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What We Love This Week, Volume CXL

Grand Canyon Gopro Space

Image Source: Quartz

Four Guys Launch A GoPro Into Space…

Earth Space Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon (circled). Image Source: ABC News

In 2013, four Stanford students, as part of a research project, secured a GoPro to a weather balloon and launched it into the air above Arizona. An hour and 27 minutes later, after climbing above the atmosphere and into space, about 98,660 feet above the earth’s surface, the balloon popped. The GoPro fell back to earth, and, although it had been equipped with a cell phone GPS unit, the four men were not able to find it.

Earlier this year, a man happened to be hiking through just the right spot in the Arizona desert and found the GoPro. And that man happened to be an AT&T employee who was able to track down the students via the phone’s SIM card (because the labelling had worn off) and return the GoPro. Last week, the students released the video, which has captured stunning images of the Grand Canyon and much more. Visit Stanford for the full story.

Gopro Earth From Space

Image Source: Daily News

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A Day In Space: Explore Life On The ISS With Samantha Cristoforetti

Day In Space Sleep

Source: NASA

A self-professed night owl, Samantha Cristoforetti starts her day by groggily reaching for her laptop. Like many of us, she keeps it close at hand–about four inches away from her face, to be exact–and is at work before she even gets out of bed.

Unlike approximately all of us, Cristoforetti’s “bed” is a green sleeping bag on the International Space Station, and that laptop links Cristoforetti to Earth as she orbits 250 miles above the planet’s surface.

In case you didn’t already guess, Cristoforetti is an Italian astronaut with the European Space Agency.

* * * * *

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Clyde Tombaugh: To Pluto And Beyond

Clyde Tombaugh Pluto Surface

Recent New Horizons photo of Pluto’s icy mountains. Source: NASA

Beyond the rocky planets neighboring Earth and both the outlying gas and ice giants, sits the dark and icy dwarf planet, Pluto.

Until July 14th of this year, when the New Horizons spacecraft made the closest-ever flyby, Pluto had never truly been explored. It was out of reach, nestled deep in the third zone of our solar system, the Kuiper Belt, a circling mass of frozen, asteroid-like objects whose inner edge is about 2.8 billion miles from the sun.

Until now, our perception of the dwarf planet has been shrouded mostly in mystery.

Clyde Tombaugh New Horizons Launch

The New Hoirzons spacecraft launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on January 19, 2006. Source: Forbes

Yet there is one man aboard New Horizons without whom we wouldn’t be here at all.

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Your World This Week, Volume VIII

Ferguson Riots Flaming Car

Riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, after the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Source: The Atlantic

One Year After Ferguson, What’s Changed – And What Hasn’t

While Michael Brown’s death marked the tragic close of a life lived for just 18 years, it helped incite a movement, #BlackLivesMatter, which continues to this day. See what has changed – and what hasn’t – in the Missouri town and among US race relations at Time.

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