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The Stonewall Riots And Their Underrepresented Heroines

Stonewall Film  Still

A still from the upcoming film, Stonewall. Source: Vulture

It’s rare for a Hollywood film trailer to be so controversial that it leads people to boycott it, especially when that film aims to portray the struggle and resistance of a marginalized community. Such is the case with Stonewall, a film about the violent riots in 1960s New York City. Overwhelming outrage from the LGBTQ community has ensued since the trailer’s release, prompting an astonishing 22,000 signatures of people who promise to boycott the film, set to release September 25th.

Behind the widespread, negative feedback is a common source of anger: casting choice. If one watched the trailer for Stonewall, one might be fooled into thinking that the Stonewall riots’ “unsung heroes” were brave, cisgender white males. In reality, trans womyn of color, butch lesbians, drag queens, homeless queer people, sex workers, gay, bi, and pansexual people put forth the grunt work to gain visibility at a time when it was effectively illegal to be gay in the United States.

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How The United States Achieved Full Marriage Equality

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While many have hailed the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that struck down state bans on same sex marriage as a highly consequential–and progressive–moment in our national history, the reality is that it came about after a series of conservative moves on behalf of the court.

As seen in the map above, SCOTUS–in a decidedly restrained fashion–chose to toss back the question of gay marriage to individual states until that approach was no longer viable. After all, one cannot lose rights or recognition just because they move to a different state.

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Nick Cave’s Soundsuits: An Artist’s Take On Racial Profiling In The US

Inspiration comes in many forms, and for the prolific visual artist and dancer Nick Cave, the impetus behind his largest and most involved exhibition yet is racial profiling in the United States. Missouri-born Cave is taking his response–a collection of extravagantly constructed “soundsuits”–to Detroit, where they will not only be on display at the Cranbrook Academy of Art but also in the streets.

Nick Cave soundsuits artist

Nick Cave, the creator of the Soundsuit. Source: Sam Deitch/

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