An Innovative New Way To Create 3D Graphics

The future is here, and it looks a lot like Marty McFly’s headset in Back To The Future 2. In the unbelievable video above, designers and programmers from VRClay have figured out a way to use computer joysticks and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to create 3D models in real time. Instead of using a mouse and a screen, this intuitive solution allows the user to manipulate a 3D object with their hands, just as they would a piece of clay.

If you thought that was interesting, you’ll be amazed that these objects were created with a 3D printer!

Source: VRClay

What War? Twentieth Century Japan’s Views Of The Future Were Impossibly Bright

Imagine a world where robots reared your children, and wars were waged underwater. Add a splash of nostalgia, a touch of Jules Verne and super-saturated hues, and you’ve got the “future” according to Japanese retro-futurists. The movement roughly spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s, which covered a series of protracted conflicts and transitions for the island nation. And while none of the futurists’ depictions of reality actually came into being, we can’t help but revel in the way technological innovations can inform views on what the world has to offer.

Propeller powered trains, 1936: Could be seen as a forerunner to the high speed rail systems in use today in metropolitan areas around the world.

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Sick Of “Smart” Phones? This Short Doc Is For You

In “Phone Life”, documentary filmmaker Ivan Cash explores the social dimensions of owning a smart phone in one of the United States’ tech capitals: San Francisco. Following two characters, a young, smart phone-obsessed girl and a tech designer who’s never owned a cellphone, Cash questions the worlds we create and deny thanks to the emergence of “smart” technology. Definitely a “first world problem”, but a problem nonetheless.

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