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Inside The Mind Of A White Separatist In The United States

“We’re just normal people…I just feel I’m safer with my own kind.”

That’s what Deborah Henderson had to say when recently interviewed by The New York Times about her partner’s efforts to establish a whites-only town in the United States.

In 2013, Kynan Dutton moved his family to Leith, North Dakota with one goal: transforming the tiny town into an all-white enclave.

Times producers Micheal Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker visited Dutton to enter the headspace of a modern white separatist who “risked it all” to achieve his lilywhite vision. They present their troubling findings in a brief documentary, Separatist, featured above.

Photo Of The Day: Meet An 11th Generation Lincoln

Ralph Lincoln 11th Generation Lincoln

Image Source: reddit

The image above pairs the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, with Ralph Lincoln, an 11th generation Lincoln and third cousin of the late president.

On Ralph’s website:

My name is Ralph C Lincoln and I am honored to be an 11th generation Lincoln. Who also shares the same Great-Grandfather as one of America’s greatest Presidents. If you visit Fayette County in Pennsylvania, you will find a small, obscure cemetery where members of the Lincoln family are buried, including Abraham Lincoln’s great uncle Mordecai, who served in the revolutionary war, and his son Benjamin. Mordecai Lincoln is my 5th generation great grandfather, which makes me a third cousin of the President.

After The Storm: New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina From Space

Hurricane Katrina as seen from space. Source: SMS Ranjish

Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina swept over the Gulf Coast and shredded communities from Louisiana to Florida. Emergency response to the crisis was badly bungled, and the post-storm recovery has had some unexpected effects on the area. As one of the costliest disasters in American history, Hurricane Katrina revealed quite a lot about our priorities, and how American society does—and doesn’t—work. The decade after the storm, as New Orleans and its surroundings have worked to rebuild, reveals even more.

The Storm

Continue Reading

How North Korean Propaganda Depicts, And Distorts, America

North Korea Kid Gun

A North Korean kindergartener takes part in a popular playground game at Kaeson Kindergarten in Pyongyang. Source: Daily Mail

On March 2, 2013, a short documentary surfaced on YouTube. The clip purported to be a recently uncovered North Korean propaganda video revealing the squalor in which Americans live. Amid a backdrop of rampant homelessness and gun violence, Americans ate birds (with which they made soup) and snow (with which they made coffee) in order to survive. They lived in shoddy tents, bolstered by supplies from North Korea.

By March 10, it had hit LiveLeak and the wheels were in motion. Two days later, Yahoo News posted it, after close of business on the East Coast. The following morning, March 13, the frenzy began. A rash of sites reposted the video, many within an hour of each other around noon. By the end of the day, the video had landed on, among many others, Slate, Wired, The Week, The Telegraph, and The Washington Post. Some used words like “alleged,” some didn’t, and hardly anybody really questioned it.

Sometime that day, The Huffington Post realized the video was a fake. Continue Reading

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