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Photo Of The Day: How To See The Historic Five-Planet Alignment

Five Planet Alignment

The five planets visible to the naked eye will be able to be seen all together for the first time in over a decade. Image Source: imgur

Right now, for the first time in a decade, five planets are simultaneously visible to the naked eye from Earth. This rare celestial event can be seen every morning until late February at around 45 minutes before sunrise, with the view peaking in late January/early February.

Each morning, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and finally Mercury will rise, in that order. These planets (and Earth) all orbit the sun in a similar plane called the ecliptic. Each planet, however, orbits the Sun at different speeds, meaning that they rarely line up in a way that can be seen from Earth. But for the next few weeks, things will line up just right.

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History In The Making: SpaceX Just Completed The First Step Towards Colonizing Mars In Our Lifetime

NASA has been dealing with continued assaults on its budget for decades. With increased tightening of those purse strings (just this year, another $300 million were cut from its Earth science program alone, largely as a deliberate snub to its climate change investigations), the field of space exploration has opened up to private companies. Last night, one of those companies achieved a miracle.

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