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This Is What GOP Politicians Are Saying To Deny Safety To Millions Of Syrian Refugees

A Syrian Refugee Boy Stands Behind The Fence During Protest Against Syria's President Bashar Al Assad

A Syrian refugee boy stands behind the fence during a protest against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad at Yayladagi refugee camp in Hatay province on the Turkish-Syrian border March 30, 2012. Image Source: Flickr/Freedom House

Following last week’s ISIS attacks on civilian populations in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, a suite of American politicians have cast harsh criticism toward Barack Obama’s already humble policy that his administration take in at least 10,000 displaced Syrians over the next year. After it was revealed that one Paris bomber had a Syria refugee passport, the debate surrounding migration and border control in the U.S. has intensified, with some going so far as to call the admittance of Syrian refugees a “Trojan horse.”

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Civil Rights And Sit Ins: How Bernie Sanders Was Shaped By Grassroots Politics

Bernie Sanders’ early political career was molded by economic uncertainty and social upheaval—situations that are all too familiar to most voters today.

Bernie Sanders

Independent firebrand Bernie Sanders is praised for re-injecting old school progressivism into the Democratic Party. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to races, Bernie Sanders has a track record of winning that goes back as far as his high school days: as a freshman, he was a bonafide track star capable of outrunning seniors. At 74, he’s in a far more philosophical, but no less daunting, long-distance race: the one for the White House.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders graduated from New York City’s illustrious James Madison High School in 1959, and even from a young age was known to advocate for social—and some might argue far-flung—change. While still in high school, he ran for student body president on a platform to provide scholarships to war orphans in Korea.

Shortly after Sanders graduated from high school, his mother died, at the age of 46. She had been a stay-at-home mother in the Sanders’ Brooklyn apartment, and her death—taking place just as Sanders was beginning his post secondary education at Brooklyn College—shook him to his core. In an interview with Vermont’s corner of NPR, his brother Larry later said he and Bernard grew up “grew up feeling loved and secure—except in matters of money.”

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Photo Of The Day: What’s Inside The Time Capsule Of Humanity We Made For Aliens

Voyager Golden Record

The Golden Record was launched into space on board the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The information contained is a mini time capsule of humanity as of 1977. Image Source: Wikipedia

What would you tell the universe about humanity if you had the chance? This is essentially the question that was answered when NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977 to feed information about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune back to Earth. Scientists knew that Jupiter’s gravity would give the spacecrafts enough velocity to leave the orbit of the sun and enter into the greater Milky Way, eternally drifting further and further from our solar system.

In case these spacecrafts ever made contact with aliens (with the capability to use human technology, understand human language, and read the written word), each Voyager had an 8-track tape memory system, computers (with less processing power than a smartphone) and a copper phonograph LP that became known as the “Golden Record”, featuring a collection of images and sounds.

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Who Was Just-Killed ISIS Leader “Jihadi John”?

Jihadi John

Mohammed Emwazi, better known as “Jihadi John,” became notorious after a series of ISIS beheading videos. He is now suspected to have been killed by a U.S. airstrike. Image Source: Dc Gazette

A masked man dressed in all black shocked the world last year when videos surfaced showing him beheading American, British, and Japanese journalists and aid workers. The videos, released by ISIS militants, made the masked executioner the public face of the absolutely gruesome Islamic State. The man’s name wasn’t immediately released to the media, but he soon gained the nickname of “Jihadi John.”

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