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A Brief History Of Booze

If humanity has gotten anything right, it’s alcohol. From barley beer in 8,500 BC to craft brews made, bottled and served right next door, The Atlantic takes you on a quick tour of humankind’s relationship with alcohol. My, is it tasty.

What Childhood Looks Like In Eastern Congo

“This is my fucking crew,” begins Manu Bahiti “Patient” Jean Christophe, a little boy-turned-gangster growing up in the Eastern Congo.

Decades of conflict have exposed Congolese children to violence and hardship from a very young age, and their ensuing pastimes and means of association–such as smoking, drinking and forming street gangs–are bound to differ dramatically from the childhood memories of most.

Theo Anthony follows the lives of three street kids–“Patient,” Guillain and David–through one of the world’s most troubled regions in this award winning–and challenging–documentary, “Chop My Money.”

A Lovely Short On The Meaning Of Success

Watch and listen to this charming animated short film as author Alain de Botton explores what it means to be “successful.” Even if you disagree with de Botton’s take, we guarantee that Lara Lee and Hannah Jacobs‘ animation will brighten your day.

Escape The Summer Heat With This Stunning Iceland Time Lapse

Listen, we understand: it’s the end of July and you’ve sweated through your shirt on the way to work. Here’s something that might cool you off a bit: Gardar Olafs’ splendid time lapse of Iceland’s landscapes.

Traveling across the country over the course of several months, Olafs transports us to Iceland’s verdant, bucolic fields and rocky, remote shores–and sets it to the soothing sounds in Matt Corby’s “Brother.”

We know it’s not exactly AC, but Olafs’ work is bound to cool you down some.

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