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Russian Daredevils Take The Shenzhen Tower In China

Climbing one of the tallest structures in the world. Source: On The Roofs

In Shenzhen, China stands one of the tallest structures in the world– the tower atop the yet-unfinished Shenzhen Financial Center. A pair of Ukranian and Russian daredevils have taken to climbing it, to a height of 2,165 feet (660 meters), in this hair-raising, beautiful video.

Source: Vadim Makhorov & Vitaliy Raskalov

New Zealand In One Minute

Shot and edited by Ben Steensels

A favorite destination for adventure seekers and those with high thresholds for adrenaline, New Zealand is known for lush greenery and natural wonder. Jumping from river rafts to helicopters with a few cliff dives inbetween, director Ben Steensels shot and edited this vertigo-inducing short film to show the manic excitement that New Zealand has to offer.

More on the director can be found here.

Rare, HD Footage Of Berlin In 1945

Archive footage of Berlin, collected and colorized by Kronos Media.

Amputees hobble around bombed out buildings and German civilians attempt to rebuild their city in this rare, high-definition footage of Berlin after the war. In it, we can see Soviet troops beginning their occupation of East Berlin as they begin to dismantle any evidence of the Third Reich. At one moment, a young blonde girl smiles genuinely at the camera, and the truth of war is made simple: the civilians, on both sides, are mostly innocent.

Collected and colorized by Kronos Media.

Meet The Malian Musicians Fighting Violent Islamists Through Music

Archive footage of Berlin, collected and colorized by Kronos Media.

Music’s relationship with individuality and civil dissent is well documented, which is precisely why authoritarian regimes tend to censor music and musicians upon assuming power. This is precisely what happened in Mali.

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