One Amazingly Synchronous Lightning Strike

August 24, 2013

Hitting Chicago’s three tallest buildings at the same time (the Willis Tower, a Trump hotel, and the John Hancock Building, respectively) lightning proves an apt device for highlighting the Windy City’s soaring sky lines.

The City Limits

March 4, 2013

Have an eye for international design but a budget that confines you to your current area code? Fret not. Featuring a handful of the world’s most vertical cities, this spellbinding video allows you to ogle at the “limitless” innovation of the human mind from your very computer.

Chicago’s Astounding Aqua Tower

January 4, 2013

Chicago Aqua Tower

Soaring into the skies of the Windy City’s East Lakeshore neighborhood, Aqua Tower comprises 86 floors topped with an 82,500 square foot terrace replete with pools, gazebos and running tracks. Notable not only for its Great Lakes-inspired undulating limestone slabs, Aqua Tower is also the tallest building in the world whose lead architect was a woman.

The World’s Most Astounding Skyscrapers

November 9, 2012

The World’s Most Astounding Skyscrapers: Robot Building (Bangkok)

Built to reflect the increasing computerization of banking, architect Sumet Jumsai created this unique design for the Bank of Asia in 1986. The two antennas of the head of the robot serve as lightning rods and communication equipment.

O-14 (Dubai)

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