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Photo Of The Day: “Starry Night” Painted In Bacteria

Starry Night Bacteria

Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted in bacteria. Image Source: Facebook

Thick, distinguished brushstrokes of yellow orbs in a swirling blue sky over a quiet village. This is what defines Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting “The Starry Night.” The texture of the oil on canvas is a distinctive part of the image, but Melanie Sullivan, a microbiologist from Missouri, has created a reproduction that replaced the oil and canvas with bacteria and petri dishes.

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Video Of The Day: This Is How A Human Body Decomposes

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

Seven miles northwest of San Marcos, Texas sits Texas State University’s Freeman Ranch, a body farm where researchers take fresh corpses and scatter them all over the field to decompose.

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Inside The Lowline Lab, The Prototype For The World’s First Underground Park

Lowline Pink Flower

A flower growing underground at the Lowline Lab in Manhattan. Image Source: Nickolaus Hines

James Ramsey and Dan Barasch were sharing drinks in 2009 when they decided to seriously consider an idea that sounded straight out of a 1950s science fiction movie.

Ramsey, owner of the Raad Studio design firm in Manhattan, had recently been exposed to what lay under the Lower East Side’s bustling Delancey Street: an abandoned trolley terminal. The seed of an idea to grow plants inside the empty terminal using solar technology was already growing. Barasch, vice president of the social innovation network PopTech, was looking into installing underground art in the New York City subway system. Two years later, they released an outline of an underground green space concept to the public in the form of a New York Magazine feature.

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Our Favorite Images Of Pluto — So Far

Pluto Lefe

Pluto mosaic made from New Horizons LORRI images taken 14 July 2015 from a distance of 80,000 km. Image Source: NASA

The dwarf planet is packing some serious beauty.

Photos emerging from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft continue to amaze scientists and space enthusiasts alike, revealing more details on our solar system’s itty-bitty misfit.

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