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Wikipedia Is 15 Years Old—Here Are Six Things You Probably Never Knew About The Site

Wikipedia Facts

Starting with its inception in 1768, the Encyclopaedia Britannica was the flagship reference resource, the ultimate catalogue of all human knowledge. For over 200 years, that standard didn’t change. Then, in 2001, Wikipedia came along.

When Wikipedia launched on January 15, 2001, there was little reason to suspect that a crowdsourced, paperless encyclopedia could become the most used and most comprehensive encyclopedia the world had ever seen. While detractors claim that the crowdsourced, peer-edited nature of Wikipedia could never allow it to stand alongside the likes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, sources as respected as the journal Nature have defended the site, claiming that the science-based articles were nearly as accurate as those in Britannica itself.

Detractors aside, since 2001, Wikipedia (a combination of “wiki,” which originates from the Hawaiian word for “quick,” and “pedia,” from “encyclopedia”) has grown to include more than 300 languages. The English version alone has more than 5 million entries. But despite the fact that it is now a part of our daily lives, there are a few truly astounding Wikipedia facts you probably didn’t know…

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4 Ways We Can Now Create Genetically Modified Humans (And Whether We Should)

The age of genetically modified humans is here. From designer babies to human mutants, here are some of the most unbelievable things we can already do–and some of the even more unnerving things we’ll soon be able to do.

Genetically Modified Humans Helix

Image Source: YouTube

We often talk about the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding DNA research, genetic engineering, and especially genetically modified humans in hypothetical terms: What if you could choose your baby’s eye color? Would you clone your dog? Would you want to know your genetic probability of developing a debilitating disease?

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10 Surprisingly Dark Truths About Steve Jobs And Apple

Nine years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, changing the face of consumer technology. Both Jobs and his company are often revered, but there’s a disturbing dark side to the company…

Steve Jobs First Iphone

Jobs debuts the first iPhone. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nearly a decade ago today, Steve Jobs stood on a stage in San Francisco and unveiled the first iPhone, a moment which birthed an imminent ‘death of the PC’ and the rise of the smartphone selfie (the original selfie is at least a century old). Jobs’ work and innovation on the iPhone and ensuing devices have catapulted him to pop cultural immortality, and for good reason: Jobs transformed multiple industries, from communication, to music, to video games. But as with any great leader, neither Jobs nor his company came without flaws:

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Video Of The Day: A German Carpenter Has Invented An On/Off Switch For Your Testicles

The flow of sperm in humans can now be flipped on and off with the simple flip of a switch. A German carpenter named Clemens Bimek claims that he has invented a revolutionary form of contraception: an on and off valve to control the flow of sperm from the testicles.

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