Video Of The Day: Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes Live On National Television

30 years ago today, NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger lifted off at 11:38 a.m. EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida. There were seven crew members onboard, including five NASA astronauts and a 37-year-old high school social studies teacher named Christa McAuliffe, who was on her way to becoming the first U.S. civilian to travel into space.

NASA pronounced the space mission to be incredibly safe, after having spent 25 years sending Americans into space, at an average pace of about twice a year. It was because of this level of safety and confidence that they decided to grant the first non-astronaut the privilege to enter outer space.

This is also one of the biggest reasons why the Challenger’s explosion 73 seconds after takeoff shocked the hundreds on the ground at cape Canaveral, including McAuliffe’s family, and the rest of the world as the tragedy unfolded on live television. Not a single crew member survived.

The fateful explosion was, at its root, caused by a faulty O-ring, a small gasket that sealed one of the shuttle’s rocket boosters. Without the functioning seal, pressurized, burning gas from within the rocket leaked out, met with the fuel in the external tank and caused the explosion.

CNN was the only national news station to broadcast the mission, and their video above is the original coverage of the historic disaster at the very moment it happened.

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Making A Murderer: Six Theories On What Really Happened To Teresa Halbach

Making A Murderer Title Scene

Image Source: Netflix

Since the debut of Netflix’s docudrama Making A Murderer, the Internet has been abuzz with theories about the murder of Teresa Halbach that would support Steven Avery’s innocence. The release of case information not presented in the documentary, combined with what was revealed throughout the show, has become fodder for couch detectives everywhere. Below are the six sets of theories from Making A Murderer currently gaining traction:

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Argentina Is Preparing For The Worst Locust Swarm In 60 Years

Argentina Locust

Locusts, like the ones pictured above, are gearing up to overtake Argentina. Image Source: Flickr

A locust storm of Biblical proportions is revving up in Argentina, and the country’s agricultural authorities have no idea if they will be able to stop it. Argentina hasn’t had a locust infestation this bad in more than 60 years–the swarm has taken over a chunk of land around the size of Delaware–and at this point, Argentina is just trying to mitigate the potential damage.
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The Strange, Surprising History Of The Vibrator

In the U.S. alone, the vibrator is a billion dollar industry. But how long have they really been around, and who invented them?


An early vibrator ad. Image Source: Wikipedia

A sex toy staple, the rise of the vibrator has always been linked to the hysteria treatments of Victorian England. But the Victorians were hardly the first to employ “pelvic massage” as a medical treatment. As it happens, the history of the vibrator is much longer than that:

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