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Cute But Challenged: The Difficult Life Of An Albino Animal

Albino animals look cute, but the lack of melanin in their bodies causes a fair amount of hardship for these pigment-challenged creatures. The complex polymer determines skin and hair color, and can impact vision and its development. This means that in addition to being far easier to spot by potential predators and prey, albino animals struggle with basic survival skills. Here are some of the common plights of albino animals, and other facts about their unique lives:

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Albino Animals Reindeer

About 1 in 10,000 animals are born with albinism. Image Source: Imgur

Albino Animals Peacock

The term derives from the Latin word Albus, meaning “white”. Image Source: Flickr/Brian Burger

Albino Animals Donkey

To have albinism, an organism must inherit one or more defective genes that makes it impossible to produce normal amounts of melanin, a pigment that colors skin and hair. Image Source: Flickr/Roberto Cossu

Albino Animals Porcupine

Animals lacking this pigment can either be pure or partial albinos, depending on how defective their inherited genes are. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Snake

In snakes, partial albinism is more common than full albinism. Image Source: Pixabay

Albino Animals Turtle

Albino turtles tend to have yellowish shells and pink eyes. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Ferret

In addition to the aesthetic effects albinism has on animals, it also affects their physical development. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Kitten

The absence of melanin in the eyes results in abnormal development, which often means that those wth albinism struggle with depth perception. Image Source: Pixabay

Albino Animals Squirrel

Some animals aren't as negatively physically impacted by albinism, like the squirrel. Its retina differs from all other mammals, so albinism affects their eyesight less than normal. Image Source: Flickr/Peter Trimming

Albino Animals Catfish

Fish, like this catfish, aren't as affected, either. They don’t have melanin in their inner ear, meaning that their hearing is less likely to be affected by albinism than in mammals. Image Source: Wikipedia

Albino Animals Alligator

Many albinos classified as predators die from starvation because they lack their natural color camouflage. Would-be prey can easily see them coming, and therefore have time to plot an escape. Image Source: Wikipedia

Albino Animals Deer

Likewise, animals that are more likely to be prey lack the natural coloring that helps them hide from predators, so they are more apt to be seen and killed. Image Source: Flickr/Paolo Brandao

Albino Animals Rat

The condition also has social effects, which is problematic when it comes time to mate. Many albino animals are outcast by their peers. Image Source: Pixabay

albino animals gorilla

As such, numerous albino animals live in captivity. Snowflake, featured above, is the only documented gorilla with albinism. He was born in the wild, but captured and kept at the Barcelona Zoo. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Wallaby

This is Betty, the resident albino wallaby at the Columbus Zoo, in Powell, Ohio. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Penguin

The only known albino penguin, Snowdrop, was born in 2002 at England’s Bristol Zoo. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Koala

There is only one documented albino koala, and his name is Onya-Birri. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Water Buffalo

Some cultures worship albino animals, and believe that they are good luck charms. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons\

Albino Animals Kangaroo

Native American tribes harbored significant reverence for albino animals, for instance. Whiteness was not seen as a symbol of "purity" as in Western cultures, but wisdom. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albino Animals Mice

Despite differences, many of these tribes abided by one common principle: the albino animal is not to be killed. Image Source: Wikipedia

Albino Animals Cow

If the albino animal were killed, its killer would be cursed. The underlying thinking was that, as its coloring makes it an easier mark, it is unfair game for the hunter. Image Source: Pixabay

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