Then And Now: Photo Comparison Reveals Lincoln’s Unbelievable Aging During The Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Before And After Comparison

Left: August 13, 1860, three months before Lincoln was elected president. Right: February 5, 1865, just two months before his assassination. Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left); Wikimedia Commons (right).

While next to impossible to determine the greatest, worst, or even most impactful U.S. president, it is somewhat easier to decide on the one who held everything together despite seemingly insurmountable odds: Abraham Lincoln.

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The Surprising History Of High Heels

High heels are more than just shoes: they’ve long been symbols of power, for women and men.

High Heels History

Image Source: Lifetime

About 72 percent of women will wear high heels at some point in their lives. While these shoes have become something of a metonym for femininity itself, you might be surprised to learn that the heel didn’t begin as a trend for women at all.

In fact, men wore the shoes first, and for hundreds of years the only women who ever wore elevated heels were courtesans. So how did the shoes eventually end up in practically every woman’s closet?

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The War On Drugs Was A Disastrous Failure, And Johns Hopkins Has A Study To Prove It

War On Drugs Failure

Image Source: Flickr

It only takes one look at U.S. incarceration rates to see just how much irrational drug laws have harmed this nation. In fact, the prison population has reached its historical apex, almost entirely because offenders are facing obscene sentences based on draconian drug laws in which the punishment far outweighs the crime.

Currently, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, the U.S. is spending a staggering $51 billion each year on the war on drugs. And for all that money, 83% of the people locked up are nonviolent offenders charged only with possession.

On March 24, a global health report from The Lancet medical journal and Johns Hopkins University confirmed what many people already know: The U.S. war on drugs was a failure. The report reveals that not only did it not solve the problem, it sometimes made things worse.

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New Study Shows That US Elections Are Way More Crooked Than You Thought

Us Electoral System

Click here to enlarge. The world’s countries sorted by perception of electoral integrity (PEI) score, with green representing high integrity and red representing low. Image Source: The Electoral Integrity Project

The latest report from the Electoral Integrity Project is as surprising as it is expected. The annual survey measuring the integrity of elections around the world (this year, surveying elections between 2012 and 2015, based on the opinions of 2,000 election experts worldwide across 49 categories) has found that western Europe scores high, Africa scores low, and that a host of other countries score very differently than you might think.

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