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Photo Of The Day: The Last Man On The Moon

Last Manned Lunar Mission

Eugene Cernan riding the Lunar Rover during on the last manned mission to the Moon. Image Source: Wikipedia

Just after midnight on Dec. 7, 1972, Apollo 17 launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. On board were the last humans to land on the Moon.

NASA’s first night launch carried a three-man team of astronauts: Eugene Cernan, Harrison “Jack” Schmitt and Ronald Evans. Cernan and Schmitt explored the lunar surface for three days while Evans kept the command module “America” in lunar orbit. The crew was tasked with the mission of geologically surveying and sampling a previously unexamined area of the Moon – the Taurus-Littrow valley – for evidence of early lunar volcanic activity.

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Your World This Week, Dec. 6 – 12

This week in technology: Google’s new blood-sucking invention, a truly washable smartphone, biometric tattoos and tech’s importance in fighting ISIS.

Google Files Patent For Wearable Blood-Sucking Device

Google Blood Drawing Sketch

Image Source: Gizmodo

Naturally, the Internet is now abuzz with the news of Google’s vampiric new project. Of course, the sober truth is that Google’s blood-drawing invention–which draws a tiny amount of blood without the use of a needle–could revolutionize the lives of diabetics and anyone else who regularly has to check their blood.

The device works by using gas to shoot a microparticle into the skin to create a point through which it can draw a small amount of blood into a pressurized container.

Though that sounds like science fiction, it’s just another in a long series of fantastical projects from the ominously named Google X, the Google division also plotting futuristic–often medical–technologies like cancer-tracking microparticles.

No matter how incredible any of these new projects sound now, Google is quick to reassure everyone that the ultimate status of projects like the blood-drawing device are very much up in the air. As Google put it to The Verge recently: “Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patents.”

Read more at Gizmodo.

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Human Testing To Begin On Anti-Aging Pill That Will Almost Double The Average Lifespan

Anti Aging Drug

Scientists believe that they have found a drug that slows the aging process, and they will be starting human tests next year. Image Source: YouTube

120 may be the new 60, according to scientists working on an anti-aging drug.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved human testing for what could be the world’s first anti-aging drug: metformin. The surprising part is that metformin isn’t a new super drug not yet available on the market, it’s simply a diabetes drug already in use that has been shown to significantly slow down the aging process in animal tests.

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9 Vaccine Myths That Refuse To Die — And The Facts Debunking Them

The Internet is filled with half truths and flat-out falsehoods about vaccines—here are the scientific answers to the myths put out by anti-vaxxers.

Vaccine Myths Record

Source: Shutterstock

When elements of science are taken up in popular discourse, facts are often the first things to die. The same holds true for discussions about vaccines. Here are some of the more pervasive and persistent anti-vaccine myths, and why people who spout them are wrong:

1. The MMR vaccine is directly linked to autism

The facts: Thanks to one fraudulent 1998 study by former British doctor Andrew Wakefield, the erroneous association between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) and autism persists. Studying only 12 child patients, Wakefield noted that a majority of them started showing symptoms of a behavioral disorder soon after receiving the MMR immunization. Wakefield then concluded that the vaccine was behind the ensuing autism diagnoses.

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