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Video Of The Day: The Explanation Behind China’s Floating Cloud City

A video of a mysterious floating cityscape above a town in China has gone viral this week.

The footage captured by a local resident appears to show a city hovering in the clouds. Explanations for the occurrence range from an elaborate hoax to a secret NASA project to an actual atmospheric phenomenon.

Experts are hesitant to confirm if the video is real. In the words of atmospheric scientist Peggy LeMone, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, “It looks almost too good.”

“If it is real,” states Jill Coleman, another atmospheric scientist at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, “It’s called a superior mirage, which just means it’s an upward projecting mirage. It could be something called a fata morgana, which is a certain kind of atmospheric mirage.”

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Celebrate Back To The Future Day With These Astounding Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Back To The Future Blue Screen

Image Source: Geex Files

Ever since Back to the Future II hit theaters in 1989, we’ve all been able to nurse fantastical ideas of what Earth might look like on October 21, 2015. When Marty McFly rode the DeLorean to that very date, he found a world of hoverboards, flying cars, and self-tying shoes.

But here we are. The future is now, and most of the wild ideas the movie portrayed have not come to pass. So, as long as we’ve gone behind the curtain and seen what October 21, 2015 really looks like, you might as well go behind the camera and discover how the filmmakers created the Back to the Future series’ incredible world of time travel. Ever wonder how they made the DeLorean fly? Or who shot weeks of footage as Marty McFly before Michael J. Fox was brought in as a replacement? Or how those amazing hoverboards floated? See below…

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Photo Of The Day: “Starry Night” Painted In Bacteria

Starry Night Bacteria

Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted in bacteria. Image Source: Facebook

Thick, distinguished brushstrokes of yellow orbs in a swirling blue sky over a quiet village. This is what defines Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting “The Starry Night.” The texture of the oil on canvas is a distinctive part of the image, but Melanie Sullivan, a microbiologist from Missouri, has created a reproduction that replaced the oil and canvas with bacteria and petri dishes.

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Video Of The Day: This Is How A Human Body Decomposes

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

Seven miles northwest of San Marcos, Texas sits Texas State University’s Freeman Ranch, a body farm where researchers take fresh corpses and scatter them all over the field to decompose.

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