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Video Of The Day: This Is How A Human Body Decomposes

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

Seven miles northwest of San Marcos, Texas sits Texas State University’s Freeman Ranch, a body farm where researchers take fresh corpses and scatter them all over the field to decompose.

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Video Of The Day: Ingenious Tiny Homes Move From City To City

Mobile tiny homes

These ingenious tiny homes move with you from city to city.

Posted by Tech Insider on Friday, October 9, 2015

The tiny home movement has gone global. As more people choose to embrace the simple, DIY lifestyle, one innovative company is hoping to scale it, creating 208 square-foot tiny homes with 10-foot ceilings, all of which are designed to slide into larger structures in different cities.

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Video Of The Day: 3-D Printing Provides Free Prosthetic Hands To People In Need

It began as a project between two strangers 10,000 miles apart–a prop maker from the United States and a carpenter from South Africa–to provide a child in South Africa with a prosthetic hand device. It became a global movement bringing together 3-D print enthusiasts, engineers, designers, and many more once the two men gave their 3-D designs away for free.

Modern prosthetics can cost tens of thousands of dollars, limiting their availability to those who cannot afford the costs. The e-NABLE community is working together to create, innovate, re-design, and provide prosthetics for the many individuals who need them.

This touching video introduces us to Kieran, a boy who was born with a birth defect, Amniotic Band Syndrome, that left him without fingers on his right hand. But this all changed once he received a 3-D printed prosthetic hand. Watch the remarkable video to discover more about Kieran and the incredible e-NABLE community.

Video Of The Day: Watch As A Deaf Ugandan Teen Has His First Conversation

Last year, Britain’s Channel 4 travelled to Uganda to meet with Patrick Otema, a 15-year-old boy who was born profoundly deaf. The remote area where he lives does not have any schools for the deaf, and with no knowledge of sign language, Patrick has never held a conversation with anyone, including his family.

In this video, journalist Kiki King says, “A majority of deaf people in Sub-Saharan Africa have never been taught sign language. Unable to communicate with others, they’re trapped in their own minds.”

Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher, hopes to change all of this, offering Patrick and other deaf people in the area with a class that was organized by the Uganda National Association for the Deaf, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering individuals suffering from hearing impairment.

Ten weeks later, Channel 4 returned to Patrick’s home to report on how his life has changed since the class, and their discoveries are remarkable.

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