Bach In 3D

This incredibly soothing video is a sort of visual analogue of Johann Sebastien Bach’s most ambitious piece, The Well-Tempered Clavier. Using computer-aided design, Alan Warburton and his team created this video, a sort of “animated graphical notation” of Bach’s solo piano piece. This short video and a cup of warm tea are a great cure for anxiety.

Source: Sinfini Music

Coca-Cola: Bad For Teeth, Good For Bumpers

A Polish man uses Coca-Cola to strip the rust off of a bumper.

Coca-Cola is notorious for being packed full of sugar, terrible for your teeth, etc. It has even been linked to increased risk for osteoporosis. But how corrosive is Coca-Cola really? A Polish YouTube user brings us this video, in which he uses a scrubber and a 2-liter bottle of Coke to clean incredible amounts of rust off of a steel bumper. Now imagine that bumper is your teeth.

Source: Robert Pòtoma on YouTube

Diving With Millions Of Jellyfish

Diving with jellyfish in Palau, an island in Micronesia.

One particular quirk about isolated islands is that the animals that live there often don’t have any natural predators. That’s what makes the island of Palau in the western Pacific so intriguing, and what makes this video possible– the swarms of jellyfish surrounding this diver are completely harmless. They do have stingers, but the poison, never having been tested by natural predation, is too weak to cause any pain or damage.

The Best One-Armed Saves In Film

The best one-armed saves in film.

It was made famous by the scene in Cliffhanger, but the “one-armed save” has been an enduring trope in film for years. It’s a recipe for great drama: put your main character at one edge of a dangerously high precipice, put their love interest/sidekick/honorable nemesis at the other. Have that main character save the other to earn a massive sigh of relief and catharsis from the audience. The above video is a lovely assemblage of 101 of these exciting movie moments.

Assembled by Lucky Treehouse.

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