Your World This Week, Vol. II

NYC Pride

Sign at 2015 NYC Pride Parade. Source: Fast Company

What’s Next For The LGBT Movement In The United States?

In a historic 5-4 decision, last Thursday the Supreme Court ruled on Obergefell v. Hodges that all states must allow gay couples to marry. LGBT communities and allies were rightly ecstatic, and celebrated accordingly. However, a win for marriage equality does not necessarily mean a resolution to the systemic inequalities that many homosexual and trans individuals face every day. For instance, according to the Center for American Progress, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women are more likely to live in poverty than their heterosexual and non-transgender counterparts, and are at increased risk of sexual assault.

To learn more about what LGBT organizations are fighting for besides marriage, be sure to read this article at the Daily Beast. Below, check out “Last Week Tonight” footage of John Oliver ripping LGBT “supporters” a new one for the invasive, unthoughtful questions they pose:

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3 Historic “Firsts” That We’ve All Got Totally Wrong

Every schoolchild (in the United States, at least) grows up with the so-called “Great Man” theory of history etched into his or her mind. Rather than teaching trends and contingencies, which is hard, much of history education takes the form of memorizing the names of whoever went to the Moon, won some battle, or chopped down a cherry tree.

While bad enough as it is, many of the unimportant details we learn in school aren’t even accurate. While it’s true that Neil Armstrong really was the first man on the Moon, many of the other “firsts” your history book taught you were actually done by other people, often years or centuries before the guy who got famous did what he did. Thus, it falls to the Internet (again) to fix the shortcomings of the nation’s school systems.

Teddy Roosevelt And The Rough Riders Braved The Battle Of San Juan “Alone”

Historic Firsts Rough Riders

Source: WordPress

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Breathe In, Bro Out: Broga Is The Next Big Thing

Linebacker II Broga

Linebacker II, a pose that’s familiar to most sports bros. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Only artist Hannah Rothstein (previously) could capture the hilarity of the manly mindfulness movement she calls Broga. Playfully combining two groups of people—bros and yogis—who frequently take themselves a bit too seriously, she’s captured what’s sure to be next big workout craze. From Intensive Boar-ior III to Manchild’s pose, watch these brogis as they find their inner zen with six packs in hand. (We dare you to keep a straight face.)

Insensitive Boar-ior III Hannah Rothstein

Insensitive Boar-ior III. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Shotgunasana Brogis

Shotgunasana. Find your zen as you balance a six pack of Coors in one hand. Source: Hannah Rothstein

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