Beautifully Designed Video Game Environments

If you want to see some of the most groundbreaking modern art, just spend an afternoon playing video games with your teenage cousin. Given the increasing capacities of digital technology, video games are well on their way to becoming not just one of the most entertaining industries out there, but also one of the most artistically innovative. Blending objectives, aesthetics and storytelling into one seamless package, game designers provide players with the opportunity to explore fascinating, incredibly intricate new worlds.


Video Game Environments Orochis Cave

Source: Kotaku

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The Electronic Afterlife

We are part of a world that lives for The Next Big Thing. So what happens when our Next Big Things get a bit old, dirty or broken? We throw them out, or recycle them, for others to deal with. In this video, filmmaker Alex Gorosh follows his electronic junk and sees the real costs of sating our desires.

Learn more about the people who handle our e-waste here.

You Won’t Believe These 30 Items Came From A 3D Printer

Top 3D Printers


There’s no use denying it—3D printers are changing the way the world works. Although companies and artists are the primary users of these extraordinary devices, as costs lessen 3D printers could start popping up in homes across the country. And while the ability to print stem cells and prosthetic limbs seems extraordinary, these devices also raise a number of moral and ethical issues for the everyday user. Here’s a glimpse of the many objects one can create with a 3D printer.

1. Custom Cast

Cast from 3D Printer

Source: The Coolist

2. Neon Sugar Cubes

Neon Sugar Cubes

Source: Motherboard

3. Gun

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