Last Photos Of San Francisco

January 10, 2014

While smart phones obviously lack veins and a pulse, over the past several years they have quickly become a vital appendage of ourselves and our connections with others. One filmmaker takes to the Golden Gate city to examine the life nestled within the chips and wires, and the results are as touching as they are bizarre.

How Lighting Transforms Your Face

January 8, 2014

Proof that lighting matters: we counted what appeared to be over ten different people in one two-minute video, with each face presenting itself to us based on the light’s direction and intensity.

Into The Atmosphere

January 2, 2014

If this video doesn’t inspire you to hop onto Expedia and book a flight to California for tomorrow morning, we don’t know what will. Taken over a year, this three minute video takes us all the way from Big Sur to Yosemite to Mono Lake to the Santa Barbara mountains, all the while featuring the beauty of the state’s natural features. The director took over 75,000 pictures for his project, with 12,500 of them being featured in the film.

The Peaks Of Life

December 30, 2013

While Tom Wheeler’s friends spent afternoons flirting with girls and drinking, Wheeler tore through mountains on his bicycle, racing to the peaks. Years later mountain biking and downhill racing became Wheeler’s professional pursuit, but in 2012 Wheeler was involved in a terrible accident that left his right arm entirely paralyzed. Thanks to his perseverance, scientific innovation and hope, Wheeler is riding again.

The Power Of Empathy

December 28, 2013

What’s better than a fantastic TED Talk on human vulnerability? A TED Talk on human vulnerability that’s presented as a short animated film on the connections and relationships between whimsically drawn creatures. Dr. Brené Brown’s talk on the importance of connection, empathy and communication has never been so poignant.

What We Love This Week, Volume XLV

December 27, 2013
Christmas GIFs Santa

Source: Juxtapoz

The Best Holiday GIFs

Christmas GIFs Slam Dunk

Source: Juxtapoz

Sure, the real reason we say we chop down trees and adorn our homes in red and green every year is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, but the season also brings with it a chance to indulge in food, drinks and of course, fun. Shedding light on the more “sinful” aspects of Christmas, London-based designer Ryan Todd has sifted through all sorts of humor-filled holiday GIFs from around the world and brought us this dark and delightful set. See ‘em all at Juxtapoz.

Christmas GIFs Ornament

Source: Juxtapoz

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