Scientists Calculate Exact Odds Of Whether Aliens Exist

Drake Equation Person Sky

Photo: den-belitsky/Getty Images

Are we alone in the universe? Any one of us can stare up at the sky and ponder that question, but scientists have long had a concrete formula to answer it: the Drake Equation.

But the problem with the Drake Equation (developed by Dr. Frank Drake of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 1961) was always that it depended on several unknown variables that prevented an accurate calculation — until now.

A new study from University of Rochester and University of Washington scientists and published in Astrobiology has updated the Drake Equation and put an exact number on the likelihood that humans are alone in the universe.

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Stunning New Mars Images Bring The Planet’s Surface Into Focus

Mars Images

New Mars images, like the one above, reveal the planet’s surface in detail like never before. Image Source: Yu Tao and Jan-Peter Muller, UCL

Scientists have just gotten the best-ever look at Mars — though they still haven’t spotted any aliens.

Nevertheless, the incredible new Mars images (see more below) reveal some of the planet’s most exciting features like never before.

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