Why The Republican Party’s Founders Wouldn’t Recognize It Today

The Republican Party has been half of American politics for over 160 years now, and today’s incarnation scarcely resembles the Grand Old Party that started with an 1854 anti-slavery meeting in Wisconsin.

Gop Changes Republican Platform

The Republican Party started with a few meetings of Whigs, Abolitionists, and some disaffected Northern Democrats in the northern Midwest in 1854. They were mostly unhappy about the Whig Party’s failure to stop the spread of slavery into the Western territories and the perceived corruption of the Democratic Party. Together, they drafted an impressively forward-looking platform and started running candidates for national office. By 1860, after only four years of hard campaigning, they had elected their first president, an Abolitionist lawyer from Illinois named Abraham Lincoln.

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4 Popular Myths About July Fourth And American Independence

July Fourth

Tetra Images/Getty

July Fourth is a day for cookouts, pool parties, and patriotism. Though Americans also take this day to appreciate their country’s history, that very history is replete with stubborn, longstanding myths. And when you debunk those myths — especially the four below — you realize that we’ve long been celebrating Independence Day all wrong.

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Inside The Troubled Lives Of America’s Blind Bluesmen

Given the time and place from which they hailed, it’s not too surprising that many of the best blues musicians were blind. As it happens, blindness was just the beginning of their problems.

Blues Blind

YouTube/ATI Composite

Racism, hunger, oppression, random bouts of syphilis — the life of a typical 1920s blues guitarist was not exactly a barrel of laughs. So just imagine how much worse it was being blind. Back then, a great many of them were: Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Lemon Jefferson…in fact, just scroll down the Blues Hall of Fame list and every third musician seems to be preceded with the word “blind.”

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