The Stockholm Metro’s Spectacular Underground Art

January 2, 2014
Stockholm Metro Crimson Storm

Source: Demilked

For the admission price of one metro ticket, tens of thousands of Stockholm’s commuters can gain access to what is likely the world’s biggest (and longest) art exhibition. Within the capital city’s cavernous 68-mile underground train hub, 90 of the 100 stations are fantastically adorned with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, engravings, and various other works by over 150 artists.

Stockholm Metro Prism Lantern

Source: Demilked

Stockholm Metro Orange Black Tunnel

Source: Demilked

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The Frozen Waterfalls Of Norrköping, Sweden

August 2, 2013

Frozen Waterfall Norrköping Sweden

Known as Sweden’s “Manchester” for its impressive textile industry, Norrköping is bisected by the Motala ström river, which freezes over during the winter and grants stunning sights like the one above.

The Lights Of Åresjön, Sweden

April 21, 2013
Aresjin Sweden

Source: Flickr

Frozen from November to May, Lake Åresjön makes for the perfect location to ice skate or simply gaze in awe of the world in which we live.

A Stunning Sunset In Stockholm

February 10, 2013

Stockholm Sweden

While serving as Sweden’s largest city and most populated urban area in Scandinavia, Stockholm’s true charm lies with the innovation bustling within the city’s over 700 year-old walls. Stockholm is one of the world’s cleanest capitals and was dubbed Europe’s first “green capital” as it cut carbon emissions by 25% per capita in under ten years and has plans to be completely free of fossil fuel use by the year 2050.

A Splendid Swedish Sunset

April 19, 2012

Glorious Swedish Sunset Photograph

It is probably terribly cold, but that doesn’t make this photograph of a beautiful Swedish sunset any less warm.

Nine Weird And Wonderful Hotels

July 25, 2011

For the average traveler, a hotel room is merely a rest stop, with the real adventure starting once you leave its comfort. But in these weird and wonderful hotels – from sea critters to freezing temperatures – trekkers don’t have to look beyond their enclosed walls for a thrill:

Weird & Wonderful Hotels: Capsule Hotel, Japan

Capsule Hotel of Japan

If you’re claustrophobic, opt against the Capsule Hotel in Japan. True to its name, the space-saving, dirt-cheap accommodation is a stack of fiberglass blocks, measuring 2m by 1m by 1.25m, with just enough room to sleep in. Despite the cost-saving, overnight solution, the hotel is fully equipped with wireless, television and communal laundry rooms.

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