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After Two Years of Edward Snowden Revelations, What Have We Learned About NSA Spying?

Snowden Revelations Snowden

Edward Snowden speaks to a student group by video conference in 2015. Source: Gage Skidmore

On May 20, 2013, Edward Snowden boarded a flight from Hawaii to Hong Kong. The laptop and thumb drives he carried with him contained hundreds of thousands of secret government documents. In a Hong Kong hotel room, he met with journalists and a filmmaker named Laura Poitras, and together they began working through the documents Snowden had taken from the National Security Agency (NSA). At the time, Snowden was 29 years old.

Snowden entrusted his trove of files to journalists, who have steadily released details of how the United States collects and uses data via its spy agencies. Since then, the public has learned a great deal about the vast, secretive operations of the U.S. government and the NSA. According to Snowden’s files, the NSA has sought to “aggressively pursue legal authorities and a policy framework mapped more fully to the information age” with the aim of accessing data shared over the internet by “anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

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What Happens When The Well Runs Dry?

Centuries ago, Thomas Fuller wrote that “We never know the worth of water [until] the well is dry.” And while he penned that in a 1727 publication, Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II, his words resonate today in a number of obvious ways.

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The Catacombs Nightclub: When Irreverence Became Cool

Catacombs Nightclub front view

Source: Mashable

It’s 1940 and in the unlikely town of Columbus, Ohio, a horror-themed hotspot called the Catacombs Nightclub opens. “Located” 300 feet underground, guests arriving for a night of entertainment enter a mock elevator that rumbles and shakes to simulate a descent underground. In reality, the lift never moves at all; the club is located on the ground.

catacombs nightclub skeleton grate

Source: Mashable

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