The Birth Of A Mosquito

We hate these stupid, menacing parasites. They are awful and useless– so much so that scientists have announced that we could completely eradicate the mosquito without any ecological consequences.

If 600,000+ deaths from malaria in 2012 alone aren’t enough to motivate the international community to rid the world of these pests, then it is likely they’ll be around for a while. Here is a video of one of the nasty suckers being born, which, as it turns out, is quite beautiful to watch. Now kill it.

How about some more images of gross, terrifying bugs?

Dynamic Bodyflight: Indoor Skydiving At Its Best

This video showcases some of the amazing things you can do with a heavy-duty wind turbine and a couple of nets. Six indoor skydiving masters, or “flyers”, show us their best choreography and physics-bending routines. Some of these tricks couldn’t possibly be done in the air.

There’s plenty more satisfying skydiving videos where that came from.

My Bow Breathing, An Italian Short Film

In this Italian short film, a young female regains her confidence and strength by pursuing archery. But soon, she uses her new found skill to punish the piggish men who attacked her, performing an homage to Saint Sebastian. Or does she?

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Little Dreams, An Inspiring Short Film

Little Dreams is an inspiring, whimsical short film created by Wilkie Branson. The film features over 4,000 photo cutouts which were painstakingly choreographed and animated over the course of a year. Following a despondent main character during a creative block, little dancers encourage the man to return to his imagination. Soon, he joins their miniature world, and his own little corner of the globe becomes a massive, vibrant landscape– all simply by changing his perspective.

For more remarkable art from France, check out Dran, the French Banksy.

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