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Three Times Donald Trump Made Millions By Screwing Over Hundreds Of People

Though he carries himself like a master businessman, Donald Trump’s real estate business has left a trail of debt and destruction from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Baja, Mexico.

Donald Trump Finger

Image Source: YouTube

While it’s been widely reported, still too few realize that Donald Trump doesn’t own nearly 40 percent of the 62 buildings that have his name on them. That long, impressive real estate portfolio on his website? Many of those are “Trump” in name only.

As the housing market in the United States began to falter in 2006, Trump correctly evaluated that the risk of using his own money to develop new properties was too risky. Instead, he licensed his name to developers for a hefty fee and didn’t touch the actual building. It’s an enticing business prospect for the multi-billion-dollar Trump brand. But for almost everyone else, trust in Trump got them burned.

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Tennessee Lawmakers Move To Make Bible State Book

Tennessee State Book Bible

Image Source: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Lawmakers just voted to make the Bible the official Tennessee state book, the Associated Press reported.

In a 19-8 vote on Monday, members of the State Senate passed HBO615, sponsored by Republican Steve Southerland, in an attempt to “[recognize] the Bible for its historical and cultural contributions to the state, rather than as government endorsement of religion,” the AP wrote.

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Video Of The Day: Watch An Underground Nuclear Explosion Melt The Earth

Fears of nuclear annihilation paralyzed the world in the throes of the Cold War. People practiced utterly useless duck-and-cover drills, and paranoid governments invested in expensive underground bunkers. Turns out, an underground nuke would’ve make those bunkers just as effective as hiding under a picnic blanket.

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The Four Strangest Presidential Assassination Attempts

From an attack motivated by an Internet flame war to a bizarre failed plane hijacking, these presidential assassination attempts will make you glad most people are wildly incompetent.

Reagan Assassination Attempt

The aftermath of an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, outside the Hilton hotel in Washington DC. Image Source: Twitter

March 30 marks the anniversary of John Hinckley’s failed 1981 attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan. The incident left the president and press secretary wounded and was a huge embarrassment to actress Jodie Foster, who was the object of Hinckley’s obsession and his declared reason for shooting the president.

Predictably, the attempt sparked a national debate over mental health issues, and Hinckley’s successful insanity defense prompted Congress to tighten up laws regarding its use in court. In a way, it’s funny that Hinckley’s attempt sparked these changes, when there have been so many mentally distressed individuals, before and after him, who thought that killing the president would solve their problems…

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