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Fluorescent Coral: Lighting The Path For Improved Medical Technology?

Who would have thought that the keys to improving medicinal technologies could be found dozens of meters within the Red Sea?

Buried 150 feet deep within the Red Sea are these stunning fluorescent coral specimens. Not only are the coral aesthetically pleasing, scientists from the University of Southampton and Tel-Aviv University hope that the protein which enables them to glow under ultraviolet light may be used to improve medical imaging technology.

Your World This Week, Volume III

Unfuck Greece

Anti-austerity protestors congregate in Athens. Source: N+1

What Comes Next For Greece?

Greece said no. On Sunday, Greek citizens voted on a multibillion dollar bailout plan offered by international creditors that would require the Mediterranean nation to make additional cuts to its spending, which many worry will only stymy–not enable–economic growth. Over 60 percent of Greeks voted against the bailout, which has placed Greece on what some have called a “collision course” with European political leaders and may just signify the beginning of the end for the euro.

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Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About The Secret Life Of Bees

Bee Life Closeup

Source: Abby Norman, VStv

Albert Einstein once said that if honey bees became extinct, human society would follow in just four years. While we cannot know if that prediction is true, it gets at a larger truth: bees do far more than make honey.

Bees 101

When we think of bees, the honeybee is often the first–if not only–bee to come to mind. They’re just a drop in the bee bucket: at least 20,000 bee species are known to exist in the world, but the number is probably significantly higher as many bee species have not been described by entomologists. The fuzzy insects live everywhere except Antarctica, which makes sense as pollination is their raison d’être–and in polar ice caps, there’s not much by way of vegetation.

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9 X-Files Episodes That Were Based On Real Events

Scully And Mulder

Source: Wired

Now that The X-Files revival has been confirmed (we’re getting six new episodes in January of 2016, which even made David Duchovny weep with joy), many have begun their requisite binge-watching of all nine seasons. What viewers might not have realized the first time around is that many episodes of the hit sci-fi drama were based on real government conspiracies, cover-ups and paranormal events. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

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