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100 Years Of Russian Beauty In Under Two Minutes

Russia saw a number of political and economic transformations and transitions throughout the 20th century, from the fall of the Romanov Empire in 1917 to the beginning of Perestroika and Glasnost in the 1980s, or the reform movements and policies meant to open up the then-USSR to new forms of political and economic thought.

So just how did these shifts manifest themselves within the Russian populace? One way to gain an understanding of that is by assessing Russia’s shifting understandings of beauty. The folks at Cut Video have done just that, using model Anya Zaytseva as their canvas.

A GoPro Mounted On A Fighting Robot

See the sparks fly up close and personal with this GoPro video of battling robots.

BattleBots is coming back after a 13-year hiatus, and it’s no wonder– with the advent of new camera technologies, the robot battles are that much more exciting. Who wouldn’t want to have a front row seat to hundreds of pounds of shredding, smashing titanium?

Source: Team Velocity Robotics

Bach In 3D

This incredibly soothing video is a sort of visual analogue of Johann Sebastien Bach’s most ambitious piece, The Well-Tempered Clavier. Using computer-aided design, Alan Warburton and his team created this video, a sort of “animated graphical notation” of Bach’s solo piano piece. This short video and a cup of warm tea are a great cure for anxiety.

Source: Sinfini Music

Watch This Couple Travel 60 Years Into The Future

Using the power of makeup, a couple travels 60 years into the future.

In this tearjerker, a soon-to-be-wed couple takes a seat in the makeup chair. They’re not prepping for their wedding, but rather the rest of their lives– using stage makeup and prosthetics, a team of artists showed what the happy couple would look like as they aged. It’s pretty emotional– the couple gets a “preview” of their lives as 40-year-old parents, 60-year-old retirees, and an elderly man and woman having spent their whole lives together. The whole experiment ends with much emotional crying and vow-writing. It’s sappy and wonderful.

Source: Field Day

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