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A Day In Space: Explore Life On The ISS With Samantha Cristoforetti

Day In Space Sleep

Source: NASA

A self-professed night owl, Samantha Cristoforetti starts her day by groggily reaching for her laptop. Like many of us, she keeps it close at hand–about four inches away from her face, to be exact–and is at work before she even gets out of bed.

Unlike approximately all of us, Cristoforetti’s “bed” is a green sleeping bag on the International Space Station, and that laptop links Cristoforetti to Earth as she orbits 250 miles above the planet’s surface.

In case you didn’t already guess, Cristoforetti is an Italian astronaut with the European Space Agency.

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The Most Beautiful Chemical Reactions You’ll Ever See

When we think of chemistry, aesthetics are not usually the first – or second, or third, or fourth – thing to come to mind. But that’s not to say that they don’t exist within the field. Says Yan Liang, creator of this video:

“To me, science is beautiful and full of wonders. However, the beauty of science is often hidden inside research laboratories and buried in scientific literature. By creating engaging visuals and make them available to the general public, I believe more people would appreciate the beauty and wonder of science, and hopefully get interested in science.”

We think that Liang’s video – which features a handful of mesmerizing chemical reactions – does just that. Enjoy.

Clyde Tombaugh: To Pluto And Beyond

Clyde Tombaugh Pluto Surface

Recent New Horizons photo of Pluto’s icy mountains. Source: NASA

Beyond the rocky planets neighboring Earth and both the outlying gas and ice giants, sits the dark and icy dwarf planet, Pluto.

Until July 14th of this year, when the New Horizons spacecraft made the closest-ever flyby, Pluto had never truly been explored. It was out of reach, nestled deep in the third zone of our solar system, the Kuiper Belt, a circling mass of frozen, asteroid-like objects whose inner edge is about 2.8 billion miles from the sun.

Until now, our perception of the dwarf planet has been shrouded mostly in mystery.

Clyde Tombaugh New Horizons Launch

The New Hoirzons spacecraft launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on January 19, 2006. Source: Forbes

Yet there is one man aboard New Horizons without whom we wouldn’t be here at all.

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