The Life Of A Tree

April 15, 2014

Life Of A Tree

Surviving through famine, war and unsavory political regimes, this image of a tree’s life brings to mind a passage from Milan Kundera’s “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting”: “So Mother was right after all: tanks are mortal, pears eternal.”

Say Hello To “The President”, The 3,200 Year Old Tree

January 14, 2014

3200 Year Old Tree

Peeking out above the Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is a tree aptly called “The President”. The tree extends an incredible 247 feet–or over 20 stories–into the sky and needs to be seen to be truly understood.

The Bizarre Dragon Blood Tree

October 7, 2013

Dragon Blood Tree Yemen

Despite its rather uninviting appearance, the Indian Ocean archipelago-dwelling Dragon Blood tree has been used in everything from lipstick to breath fresheners, fever reduction concoctions and even toothpaste.

The Fascinating History Of Great Britain’s Wishing Trees

August 15, 2013

Most people have tossed a coin into a fountain, or dropped a penny down a wishing well, hoping by some miracle that the act would make their wish come true. In the touristy village of Portmeirion, located in Gwynedd, North Wales, staff noticed some peculiar trees covered with coins. By examining the trees and learning their origin, the employees brought to light information about the traditions and superstition surrounding wishing trees.

Wishing Trees Coins

Source: Geograph

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Madagascar’s Mystical Baobab Trees

July 23, 2013

Baobab Trees Madagascar

If you’re looking for some of the most bizarre trees the world has to offer, head to Madagascar where you can find six of the eight species of Baobab tree. Resembling something that you might find on Mars, the Baobab ranges in height from 15 to 98 feet tall and can have a circumference as wide as 154 feet. Some claim that the largest of these trees are thousands of years old; that, of course, is hard to prove traditionally since the wood of these trees doesn’t produce growth rings.

What We Love This Week, Volume XX

July 5, 2013
Melting Prints 1

Source: Visual News

Ben DeHaan’s Trippy Melting Portraits

Melting Prints 3

Source: Visual News

Before you attempt to reconstruct Maine-based artist Ben DeHaan’s far-out work on Photoshop, here’s a helpful hint: you can’t. For his latest series dubbed Uncured, Dehaan hasn’t relied on the digital manipulation deity to achieve his trippy-drippy results; rather, he’s just used an inkjet printer and gravity. How? In order to prevent all images from dripping like Dehaan’s, inkjet printers come equipped with a UV light that dries the print almost immediately. Dehaan has simply removed that. To read more about Dehaan’s retro, DIY-approach to dynamic portraiture and take a peek at his other slippery subjects, be sure to visit Visual News.

Melting Portraits 8

Source: Visual News

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