not into it, then perhaps you shouldn’t spend the November holiday on the International Space Station (ISS).

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What You Missed This Week: The New York Nazi Town Still Fighting To Stay Pure

This week’s top stories: Russia’s horrifying and accurately named “zombie drug,” the New York Nazi town still fighting to stay pure, handy 100-year-old life hacks, the adventurers who walk on cliff edges and inside volcanoes, and aerial photography that turns cities into acid trips.

Yaphank Ny Hitler Street Sign

Image Source: The New York Times

The New York Nazi Town Still Fighting To Stay Pure

Yaphank Ny Nazi March

Image Source: The New York Times

Just 50 miles west of New York City’s borough of Queens–often cited as the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world–lies the small, exclusively white, hamlet of Yaphank. And it’s no coincidence that Yaphank ended up that way. In the 1930s, the town was founded by the German American Settlement League, an offshoot of the Bund, the nationwide American network of Nazi sympathizers. Parades featuring swastika-adorned flags marched through the town and hundreds flocked to its Nazi summer camp.

Today, the German American Settlement League, which still essentially controls the town, is fighting to retain its law that any homeowner must be of primarily German extraction (unofficially: they must be white). One couple, former residents, are now taking the league to court, and shedding well-deserved light on Yaphank’s troubling past and present. Go in-depth at The New York Times.

Yaphank Ny Welcome Sign

Image Source: The New York Times

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