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Video Of The Day: Witness All Of History’s Economic Collapses In 6 Minutes

On average, the United States experiences an economic crisis of some sort every nine years.

But, of course, economic crisis isn’t a uniquely American phenomenon (even if the dire state of our savings accounts nowadays suggests otherwise). Economic booms and busts have always shaped history the world over, from the Roman Empire to the present. When you look back at history’s great economic crises, you realize that today’s troubles are just another rock in the riverbed.

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Video Of The Day: Stacey Dash Calls For Black History Month To Be Scrapped

Yesterday, actress Stacey Dash put herself in hot water again when she declared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends that Black History Month–as well as the BET Network and any awards shows geared toward African-Americans–should be completely eliminated.

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Video Of The Day: January 20 Was Ice Cube’s Good Day

When listening to Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day,” you’ve surely wondered just what day that was. Well, through some truly impressive, thorough, and meticulous research and deduction, blogger Donovan Strain figured it out. In fact, the actual date in question turned out to be 24 years ago today: January 20, 1992.

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Nine Unbelievable Highlights From Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Of Donald Trump

By now, you’ve surely heard that, last night, Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, sparking rumors of a possible new role as his running mate. But could you actually bring yourself to watch it? Well, so you don’t have to, we watched the full 21-minute speech. We did this because the situation alone (politician/reality TV star Sarah Palin endorses reality TV star/politician Donald Trump), as absurd as it is, belies the dark depths within. The true absurdity is in the details, so here they are—the unbelievable highlights (lowlights?) from some of the strangest, most disturbing political theater we’ve ever seen:

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