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Jerry Seinfeld On The Advertising Industry

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld had some choice words about advertising when accepting an award at the 55th annual CLIOs–the most prestigious international advertising awards ceremony–this past week. Taking materialism, conspicuous consumerism and the trickery involved in promoting both, Seinfeld deadpanned that “we know the world stinks. But we think, ‘Hey, maybe this [product] won’t stink’. We are a hopeful species. Stupid, but hopeful.” Jury’s out on if the audience regretted giving him an award.

11 U.S. Products That Are Banned In Other Countries

What do ketchup, baby walkers and mullets all have in common? All are traditionally “American” goods, and all are banned in various parts of the world.

Cartoon Characters In The Twilight Of Their Lives

In this clever short, Steve Cutts looks at the lives of cartoon characters whose best days–and figures–are long gone. Naturally, it involves a lot of dull, flickering TV screens, fatty foods and melancholic Erik Satie.

A History Of Censorship In Film

Learning to expose an image inevitably entails exposing yourself. The birth of cinema has brought that kind of exposure–in all of its forms–to the masses. It has also inspired entire movements from all societal swaths to censor such carnal honesty. CineFix explores the history of censorship in the American film industry and we highly recommend you check it out.