Inside the U.S. Government’s Secret, 30-Year Radiation Experiment on its People

For 30 years, the U.S. government deliberately exposed thousands of its people to life-threatening radiation. Modern scholarship reveals how far the project went.

Atomic Centre

Engineers drilling and weighing a plutonium casting in one of the glove boxes at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment. Photo: Reg Birkett/Keystone/Getty Images

A poorly attended ceremony took place at the White House on October 3, 1995. Hosted by President Bill Clinton, the event marked the official receipt of the final report from a presidential advisory committee he had ordered into existence the year before.

The committee was to investigate the U.S. government’s secret program to expose human test subjects to radiation without their knowledge or informed consent.

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The Dark Side of George Washington

George Washington was the father of our country and first in the hearts of his countrymen, but that doesn’t mean he was a saint.

George Washington Portrait

Image: Wikimedia Commons

By any standards, George Washington was a great man and a great president, especially by the kind of diminished standards we have today. Born into what passed for the middle class in plantation Virginia in 1732, Washington was always an ambitious try-hard who made money, glory, and history as naturally as he breathed.

Like most really successful people, however, George Washington had almost supernatural good luck and a knack for shifting blame for his mistakes onto other people. On the 227th anniversary of his first presidential inauguration, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on this, and how that sneaky streak aided in his rise to the top.

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4 Women Who Helped Pave the Way for Hillary’s Presidential Bid

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, a number of women have helped get the American electorate acclimated to the idea of a woman in the Oval Office. Here are four female presidential candidates you should know.

Female Presidential Candidates

From left: Shirley Chisolm (Wikimedia Commons), Margaret Chase Smith (Wikimedia Commons), Gracie Allen (Wikimedia Commons), Jill Stein (Flickr).

Hillary Clinton may have made headlines for the last near-decade as she’s sought the United States presidency, but she’s hardly the first woman to make waves by pursuing the nomination — nor is she alone in being chastised for it. Here are four women who helped pave the way for Clinton’s run, and some of the hurdles they faced.

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