World Internet Use By Time Of Day

April 22, 2013

A fascinating GIF visualizing world internet use by time of day:

World Internet Use By Time Of Day GIF

Yet another way to examine cultural differences: the United States appears to reach its peak internet use at around noon; in other words, work time. China, on the other hand, tends to surf the web most heavily in the evening, or after their work day is complete.

Akihisa Hirata’s Bold Vision For Future Solar Panels

April 21, 2013

We live in a world where TVs are now in cars and cars can be powered by plug-in. While the emerging high hi-tech and green industries might seem to be headed in opposing directions, Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata convenes the two in his latest stunner, “Energetic Energies.”

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The Volatility Of Eta Carinae

April 18, 2013

ETA Carinae

Just a mere 7,500 light years away from the sun, the massive Eta Carinae stellar system has been known, like many highfalutin stars of the Hollywood ilk, for its spontaneous outbursts. These volatile moments, however, are not paparazzo-induced; while no one can say for certain why these occur, some speculate that the culprit is a mixture of radiation pressure and the system’s enormous luminosity.

The Southern Rings Of Jupiter

April 15, 2013

Jupiter South Pole

Released by NASA in April 2011, Jupiter’s south pole more closely resembles an exemplary tie-dye work than the gas giant that it is.

An Informative Map Of Population Density

April 11, 2013

A fascinating map of population density across the world:

World Map Of Population Density

While India and China’s economies are in full bloom, in terms of population density both places are seeing red. As it stands, India comprises a staggering 17% of the world’s population and sports a population density of 964 people per square mile. For its part, a whopping 1.3 billion people and counting reside within Chinese borders, all of whom contribute to its density of 363 people per square mile.

Jane Goodall In The Sixties

April 5, 2013

Jane Goodall Chimpanzee

The famed primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist spent the majority of her life in Tanzania, where her unorthodox approach (Goodall lacked collegiate training) granted her keen insights into chimpanzees, ultimately leading Goodall to conclude that similarities beyond genetics exist between ape and man–especially in terms of intelligence, emotions and relationships.