A Dance Like No Other

One man pays tribute to his mother’s teachings in an entirely untraditional way: by dancing in a pool. David Bolger, choreographer and artistic director of Dublins’ CoisCĂ©im Dance Theatre, sashays through the waters of the Marian College swimming pool…where his mother served as an instructor and taught Bolger to swim so long ago.

A Sweet Cenote Dive

Diving Into A Cenote

Found in Mexico, a cenote is a deep pit that results from the collapse of limestone bedrock. As a result, the space is filled with groundwater–and eager divers.

The Astounding Beauty Of Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve Photograph

The Hamilton Pool was formed by thousands of years of water erosion that created a natural pool, collapsed grotto and canyon. The pool is surrounded by slabs of limestone that reside by the water’s edge, while large stalactites grow from the ceiling high above. The ceiling and surrounding cliffs of the grotto are home to moss, maidenhair fern and cliff swallows.

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