Nine Unbelievable Highlights From Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Of Donald Trump

By now, you’ve surely heard that, last night, Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, sparking rumors of a possible new role as his running mate. But could you actually bring yourself to watch it? Well, so you don’t have to, we watched the full 21-minute speech. We did this because the situation alone (politician/reality TV star Sarah Palin endorses reality TV star/politician Donald Trump), as absurd as it is, belies the dark depths within. The true absurdity is in the details, so here they are—the unbelievable highlights (lowlights?) from some of the strangest, most disturbing political theater we’ve ever seen:

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Photo Of The Day: An Incredible Look At The Original Harlem Globetrotters

Original Harlem Globetrotters Team

The original members of the Harlem Globetrotters (then the Savoy Big Five) with the team’s founder and coach Abe Saperstein. Image Source: Daily News

On January 7th, 1927, the original Harlem Globetrotters played their very first game, in Hinckley, Illinois, 48 miles west of the team’s hometown, Chicago (choosing Harlem as their adopted home was a strategic decision made after the team’s founding–more on that below). A year prior, a 24-year-old businessman named Abe Saperstein created the team, known as the Savoy Big Five, named after a Chicago district.

During this time, only whites were allowed to play professional basketball, but the young businessman found a way to capitalize off of his new team of primarily black men. Saperstein designed the original Harlem Globetrotters’ first uniform with America’s red, white, and blue, and stitched “New York” across the players’ jerseys. He believed that associating the team with Harlem would trick audiences into believing the team was comprised of world-class athletes from what was, at the time, the most widely-known center of African-American culture in the U.S.

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