Inside the U.S. Government’s Secret, 30-Year Radiation Experiment on its People

For 30 years, the U.S. government deliberately exposed thousands of its people to life-threatening radiation. Modern scholarship reveals how far the project went.

Atomic Centre

Engineers drilling and weighing a plutonium casting in one of the glove boxes at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment. Photo: Reg Birkett/Keystone/Getty Images

A poorly attended ceremony took place at the White House on October 3, 1995. Hosted by President Bill Clinton, the event marked the official receipt of the final report from a presidential advisory committee he had ordered into existence the year before.

The committee was to investigate the U.S. government’s secret program to expose human test subjects to radiation without their knowledge or informed consent.

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Your World This Week, May 1 – 7

This week in tech: Unbelievable new hoverboard record, Elon Musk’s “gym” for robots, drinking wine is actually good for your gut, and how a weasel managed to shut down the Large Hadron Collider.

Astounding New World Record For Longest Hoverboard Flight Just Set

In the three weeks since French company Zapata Racing posted the above test video of its Flyboard Air jet-powered hoverboard, the clip has accumulated 3.7 million views, countless exclamations of awe, and just as many disbelievers calling bullshit.

Now, with Guinness officially recognizing Saturday’s Flyboard Air flight in the south of France as the longest hoverboard flight on record, even the most staunch disbelievers must eat their words.

On Saturday, over the waters off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins, Zapata Racing leader Franky Zapata flew his hoverboard 7,388 feet (that’s almost a mile and a half), smashing the previous record by over 905 feet.

See the admittedly shaky video of the event made available so far from Zapata, and read more at Guinness.

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