One Man Empowers Ethiopian Youth Through Skateboarding

October 23, 2013

When skater Israel Dejene first arrived in a tough neighborhood of Addis Ababa, he saw children “sliding down the asphalt with plastic fixed to the underside of their shoes”. In an effort to curb their stealing and potential to wander down the hazardous path of delinquency, Dejene founded Ethioskate. Intoto region-residing boys and girls from the ages of 6 through 19 are invited to participate in the skate project, where Dejene seeks to help them realize their own potential to do gravity-defying things, help others and ultimately contribute to the greater good.

The Physics Of Skateboarding

July 15, 2013

Since ollies, kick flips and other skateboarding tricks happen so quickly, it can often be difficult to see what’s happening in one’s body. With current technology, though, those questions are no longer shrouded in mystery.

Skateboarding From Venice To Venice

July 3, 2013

The classic convertible might be ideal for traversing the golden highways of Venice Beach, California, and the gondola preferred for its older counterpart in Italy, but for athlete Guy Mariano the skateboard is the best method of transport of them all.

Navigating Los Angeles At Night

June 15, 2013

Shot from this past November to February, professional skateboarder Danny Garcia navigates LA at sundown and showcases the city’s more “angelic” side.

A Surreal Skate Film

May 22, 2013

Professional skateboarder Kilian Martin is as innovative as he is timeless–so is this video.

Steve Cathey, A “Still” Skateboarder

January 1, 2013
Steve Cathey Skateboarding

Source: Cal Streets,

The real-life stills are just as good as clips from “Lords of Dogtown”.