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Recreating The Sound Of Rain With Four Individual Raindrops

Start with four raindrops falling on a few different surfaces. Multiply that sound sequence by itself, and then that product by itself a couple more times. In under a minute you have the sound of a mid-afternoon shower right at your fingertips. Sound artist Yugo Nakamura does just that in his inspired short, “Amaoto no Yurai”, or “The Origin of the Sound of Rain”.

Sin City At Night

These guys spent five days at Las Vegas’ famous, hedonistic strip so neither your liver nor your wallet has to. Fast, bright and loud, the time-lapse was shot with an eMotimo TB3 and is in–wait for it–4K resolution.

How The Technology We Own Ends Up Owning Us

Calling Tyler Durden: no, this isn’t “Fight Club”. It’s an animated short film that explores our problematic relationship with technology, and how all of the laudable advances we have made might come back to bite us one day.

Facebook, Social Media And The Illusion Of Happiness

This genius video gets to the core–if it indeed exists–of the void that is social media and a culture that thrives on sharing and praising the mundane. Enjoy!

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