Tiramisu Has Never Looked This Good

Warning: this footage contains material that may cause you to abandon your diet.

In Italian, the word tiramisu means “lift me up.” But when said lifting only comes after a careful combination several egg yolks, lady fingers, sugar, heavy cream, coffee, alcohol and mascarpone, that sense of lightness won’t last for long.

If you love the “uplifting” dessert but can’t stomach its thickening effects – or maybe you just want to pay tribute to the treat in a different way – Carte Noire‘s video of a pistachio tiramisu being made is just for you.

If that hasn’t satisfied your sweet tooth, see how the Internet’s trendiest cookie – the macaron – is made.

Sick Of Online Dating? This Short Is For You

The Internet has irrefutably changed the way we relate with–and date–one another. Pew Research Center reports that approximately one in five adults ages 25-34 have used online dating, and as apps like Tinder and Happn grow in popularity, the likelihood of meeting your next boyfriend or girlfriend without the aid of an app or the internet seems quite low.

Filmmaker Samuel Abrahams takes on the topic in his delightful short, “Offline Dating.” See what fate befalls the protagonists who venture to find love…offline.

Inside The Life Of A Solitary Bee

According to Bristol, England-based conservation filmmakers Team Candiru, 90 percent of Britain’s bees are “solitary bees,” which are crucial pollinators whose value is little known or conserved.

Learn more about the daily affairs of these bees with this hi-resolution documentary by Candiru, and then brush up on your bee knowledge with us.

What’s The Real Price Of Your Dollar Burger?

When you hand over a dollar for a McDonald’s double cheeseburger, what exactly are you paying for? Does that dollar reflect the cost of current and future land use, labor or antibiotics given to the cows? If not, is such a system sustainable? What can be done on both the supply and demand side to make our tastes more morally and ecologically palatable?

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