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Video Of The Day: What Would Happen To Your Body If You Stopped Eating?

Food is, of course, vital for anyone to thrive and live a healthy, balanced life. But, what would happen to you if you completely stopped eating? AsapSCIENCE provides us with some interesting, sometimes unexpected insight on the biochemical processes that would occur in our bodies.

Researchers Are One Step Closer To “Curing” Color Blindness

Over ten million Americans live with colorblindness, but if Drs. Maureen and Jay Neitz have their way, that number will fall dramatically — and soon.

In 1999, the University of Washington researchers decided to look for a solution to the problem of color blindness, and spent over a decade researching the genetic condition before they proved in 2009 that they could use gene therapy to correct color blindness in male squirrel monkeys, which are born unable to distinguish between red and green, according to The Seattle Times.

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Scientists Recently Named A Sea Slug Species After Khaleesi. Here’s Why.

Two Headed Sea Slug

Image Source: YouTube

No, you’re not seeing double. This neon green-and-orange sea slug really does have two heads.

Divers working on a documentary about Borneo caught this two-faced nudibranch in action, according to recent reports. While no one understands the exact cause of its deformity, the truth is that even with two heads, this slug is far from the strangest nudibranch in the sea.

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