Kees Veenenbos’ Amazing Mars Landscapes

Mars Landscapes Shadows

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Kindled by his love of topography, Dutch artist Kees Veenenbos’ career started as hobby and eventually transformed into a grand portfolio of digital imagery. His Mars surface renderings are filled with such an amazing degree of realism that they have been used by NASA as a vital part of its exploration of the red planet.

Mars Landscapes Steam Rising

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Veenenbos uses the rendering program Terragen to create the astonishing landscapes that have been featured in National Geographic as well as the highly acclaimed scientific series NOVA. His technique creates awe-inspiring digital maps, which many viewers find hard to believe are not actually photographs.

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The Lustrous Light Of Foxfire Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence Foxfire

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Take a midnight stroll through the golden foliage-filled woods this fall and you might discover foxfire, a type of fungus that primarily grows in decaying wood. Also called fairy fire, the fungi creates light during a chemical reaction that occurs when the quick-growing, healthy fungal cells consume wood and the oxidative enzyme luciferase reacts with luciferin. Though air pollution and other factors can affect the foxfire’s brightness, some say the fungus’ bioluminescence is so bright that one could read a book with only the fungus’ light. Foxfire is the informal term for many different bioluminescent fungi including Panellus stipticus, which grows as small clusters of glowing mushrooms.

Foxfire On Branch

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The Aurora Borealis Over Lake Superior

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this is that it’s all 100% natural.

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