The World’s Most Incredible Toothpick Art

March 6, 2014

True artists have a way of seeing the world and its many facets in a light that escapes most others’ eyes. For San Francisco-born artists Steven J. Backman and Scott Weaver, this alternate view led them to utilize the toothpick not for oral hygiene but art. From micro sculptures made from a single toothpick to sprawling scenes composed of over 100,000 of them, their toothpick art is distinct, impressive and sure to please.

Rolling through the Bay Toothpick Sculpture

Source: Art-Spire

Scott Weaver: The Artist Behind “Rolling Through the Bay”

In the United States, wooden toothpicks are fashioned from pliable, porous birch wood, though in other locations they are derived from various wood or artificial materials like plastic. When creating his San Francisco sculpture “Rolling Through the Bay,” toothpick artist Scott Weaver took a more international approach, using toothpicks brought to him by friends and family members from all over the world. The giant abstract sculpture took more than 3,000 hours over 34 years (and 100,000 toothpicks!) to create.

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A Gorgeous Time Lapse Of San Francisco Bay

May 30, 2013

You’ve seen the Golden Gate and LIFE Magazine photos of Haight-Ashbury; now check out the Sucka Free City from above. You won’t be disappointed.

The Harrowing Aftermath Of A 1906 Earthquake In San Francisco

May 4, 2013

San Francisco Earthquake 1906

This unforgettable April earthquake is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in US history, as it left 80% of the “golden” city in complete ruin and claimed the lives of over 3,000 individuals. Worse, over half of its population was left homeless following the horrific quake.

An Oaklander’s View Of San Francisco

March 29, 2013

San Francisco From Oakland

Now, this is a plight only Sisyphus could understand: as the second longest bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is continuously painted and repainted all the time, as by the time painters finally reach the end, it is time for the other end to painted once more.

A Day In San Francisco

January 27, 2013

Founded by Spaniards just days before American colonists declared their independence from Great Britain, San Francisco’s timeless appeal has been in the works for over 200 years.

A Beautiful Time Lapse Of San Francisco

November 11, 2012

Since its 1776 founding, San Francisco has always drawn and kept the hearts of people around the world. And after watching this time lapse, it’s easy to see why. To view more of this artist’s work, click here.