The Unfinished Washington Monument

December 5, 2013

Unfinished Washington Monument

Taking the back seat as the Civil War raged through United States soil, the completion of one of the country’s most well-known symbols remained in great jeopardy from 1857 to 1875. A symbol of the nation’s then-fragmentation in its own right, lack of funds–and bodies to construct it–left the Washington Monument unfinished for nearly two decades.

The Deadly Beauty Of Colorado’s Maroon Bells

December 1, 2013

Maroon Bells

Getting its name–and deadly reputation–from metamorphic sedimentary mudstone, Colorado’s 14,000 feet tall Maroon Bell peaks are a potentially fatal stunner. While situated a mere 12 miles away from scenic Aspen, mudstone is notoriously weak and is known for fracturing easily, a major hazard for zealous mountain climbers.

Robert F. Kennedy Sleeping On A Plane During The 1968 Election

November 29, 2013

RFK Sleeps On Plane 1968 Election

Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. My Lai. The Tet offensive. The Prague Spring. The Columbia University sit-ins. All comprised part of an incredibly turbulent year, all of which contributed to the shape of the Nixon presidency. Would RFK have handled their consequences differently? The jury still is–and always will be–out on that one, but it hasn’t stopped historians and Kennedy enthusiasts from debating the would-be legacy of this illuminating figure were he not assassinated in June of that year.

The Five Most Bizarre White House Guests

November 29, 2013

Source: Blogspot

Politics makes strange bedfellows, the old saying goes, and the aphorism is certainly true when you look at some of the strange visitors who have been invited to the White House by various presidents from Lincoln to George W. Bush. Celebrities have long been an asset to politicians whether they are adding star power to a campaign or glamour to an event. Over the years, there have been some odd pairings between presidents and well-known personalities of the era. Here are just a few of the more memorable ones.

The Long And Short Of It

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The Diverse Ancestry Of The United States

November 25, 2013

Ancestry Map

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; and if you’re about to binge on carbohydrates, sodium and fats, thank your ancestors–not the South Beach Diet cookbook you bought and plan on opening this coming Friday. Does your heritage align with this map?

The Most Popular Female Names In America

November 15, 2013

Most Popular Female Names In America

In summation: there are a ton of middle-aged women out there named Jennifer.