What Exactly Is In Your Favorite Holiday Drinks?

We often talk about the holidays being a time to be generous, but sometimes that self-directed generosity (re: purchasing a large, cream-covered “coffee” monstrosity sprinkled with seasonal coloring) only amounts to bloating, general discomfort and a late-night WebMD search on diabetes symptoms. The people at Buzzfeed have cut through the whipped cream to let you know just what you’re ingesting when you take the first sip of your favorite holiday drink. Viewer discretion is advised.

What If Wes Anderson Directed The Latest “Star Wars” Installment?

This past week the Internet clamored after witnessing a trailer for the latest Star Wars installment. Impressive enough in its own right, we can’t help but wonder just what “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” might look like if made by our favorite oddball director, Wes Anderson. Thankfully, someone answered us. Enjoy.

2014 As Defined By The Year’s 25 Most Popular Songs

DJ Earworm is back at it again. Looking at Billboard charts as something of a canvas, Earworm borrows from the year’s biggest hits, splicing and dicing them into one seamless “pop pastiche”. Our year can be understood not through photos or stories, but song. More specifically, through what really made people move.

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Why Do People Love Times Square?

It’s noisy, constantly congested and draped in generic advertisements that simultaneously make you hate consumer culture and feel inadequate. Why is Times Square such a ‘must-see’? These filmmakers try to figure it out.

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