Can Marijuana Cure Epilepsy?

With Oregon, Washington, and D.C. legalizing marijuana in this week’s midterm elections, weed and its place in society has been on a lot of people’s minds. It’s not just for looking cool in your freshman dorm, or showing your parents that they should’ve come to more little league games anymore–it’s also a viable medical treatment for disorders like epilepsy.

Current treatments for severe epilepsy are brain surgery, invasively implanted electric stimulation devices, and medications whose side effects can include huge drops in the number of white blood cells and platelets in the body, problems with the liver and pancreas, aplastic anemia, and even liver failure. In other words, what little relief these treatments might provide to epileptics is obscured by their side effects.

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Everything You Need To Know About Ebola In Under Two Minutes

The most alarming facet of Ebola in the United States isn’t the physical “threat” itself, but rather the media’s coverage of it. In 94 seconds, you can learn everything you need to know about the virus and rid yourself of pundit squawking forever.

For comparison’s sake, check out our article on how Ebola stacks up against other diseases.

New Study On Parental Happiness Shows The Third Time Isn’t The Charm

parental happiness

Sorry, Danny, but your parents were happier when your sisters were born. Source: Manny Photography

The law of diminishing marginal utility might be an economics term, but according to a recent study it might apply to families, too. An 18-year-long study on parental happiness (the longest running study ever performed on the subject) revealed that the birth of a third child child produces a “negligible” increase in the happiness of parents. Compare that to a two-year-long surge in parental happiness surrounding the birth of a first child, and about half that at the birth of a second child, and we may have a new kind of “Middle Child Syndrome” vying for our attention.

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Your Brain On MDMA

Two million MDMA pills are smuggled into the US every day. Somehow we doubt that every person who uses the drug knows what sort of chemical reactions lead one to believe that spending hours dancing to terrible electronic music is an unambiguously good decision. This video explains what happens to your brain after consuming MDMA: no more mysteries.

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