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Photo Of The Day: The Nuclear Weapon So Deadly It Had To Be Banned

Peacekeeper Missile Test

These eight lights are actually unarmed nuclear missiles shooting into the atmosphere. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Peacekeeper missile is anything but peaceful.

These eight lights beaming down on the Marshal Islands like a scene from War of the Worlds is not a sight you’d ever want to see in person. Thankfully, the above photo captured only a test of the eight re-entry vehicles from a single Peacekeeper missile — a missile so deadly the United States agreed to destroy all of them by 2003 as part of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty II.

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Photo Of The Day: You Only Think You Know What’s Happening In This Famous Image

Jet Breaking The Sound Barrier

For years, people thought that this image showed a jet breaking the sound barrier. The truth, however, is far more complicated. Image Source: U.S. Navy photo by John Gay / Wikimedia Commons

At first glance, the above photo of an F-18 Hornet bursting through a white cloud looks like something out of a comic book. All that’s missing is a text bubble saying “BAM!” or “ZOOM!”

At second glance, the photo looks like it shows a jet breaking the sound barrier. And for years, that incredible moment is what we all thought we were seeing (and what won the photo awards and acclaim). But even that explanation is not actually correct.

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