The New York Subway In The 1970s

January 18, 2013

New York Subway 1970s

The most extensive public transportation system in the world, the New York City subway is largely to thank for the hustle and bustle that characterizes New York City.

A Stunning Storm At Crater Lake

January 18, 2013

Storm Crater Lake

Filling a 2,148 foot deep caldera, Oregon’s Crater Lake is known primarily for its crystal clear waters, deep blue coloring, and its century-old resident, the “Old Man of the Lake.” Though the old man in question isn’t actually a person; rather, it’s a tree trunk that has been bobbing vertically within the lake for over a hundred years.

Hurricane Sandy’s Harrowing Wake

December 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Though Hurricane Sandy is no longer physically wreaking havoc in the northeast United States, its economic and emotional effects will be with those in its path for years to come. Taken in Queens, New York, this picture is but a slice of the hurricane’s devastating October 2012 swath in northern North America.

Looking Back At Las Vegas In 1955

December 10, 2012

A Look Back At Las Vegas Strip

The lights of Sin City haven’t always been so bright. Taken in 1955, this vintage shot of Las Vegas shows a surprisingly peaceful looking gambler’s paradise.

Monticello: Jefferson’s Heaven On Earth

December 8, 2012


If the francophile and former president couldn’t retire in France, he would simply bring the French countryside to him. With many French influences, Jefferson’s Monticello plantation was an ideal place to bask in Virginia’s warm afternoons.

Denali, Alaska’s Scarlet Park

November 19, 2012

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park gets its name from the impressive Denali mountain, the tallest mountain in North America.