Boffins Gone Bonkers: The Best Science Pranks

You don’t want to get into a prank war with a scientist. While today’s scientists adhere to the rigors of the scientific method, they come from a long lineage of thinkers who were not above using their intelligence to have some fun at the expense of another. Here are some of the best science pranks of them all.

Prank Perrin’s Gyroscope

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Project Isabela: When Slaughtering 250,000 Goats Meant Saving A Species

Project Isabela Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands Source: Flickr

Charles Darwin called the Galapagos Islands “a little world within itself.” It’s hard to imagine what his life and work would have looked like without this Pacific Island archipelago, and it’s just as challenging to think of the island chain without the giant tortoises which give the islands their name. For a time, though, those tortoises were at risk of disappearing. To save them, Galapagos enthusiasts began to think about conservation in new, lethal and not-so natural terms.

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#TheDress Making You Question How Well You See Color? Take The Test!

Have you ever really thought about how weird it is that we all see and experience color differently? It’s true for everyone, not even those who are color-blind. To a certain extent, the subtleties of seeing our surroundings in living color vary among all of us. That’s one of the major reasons that, when this image of a dress went viral on the internet this week, no one could agree on whether it was black/blue or white/gold. The reason? We all experience color differently. In fact, our experience of seeing color alters depending on the time of day — one reason that #TheDress so quickly became a viral sensation.

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Winter Is Awful: 21 Photos Of The Northeast Still Reeling From Massive Snowfalls

It’s been a banner year for snowfall in 2015, with February being recorded as Boston’s snowiest month ever. It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, with another two storms making their way North this weekend. People from Baltimore to Maine are really feeling the freeze, and we’ve got the photos to prove it:

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10th avenue northeast snow

10th Avenue, NYC abandoned during snowfall. Source: Huffington Post

Ambulance northeast snow

Boston ambulance trapped in heavy snow. Source: BuzzFeed

Boston skyline heavy snow

Boston skyline during early 2015 snowfalls. Source: WCVB Boston

Canadian northeast snow


Cross country skis northeast snow

Cross country skis make getting around a bit easier in the northeast. Source: IB Times

Flooding during northeast snow

Flooding in Massachusetts. Source:

northeast snow nyc

Grand Central Station empty during January's blizzard. Source: Huffington Post

MIT northeast snow

Students at MIT are dwarfed by the massive snow piles. Source: BuzzFeed

House damage 2015 northeast snow

House damaged by record snowfalls and high winds. Source:

Northeast snow open window

Always close your window: we can't imagine how much damage this snow accumulation has done to the car. Source: BuzzFeed

Northeast snow firefighters

Low temperatures continue in Philadelphia as firefighters work through the ice. Source: NBC

Snowblowing during massive northeast snowfalls


Massachusetts Snow Farm

A so-called "snow farm" in Massachusetts. Source: Business Insider

Snowmobile in northeast snow

Creative ways to get around in New England's snowy weather. Source: New York Times

Northeast Snow Tunneling Out

Source: BuzzFeed

Man tunnels out of his window due to massive snowfall

Man has to tunnel out of his window during the early 2015 blizzards. Source: BuzzFeed

empty Times Square

Women walks through a barren Times Square (NYC). Source:

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